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Any tried and tested methods for unblocking my nose please

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HurdyGurdy Wed 04-May-22 13:04:31

I literally did not sleep a wink last night, as I just couldn't breathe.

I do have Covid at the moment, which may partially explain the blocked nose, but I suffer from this anyway on a regular basis.

I usually use Otrivine nose drops, but even they are providing no relief at the moment. I have tried Vicks, but that's not helping (can't really smell it either, so presumably that is all part and parcel of Covid).

Does anyone have any suggestions of anything I can try, just to clear the blockage now?

ginny Wed 04-May-22 13:16:48

Vicks Sinex spray always works for me.

Blondiescot Wed 04-May-22 13:18:43

I don't have any helpful suggestions, unfortunately, but I do share your pain as I also have covid at the moment and I'm suffering in the same way. Tried everything I normally would, including Vicks, Sinex etc but nothing seems to be working. Having no sense of taste or smell is awful...

grandtanteJE65 Wed 04-May-22 13:21:37

I have some that may be helpful.

Have you considered that your blocked nose could be caused by an allergy, either to whatever your pillow and duvet are stuffed with, ,or to the washing powder you wash the bed linen in?

I am allergic to synthetic fabrics and to perfumes and one of the symptoms has always been a blocked nose.

House dust is high on my list of things that must be avoided at all costs too.

Both Otrivine and Vicks could actually be making the matter worse, not better.

I hope you get over your Covid without too much bother, and find out what is causing your blocked nose.

Teacheranne Wed 04-May-22 13:22:34

I also had a constantly blocked nose with Covid and found putting a few drops of Olbas Oil on a folded tissue to breathe very helpful. I used to use Olbas Oil on my pillow overnight but found the lingering smell in the room reminded me of cat pee so putting it on a tissue prevents this!

Saxifrage Wed 04-May-22 13:42:54

I also found Olbas oil on a tissue worked for me. I quite like the smell and have used it for years.

GrannyLaine Wed 04-May-22 13:56:17

Unfortunately if you use nasal decongestants on a regular basis they end up making the problem worse rather than better. They are only meant for short term use.

crazyH Wed 04-May-22 13:59:43

While on the subject, anything for blocked ears? Almost 2 weeks 😫

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 04-May-22 14:01:45

Olbas oil in this house too. On a tissue tucked under the pillowcase.

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 04-May-22 14:03:41

It sounds like you’d benefit from seeing an ENT surgeon. Could be your turbinates are swollen.

Thoro Wed 04-May-22 14:11:27

Steam inhalation- very hot water in a small bucket, face over it with towel over your head (careful not to burn yourself).
You can add a few drops of olbas oil.

wildswan16 Wed 04-May-22 14:14:28

Olbas oil in a bowl of very hot water - breathe in the steam (under a towel). Works for me.

sharon103 Wed 04-May-22 14:25:51


While on the subject, anything for blocked ears? Almost 2 weeks 😫

Yes crazyH
My brother had a blocked ear for at least a couple of months before and after this last Christmas,
i kept telling him to see the nurse as he bought every thing under the sun from the chemist that was available for blocked ears. Nothing worked.
He eventually made an appointment to see the nurse and his ear was full of wax deep down.
Had it syringed and all back to normal again..

kittylester Wed 04-May-22 14:31:16

Try Sterimar.

Liz46 Wed 04-May-22 14:31:53

My daughter uses a neti pot to flush out her nose and it seems to be working well as she used to be constantly trying to clear it but rarely does now.

crazyH Wed 04-May-22 14:41:02

Thanks Sharon 👍

GagaJo Wed 04-May-22 14:41:53

Two cold and flu tablets at the same time as two or three ibuprofen. Hot cup of tea (TMI, but the heat plus pills seems to 'melt' some of the snot so it can drain a bit).

If you're having a lie down, prop your head up. The effects of the pills plus tea took about 2 or 3 hours for me.

All of that worked for me when I had covid.

rosie1959 Wed 04-May-22 14:43:06

I would also suggest steam
I suffer from blocked eustachian tubes which can be quite difficult to clear. The best cure I came across by accident is when I went for a facial she used steam to open the pores and the combination of this and the massage used in the facial actually cleared them quite well

sharon103 Wed 04-May-22 15:00:04


Thanks Sharon 👍

Just an after thought which I had said to my brother prior to him getting his ear syringed,I had mention that perhaps if he went to the pharmacist maybe they could have a look in his ear. He didn't go but it's worth asking before seeing a nurse.
He spent a small fortune on different ear drops, olive oil etc and nasal sprays and as I said it was hard wax deep down in his ear.
I'm not saying that ear wax is your trouble but it's worth someone having a look before you perhaps waste money on something that doesn't work.
Hope you get it sorted.

Juliet27 Wed 04-May-22 15:03:23

I once found sniffing up salty water helped

Squiffy Wed 04-May-22 15:06:21

Sterimar every time! - or make your own saline solution to wash out your nasal passages.

Aveline Wed 04-May-22 15:12:45

Night Nurse? Always helps me get to sleep when I have a cold. I suppose it makes me mouth breathe and wake up with a dry mouth but after a good sleep I can deal with that.

kjmpde Wed 04-May-22 15:15:26

menthol crystal inhalation ?

Esmay Wed 04-May-22 15:27:23

Poor you .
I also use a Neti pot as Liz's daughter does .
I think that I bought it in Boots .It's certainly available from Amazon ( no surprise there ! )

You do have to be super careful hygiene wise :
Boiling the water for ten minutes and then cooling it .
Use it when pleasantly warm ,but never hot .
I sterilise the Neti pot using baby bottle sterilising tablets .
It cured a six week blocked nose problem .
My daughter has a sinus problem and uses the same method .
Some people add salt.
I found it too painful .
If the problem doesn't resolve - you may need your GP to refer you to an ENT surgeon .
Good luck and get well .

Caleo Wed 04-May-22 15:40:45

Thick pint or 2 pint china or glass jug. (NB not metal)Put about 1 pint boiling water in it Add 2 menthol crystals. Sit down careful don't scald yourself. Cover head with a thick towel and inhale the steam through nose and out through mouth until water stops steaming or until nose is unblocked.