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👯‍♀️Hip & Knee Replacement #3 👯‍♀️

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FannyCornforth Mon 05-Dec-22 12:03:11

Hello 👋

Here is the new thread!
Thank you to regular and irregular posters all.

Especially those such as Silverling and Charleygirl who have provided so much advise and support. (There are lots of other lovely posters, but too many to list).

As well as advice, there is also much wisdom and kindness.

I will link to the first and second threads below.

Wherever you are on your replacement journey, you are most welcome to join us here smile

FannyCornforth Fri 24-Mar-23 23:53:09

Suzi I’ve contacted them several times. And there have been at least three threads about it

FannyCornforth Sat 25-Mar-23 08:25:32

Exactly the same thing is happening with a thread of mine under ‘Religion’.
I’ve just this minute posted on it, and it’s below the Octordle thread which was last posted on last night at 9pm hmm

FannyCornforth Sat 25-Mar-23 08:27:15

And this thread is below a thread that was last posted on at 10 to midnight

FannyCornforth Sat 25-Mar-23 08:31:50

I’ve just reported my two posts above, and I’m going to email Mumsnet

FannyCornforth Sat 25-Mar-23 08:49:25

This is the email that I have just sent, if you are interested!
I hope that you can read it

FannyCornforth Sat 25-Mar-23 08:51:01

And now we are at the top!
That was quick! wink

Charleygirl5 Sat 25-Mar-23 08:55:10

I noted we were top of the "active" list, I checked the time and it was the same, 8.49 so it did not have time to move. No doubt it will have gathered speed and be halfway down the page while this one chugs merrily after it at a rate of noughts.

No doubt your pleas will reach deaf ears but you have tried.

silverlining48 Sat 25-Mar-23 08:59:14

Looking forward to hearing GN response Fanny. We should not always have to check if our posts are on Active.
I f the thread was not helpful it would have ended a couple of thousands of posts ago.

Charleygirl5 Sat 25-Mar-23 10:15:32

I quite agree and we try to go down the "save money" route because not every idea costs money.

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Mar-23 07:01:28

Hello all, here is the reply

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Mar-23 07:02:38

And we’re at the top again!

silverlining48 Sun 26-Mar-23 08:56:33

Well done Fanny flowers

Charleygirl5 Sun 26-Mar-23 10:46:23

Thanks- I did not think we would receive a reply.

susytish Sun 26-Mar-23 12:09:37


silverlining48 Mon 27-Mar-23 20:28:23

Had a lovely seaside day out today, the first time this year.
Sun shone it wasnt windy ( or rainy) and walked 6 miles. Last time I was there I needed a crutch, this time, no crutch required. Feeling very happy.

susytish Tue 28-Mar-23 14:20:15

How wonderful for you. Gives me hope!

SusieB50 Tue 28-Mar-23 15:03:44

silverlining wonderful , I love seaside walks . It must be the ozone I think. My other hip seems to be a bit better, not heard a word about the x-ray I had 3 weeks ago so I need to chase that up. But I’m walking well , at the gym and aqua exercises weekly so looking good really maybe my other hip is not so bad…..

silverlining48 Tue 28-Mar-23 17:32:07

We are getting there Susie
Glad things are looking good for you. Keep on keeping on.

fflur Tue 28-Mar-23 20:11:09

Hi all, your seaside walk sounds wonderful Silver lining. I am 3 weeks post total knee replacement in Lithuania. I had 12 days rehabilitation with physio and treatments and flew back last monday. I am following the exercises given me and went for a lovely country walk on Sunday, very slowly on my crutches but enjoying every step. I was surprised to discover I walked for 40 minutes. Went back to chair yoga Monday so easing back into my life. The only draw back was I was anaemiac. My drs surgery weren't helpful in giving me a blood test but I had loads of tests to see if I was fit for surgery in Lithuania. They warned me I was aneamic and might need a blood transfusion but otherwise everything was ok. I did need a blood transfusion and I feel the anaemia held me back with my physio but I am catching up. Just need an afternoon nap . The hip replacements there were walking about from the first day and after a day or two they were carrying their meals themselves only using one crutch and after a few more days no crutch at all. I was so envious. We all needed our crutches outside and for the journey home. Lovely to hear how you are all getting on. Did anyone else need 2 hours sleep in the day as well as 8 or 9 at night?

FannyCornforth Wed 29-Mar-23 10:19:06

Fflur good to hear from you smile
Yes, I was really tired for weeks afterwards.

FannyCornforth Wed 29-Mar-23 10:19:58

Straight to the top!
Get in!
I wonder if the glitch has been rectified?

Aveline Wed 29-Mar-23 16:14:58

No crutches at any point for me. Walking about from day one. Sleeping in my back wasn't great so I didn't sleep well but napped throughout the day as required.

FannyCornforth Wed 29-Mar-23 16:17:57

I didn’t do the crutches thing either Aveline, even when I was in hospital.
But it’s all down to what you feel good with.
I certainly haven’t walked as far as most on here

Aveline Wed 29-Mar-23 16:48:22

I don't mean to denigrate crutches. It's interesting that various hospitals do things so differently.

cornergran Wed 29-Mar-23 19:05:20

I was offered a choice of crutches or sticks post tkr. . Opted for sticks. Soon dispensed with them at home indoors, kept one outside for about a month.