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Tooth whitening on old teeth

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Tennisnan Tue 28-Feb-23 07:22:25

Dgd asked me "Nanny why are your teeth so yellow?" Has anyone tried tooth whitening products on your old knashers? Did it work? I read somewhere they go yellow because the top surface wears away. If that's true surely whitening products at dentists or home won't work?

Poppyred Fri 03-Mar-23 13:48:53

labradorlinda33 you get your whitening tubes from your dentist? I have to pay £50 for 1 syringe!!

You can buy them online. I pay less than £30 for 5 syringes from Happy Smile.

ExDancer Fri 03-Mar-23 13:52:54

There is a 'pop up' on Facebook, I think, suggesting mixing toothpaste and petroleum jelly as a whitening agent.
It seems harmless enough - I might give it a try.
My NHS dentist just says my badly stained front teeth are from tea drinking - I am 84 but still conscious of them and did pay privately to have them 'done'. It was an uncomfortable, very long process and I didn't notice a jot of difference.

ElaineI Fri 03-Mar-23 13:55:57

I had badly stained teeth polished by my dentist. It cost a bit but not too much. The stains she suggested were caused by tea (without milk) or coffee but mostly tea so I am now having mint tea or vanilla and quite enjoying it. It has been about 9 months now and no more staining.

Nannylovesshopping Fri 03-Mar-23 14:12:39

I brush my teeth once a week with bi-carb, keeps them fairly stainfree, but I hasten to add clean them twice a day using toothpaste 😀

LondonMzFitz Fri 03-Mar-23 14:47:33

I'd add that any caps on your visible teeth, or insets (dental crowns) won't take any whitening ...

I recall a beautiful young air hostess years ago giving me a brilliant white smile - but there was one of her teeth that was capped which stood out very darkly amid all the gleaming others.

labradorlinda33 Fri 03-Mar-23 19:15:58

Thanks Poppyred...

SachaMac Fri 03-Mar-23 19:33:25

I had my teeth professionally whitened a few years ago. Although they seemed whiter for a short while they now seem to have become very thin, especially at the very edges. Harsh whitening treatments and eating/drinking acidic foods or suffering from acid reflux can hasten the loss of enamel. I am considering composite bonding as I feel my teeth are slowly fading away, I notice it more when I’m smiling in photographs. I’m just a little concerned about how they would turn out and how much it would all cost.