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When to 'go'

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ExDancer Tue 14-Mar-23 14:05:50

My mum always told us not to go for a 'wee' at the first sign, but to hold on for as long as we could because it was 'good for us'.
Her reasoning was that it trained our bladders to hold more and grow stronger.
Now I am older I'm not sure she was right.
What is the up to date thinking on the subject?

PiscesLady Thu 16-Mar-23 17:24:50

I have an app on my mobile 'where is public toilet' I've not tested it yet though.

MerylStreep Thu 16-Mar-23 17:38:34

My wheelchair bound friend had one of those. We would often go to a Sunday lunchtime jazz club.
Going to the toilets in her all singing, all dancing ( her words) wheelchair was near to impossible with the crowd there.
We would empty the pouch into an empty bottle under the table and take that to the toilet.

Polremy Thu 16-Mar-23 17:40:44

Apparently when I was a child and my parents told me we were going off somewhere, my first question was always “will there be a toilet?”

knspol Thu 16-Mar-23 18:36:09

Was told by specialist to never 'hang on' and always go asap when needed. Bit difficult when out and about as so few public loos and many disgusting. Always been a problem for me especially on holiday when I've regularly rushed into hotels or restaurants abroad hoping to find an easily accessible loo.

Seabreeze Thu 16-Mar-23 20:28:51

Years ago I had a tvt op. They place a piece of mesh under the urethra to support it. I was told to hold it for as long as I could before going. This worked for a few years. I now take pills to stem the flow.

tidyskatemum Thu 16-Mar-23 21:42:55

I am usually fine when out but the second I walk back through the door at home I desperately need to go. Psychological, no doubt.

Tamayra Fri 17-Mar-23 09:48:20

No public loos for ladies in Varanassi in India
Indian ladies have strong bladders
I realised it You drink Chai not water you can wait a loooooong time between needing to get home

InnocentBystander Fri 17-Mar-23 16:15:26

A medic on the radio some years ago said always make sure your bladder is never full if you expect to have a car crash! A half kilo of urine lurching around your insides in a bag that is not very strongly anchored is to be avoided if at all possible.

PinkCosmos Fri 17-Mar-23 16:36:05


Also, I find that the longer I hold on, the sooner I need to go again.

Not quite the same but my DH always says the worse thing men can do if they are out for the night drinking pints of beer is 'break the seal'. Meaning you should put off going to the loo for the first time because once you do, you are backwards and forwards all night.

I am with the DoE - never pass up an opportunity. Even if I don't especially want to go. You never know when you will find another public loo these days.

PinkCosmos Fri 17-Mar-23 16:44:51


I am usually fine when out but the second I walk back through the door at home I desperately need to go. Psychological, no doubt.

According to Google:

'This could be due to a brain conditioning phenomenon called latchkey incontinence. People often have to wait until they arrive home to relieve themselves. The brain might get used to this pattern and start associating arrival home with the need to urinate, triggering the urge whether your bladder is full or not'.

It certainly happens to me grin

Avalon1234 Sat 18-Mar-23 09:53:32

I started to use incontinence pads during pandemic when going somewhere where are no toilets. They work very well and are convenient. No problem at all when cannot find loo fast enough

hollysteers Sat 18-Mar-23 10:32:54

Just reading this thread makes me want to pay a visit😁
At this stage in my life, I’m paying more visits, which is a blinking nuisance, up a couple of times in the night too.

During lockdown drives, I had a round plastic basin in the car, I sat on it in a quiet place, covering myself with the big tartan car rug and in this elevated position, propped my book on the steering wheel, thereby relieving myself lol. Worked very well, the only noticeable thing being I looked as if my drivers seat was rather high…
Will try the shewee, thanks,

hollysteers Sat 18-Mar-23 11:00:36


Gosh no, for many reasons.

We were taught how to find a bush, with discretion.
It's served me well all my life.

Recently in emergency, in lay-bys I have discovered opening both car doors and hiding techniques.

As long as I can fully squat, which I can, I'll be OK.

re Time for Tena ladies:
I guess few of us will be able to hold it off forever, but I do lots of pelvic floor exercises, if I didn't they'd probably be in the supermarket trolley. I take long term meds which weakens pelvic floor muscles, so cant recommend them enough.

How does one go about the “opening both car doors and hiding techniques” 🤔