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Night nurse. No more *GNHQ intervening to say 'kind of' and to suggest reading the thread*

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karmalady Tue 14-Mar-23 16:28:05

urgently withdrawn from sale

I know some people use it

GrannyRose15 Sun 19-Mar-23 09:21:42

Thanks NS. I thought it had disappeared completely having had difficulty finding any for a number of years. I’ll be down to the chemist as soon as it opens.

Nanatoone Sun 19-Mar-23 22:53:20

I bought night nurse this week due to a hideous cough (4 weeks and counting). It’s ok but I miss Tyrozets for sore throats. Absolutely brilliant to help with a nasty sore throat but apparently it contained Antibiotics so it’s been withdrawn. Such a shame as it was so good and now we have nothing decent to help with a sore throat. I detest this wholesale removal of things that help us!

glammagran Sun 19-Mar-23 23:35:04

Night nurse liquid formula is my goto when I have a bad nighttime cough following an infection. I think it’s brilliant.

biglouis Mon 20-Mar-23 00:25:18

The nanny state strikes again!

NotSpaghetti Mon 20-Mar-23 17:55:12

If you read the info and research papers I think you will find this is not "nanny state" biglouis.

I think the evidence is clear on this particular drug.