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lizzyb Wed 27-Sep-23 12:15:15

Anyone else reluctant to have another Covid booster? Have had them all up to now but just not keen on having another one!

lizzyb Wed 27-Sep-23 14:13:05

Shelflife - no, I wasn't ill after the previous vaccinations other than a very strange 3 week period after the last booster where I literally itched all over!!

Maggiemaybe Wed 27-Sep-23 14:13:16

We had ours this morning. We’re going on holiday soon and didn’t want to fly without having them first. A friend had Covid recently for the first time and was very poorly with it. I’d rather take the slight risk of side effects from the vaccine than risk the damage that Covid itself can cause. Although I was pretty much asymptomatic when I had it in 2021, I noticed a big dip in my general fitness for weeks afterwards and my sense of smell still comes and goes even now.

lixy Wed 27-Sep-23 14:20:35

I have mine booked for next Monday and will have flu jab at the same time. Not having a vaccinated population will allow it to get a foothold again - and cause chaos as at Gatwick airport this coming weekend quite apart from the health risks.

OH is younger than me so not eligible for covid vac yet, though he is more at risk as he has a respiratory condition. strange old world.

Patsy70 Wed 27-Sep-23 14:52:19



I am booked in for flu and Covid together. Been a bit anxious about having both at the same time. Good to know you had no side effects Aldom, that has reassured me. Wouldn't dream of not taking advantage of vaccination! We are very fortunate indeed to be offered it.
Some of my friends have told me they are not going to bother having a Covid booster - why on earth not !? Have they forgotten what happened 😦

I had both mine together on sunday and was fine....which is really odd as I normally get side effects from the flu vac and have had side effects from covid vacs too. Maybe they were too busy arguing with each other and ignored me! The only thing i would say is that I had one in each arm and it was difficult sleeping as I didn't have a non sore arm to lie on. I afterwards found you can have then both in one arm but have to say so before they put the first one in as they have to put them in a slightly different place.

I am booked to have both vaccinations next week, but will only have the Covid one, and the ‘flu the following week. The reason for this is that I was very poorly for a few days after having two on the same day before, which I’d rather avoid.

sandelf Wed 27-Sep-23 15:12:04

Had mine Monday - site was a bit tender yesterday - fine now. May be a little tired but I can live with that. Preferable to full blown covid! The vaccine is a slightly updated version of the last Pfizer one - many of us have had that so I'd expect we'd react similarly. Covid is still a very nasty infection - both to have and to infect others with, so the fewer of us catch it the better for all.

Primrose53 Wed 27-Sep-23 15:14:39

Not having it. The Govt are still paying out compensation to people seriously damaged by the covid jab or to families who have lost someone due to covid jab.

MerylStreep Wed 27-Sep-23 15:16:13

No, I’m not having any more covid vaccines.

Casdon Wed 27-Sep-23 15:17:03

I’ll be having it, and sincerely hoping that the ostriches don’t end up in hospital or worse because they believe the anti vax rhetoric.

Aldom Wed 27-Sep-23 15:19:34


Not having it. The Govt are still paying out compensation to people seriously damaged by the covid jab or to families who have lost someone due to covid jab.

Hmm..... And nobody has been damaged or died from Covid????????

crazyH Wed 27-Sep-23 15:22:05

My normally sprightly 84 year old neighbour is in bed with sore throat and headache , following the Covid booster.

Jan16 Wed 27-Sep-23 15:25:43

I’m very uncertain about the Covid jab simply because 3 weeks after the last one I suffered a stroke. My GP has said he doesn’t think there is any connection but he’s not 100% sure. On the Stroke Association website it would appear that I am not the only one who has suffered a stroke a few weeks after the Covid jab. My sensible hat says it’s just a coincidence but there is always a niggle at the back of my mind. Almost a year after the stroke I can only walk a few yards indoors with a stick. My left hand is useless and is unable to hold anything.
I was fit and well before this stroke. Not overweight, have never smoked, have a glass of wine maybe twice a week and kept active. This is why I have my doubts as I know I couldn’t cope with another stroke

Witzend Wed 27-Sep-23 15:26:44

Dh found out today that his elder brother (80, but not at all frail or doddery) has Covid, and is feeling exceedingly rough.

There’s apparently a lot of it about at the moment, and presumably that is only likely to get worse as autumn/winter progresses, so personally I was very glad to get my booster jab the other day.

Thorntrees Wed 27-Sep-23 15:47:27

We had our flu jabs last Saturday,no problems for either of us.
Covid next Monday. It will be my 8th jab being immunocompromised, 6th for DH.
I am grateful for the protection from serious illness the Jabs hopefully provide.
Life has been so changed by covid for so many and is still around so why take a chance when the jab might help.

Shinamae Wed 27-Sep-23 15:51:43

I’ve had three Covid vaccinations,will not be having anymore.

henetha Wed 27-Sep-23 15:51:58

Don't agree, sorry. I will take all the boosters I can get. Already have an appointment in October.

henetha Wed 27-Sep-23 15:52:28

There's a new variant around...

cornergran Wed 27-Sep-23 16:01:16

We were delighted to have our covid boosters last week. A friend has been very unwell recently as have a lot of young ones attending our granddaughters school. It’s still out there and if we can minimise symptoms should we catch it then we’ll be in the queue for boosters. Flu to come in two weeks. No adverse side effects at all from the (Pfizer) covid booster.

growstuff Wed 27-Sep-23 16:07:12

Covid on Friday and flu on Monday. I was advised not to have vaccinations in my left arm after having a lymph node removed. I wasn't keen on having them both in the same arm. This will be my sixth Covid jab and I haven't had any side effects.

Marydoll Wed 27-Sep-23 16:20:57

This thread made me check my status. Like Thorntrees, I will be having my eighth in a few weeks.
I had lost count!

sodapop Wed 27-Sep-23 17:25:35

I wasn't very clear in my post Marydoll I actually meant I had no justification for my reluctance to have another covid booster.

Mollygo Wed 27-Sep-23 17:42:51

We had ours yesterday evening. Only a mistake because I was tired at work today. Wish I’d booked Friday.

Marydoll Wed 27-Sep-23 19:34:18


I wasn't very clear in my post Marydoll I actually meant I had no justification for my reluctance to have another covid booster.

I am so glad to hear that, I was puzzled. I thought it didn't sound like your usual sensible posts!

grannydarkhair Wed 27-Sep-23 21:31:39

Had both my flu and COVID booster vacs on Monday afternoon. Sites on both my arms were red, slightly swollen and uncomfortable within a few hours. Not sore as such, but it has been difficult trying to find a comfy position in bed, as no matter what there was pressure on a site. Flu site (right arm) is noticeably more uncomfortable today than the COVID site.

MayBee70 Wed 27-Sep-23 21:40:06

Even though I have every vaccine going I do sympathise with people that feel the vaccine has been detrimental to their health. All drugs and medicine can affect some people badly and, just as one of the things that worries me most about covid is the Russian roulette aspect of it the same applies to the vaccine. It’s awful that it’s helped so many of us lead a normal life but has damaged others.

downtoearth Wed 27-Sep-23 21:53:01

I had my covid booster yesterday,mild sore arm and tiredness.
My flu vac is booked for 7th October.
I have all vaccines offered for my protection.