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Doodle Fri 13-Oct-23 22:36:41

For the support, understanding and sharing of mental health issues.
All are welcome. We treat each other with kindness.

nadateturbe Tue 05-Dec-23 22:34:41

Thanks Sweetpeasue, she usually visits me, but things have been very busy at work for her. Prayer appreciated. x

Sweetpeasue Tue 05-Dec-23 22:49:00

Wyllow Hope you're OK. x
Hope everyone has a peaceful night.

nadateturbe Tue 05-Dec-23 23:22:22

Wyllow3 hope you're OK. GoodnightCandy Scaredycat and all BDs.
Hope it's a peaceful night.xx

Wyllow3 Wed 06-Dec-23 00:13:12

I feel I cant go into how things are BD's but sending xx and best wishes as ever xx

Sweetpeasue Wed 06-Dec-23 12:38:17

Had to take painkillers this morning early. Then stayed in bed till 11 not wanting to face the day. Got up and washed hair intending to go to book class. DH out at Dentist. I'm rarely home alone. Can't face going to class. Don't want to talk to anyone.
Had to call receptionist of centre to get a message to MH nurse . Told him on phone I was running out of ADs.Hes forgotten again. Honestly I don't seem to be getting any help from there.

Hope everyone is OK. X

Sweetpeasue Wed 06-Dec-23 12:40:11

Wyllow It's OK. It's just good to know you're there ,you don't need to say more. Sending a warm hug.x

nadateturbe Wed 06-Dec-23 16:59:37

I assume you didn't go then Sweetpeasue. What a shame. It's depressing feeling ill constantly. I've had neck/head pain every day this week. Sometimes I get really angry with pain/fatigue.
It's ridiculous too, not getting your ADs. Is he leaving a prescription for you.
Tomorrow is another day, sending hugs.xx

HowVeryDareYou2 Wed 06-Dec-23 17:01:26

SweetpeaSue Honestly, how could he have not realised you were running low on ADs? Has it been sorted out now? I'm sorry you're so low today. Some days, it's best to just rest and wait until you feel better. I hope your pain has gone now.

DH went out for breakfast with a couple of friends, and then we met DIL for lunch, which was very nice. Baby was wearing a Christmas outfit smile but slept in the pram for most of the time. Hope ALL BDers have had a decent day x

Sweetpeasue Wed 06-Dec-23 18:32:01

Nadateturbe Thanks Nadateturbe. You're having so much pain yourself yet you keep going. When you say you get angry with the pain it helps as I can get angry too but mostly I just buckle under . I feel like if I had a white flag I'd use it and tell the pain it's won , I'm down. I hope your pain settles soon. I didn't go to book group.
HVDY It's good your DH went out to meet his friends. I hope he had a nice time with them. How lovely you saw baby and she had her Christmas clothes on.
I told MH nurse on phone 8 days ago when it was decided I'd try citalopram again I had only 13 left and he said he'd sort it out and would call me day after PM appt. Anyway he's called back today and he sees the Dr tomorrow in this centre so prescription should be there for me to pick up tomorrow. Thanks pain has gone for now.

Doodle Wed 06-Dec-23 19:53:29

Sweetpeasue sorry about the pain again this morning. I was hoping the increase in Amitriptyline would help. At least your prescription has been sorted. But lax of the MH team not to be one the ball.
Sorry you missed book club but understand not wanting to talk to people. Did you send your letter off to the PM people and your GP? Glad the pain has eased a bit now.
nadateturbe mostly DH and I have a lazy breakfast with the papers then I do housework and stuff while he works in the computer. Since he’s come out of hospital, we have both spent a lot more time just sitting down. I find it hard to concentrate on things at the moment although that is gradual improving. He is starting to read more and take more interest too.
I do hope the weather is ok and you get to Gatwick safely. Must be so exciting to see your DD after such a long time.
HVDY nice to meet up with your DIL. I bet you wanted to scoop that little one up and show of her outfit to everyone. I bet she notices all the fairy lights around.
Wyllow hugs from me too x
Scaredycat Ellie Anne Candy have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Sweetpeasue Wed 06-Dec-23 20:05:58

Doodle Glad your DH is taking more interest in things and reading. He has been through such a lot. Hope his ankles aren't too bad today and are showing signs of healing. I should think you have been focusing on your DH that you've not wanted to concentrate on anything else. Yes, letter sent to PM Dr. Not sure how rapidly I'm to increase Amitriptyline, am hoping when GP gets her letter the advice will be there but have increased to 20mg last few days. I want to get GP appt Friday to discuss things. I'm really not keen in increasing to high levels if I'm also taking other antidepressants aswell.

Hope all have a peaceful night. X

HowVeryDareYou2 Wed 06-Dec-23 22:24:30

nadateturbe Good luck with your flight tomorrow, hope you have a wonderful reunion with family.

SweetPeaSue Hope you get on ok with the Citalporam. Is that as well as another AD?

Doodle We're looking after baby for 3 full days next week, so now we've got the car seat, we'll be able to take her out (without borrowing son's car). I'm glad you and your husband are sitting more - you have both been through a lot, individually, so need to rest a bit.

Wyllow, ScaredyCat, EllieAnne, Candy6, Nanny2507, Whiff, all others - hope you have a restful night.

DH went out with Son1 at 7, so he should be home soon (he'll have been drinking Coke as he was doing the driving). It's been nice to have control of the TV grin x

Wyllow3 Wed 06-Dec-23 23:28:44

Warm night night for BD's xx

Ellie Anne Thu 07-Dec-23 07:24:39

Thinking of you wyllow. I hope you are getting help and are able to stay in touch with the quakers.
Nadateturbe hope your journey goes ok.
My insides are churning this morning with worry about nurse app.
I don’t know if she will have seen dd email but it’s very detailed and I think makes it sound worse than it was.
Absolutely dreading going in.

Sweetpeasue Thu 07-Dec-23 09:47:50

EllieAnne Thinking of you
Take some deep breaths before you go in and just tell her , in your own words what happened and what your own experience of it was. Its good you can talk to someone there as it might play on your mind .

nadateturbe Thu 07-Dec-23 11:16:13

EllieAnne thinking of you, just follow Sweetpeasue's advice x
Sorry, everyone, can't post, my stomach is churning- haven't flown 3 years..leaving 10 mins.

Candy6 Thu 07-Dec-23 11:42:37

Morning all, had a quick catch up after holiday and now on the train to see my son. I’m a right globetrotter this week!
Ellie-Anne so sorry about your situation at Christmas. Like people say, it’s just a day. Try and plan to do something nice just for yourself and you’ll enjoy your walk. I look forward to walking alone. I catch up on favourite radio shows and it my “me” time. It clears my head. I hope your appointment goes well today.
Nadaterturbe hope you are able to get your flight today. You will be looking forward to seeing your family as they will be you. Enjoy your special time together.
Doodle I’ve done a lot of the shopping but still a bit to do. Just struggling with the “difficult” ones. I still buy my children a lot of stuff even though they’re older. I like them having nice things. It’ll have to stop one day when we’re both no longer working but for now, I’ll carry on. It’s a good idea to get your DH some physio, I’m sure it will help him and you can both enjoy your walks again.
Sweetpeasue I’m sorry you’re still having pain but I hope the letter you’ve written helps the PM Dr to help you. I hope the new AD’s help you too. Fingers crossed you are pain free today.
HVDY you must be delighted with your baby granddaughter. So cute when you can put them in Christmas outfits. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your 3 days with her. I loved it when my grandson was a baby. Used to take him out for hours in his pram. I still love having him now of course except now I’m expected to play football with him! . Shame about your SiL but at least the new home she’s in seems better. So sad though.
Love to Scaredycat Nanny Whiff and of course Wyllow. Hope everyone’s day goes well. Take care xx

Sweetpeasue Thu 07-Dec-23 12:08:24

Nadateturbe You poor soul. You'll be OK. My sis has to take a Propranolol before she flies. Have a lovely visit with your DD.
Candy Have a lovely time with your son. I think my GS is same age as yours and if it's dry outside he wants me to play football too! They love showing off their special tricks don't they?.
HVDY Hope you're OK today. I'm OK at present so all's well. Amitriptyline is also used as an AD so a bit concerned about that. 3 full days looking after baby , you will enjoy that. Shows how high you are in DIL's estimation.

Scaredycat Thu 07-Dec-23 12:18:46

Hi All
Sorry I,ve been absent but the last 2 days have been so busy.
We had a truly distressing visit on Tuesday to our friends who live about an hour away..The husband who has Alzheimer’s had been hospitalised as he had become violent and agitated. It had only happened a couple of days before. My friend was almost incoherent with all that had happened and that’s why she hadn’t let us know. We are very worried for her as for ages we have thought she may be getting ill too. Luckily her brother came while we there so we didn’t have to leave her alone. 50 years is a long friendship - my heart breaks for them. It knocked us for 6 and we felt so sad.
Yesterday we had to pick up DD and SiL from the Airport and it was really foggy when we left and heavy traffic. However it all worked out but we were done in when we got back.
I,ve been for a walk this morning but it’s cold and damp and slippy but just needed to clear my head.
Nadateturbe- I hope you,ve made it to Gatwick and that you have a wonderful time with your family. It will be so lovely to be together again- the children will have grown too. Make memories.
Doodle- rest is what you need you have been through so much.Good to hear DH is enjoying life a bit more - it must make you feel so much happier to,see him improve daily.
The physio sessions are a good idea.
Spring will come and hopefully you can start some small walks again.
SweetPeaSue- Well done getting your letter written and posted. It was good to take your time and got to say exactly what you wanted and felt.
Such bad service from the MH service but hope now you have it the Citalopram will help you.
Hope maybe today you and DH can get out for coffee or something nice. Take care.
HVDY- I bet your DGD looked so sweet in her Xmas outfit with her little chubby chops . Next week will be fun for you both - are you taking her to see Father Christmas?
I know what you mean about being in charge of the remote- a very rare event in our house!!
EllieAnne- it’s a good thing you are going to see your GP. I,m sure the letter your DD sent will help her when she is able to see you and talk it through you.As SweetPeaSue says - Deep breaths and just be your self.
Candy- good to see you back and hope the holiday did you good.
Enjoy being with your Son - I won’t see mine til next year.
Wyllow- thinking of you as always
Whiff,Nanny,Allsorts, and everyone who visits have as good a day as possible

Sweetpeasue Thu 07-Dec-23 16:18:16

Scaredycat Oh that visit must have been so hard. It must have been so awful to see your friend in such a state and you would feel so helpless. I am sorry , I don't know why some people have to face such cruel ordeals in life. I'm glad her brother arrived before you left. The weather here is terrible, so windy and rainy but sometimes just feeling that on your face can clear your head a bit. I was hoping you were OK. Yes we did go for a few bits n pieces and had a coffee. I returned a scarf that was really too long for me -why are they so long now or am I too short?. Feeling much better since I called on son today. He goes back to work next Thursday so is cooking a Christmas dinner tomorrow for us and girlfriend's mum. DGS will be there and his girlfriend's daughter. Was so low yesterday was dreading it but just a bit nervous now.
EllieAnne Hope you got on alright with the nurse this morning.

HowVeryDareYou2 Thu 07-Dec-23 16:37:34

EllieAnne How did you get on with the nurse?

SweetPeaSue I know about Amitriptyline being an AD, but the dosage for depression is different to when it's used for pain relief. You should be fine. I hope you have a lovely time with your son and his family. Food is always so much nicer when someone else has done all the cooking, I think.

It's rained every bit of the day here. It was nice at the day centre - a Christmas dinner, turkey and all the trimmings, then Christmas pudding. I'm going to go and feed DIL's cats soon - she, Son2 and the kids are stopping at her house for a couple of days, leaving the 2 cats at Son's house. It will be so much easier for them when DIL's daughter gets a place at the school this way. Hope everyone's ok x

Candy6 You're always busy grin and going off somewhere. Enjoy the time with your son.

Nadateturbe Hope the flight wasn't as bad as you'd feared. Have a lovely time.

ScaredyCat Alzheimer's is awful. My SIL has been through phases of being very agitated and aggressive. It must be so upsetting for your friend. Perhaps her husband will end up on some type of medication to calm him down?

HowVeryDareYou2 Thu 07-Dec-23 17:02:11

ScaredyCat We aren't taking the baby to see Santa [ grin]. She's only 5 months yet, so that'll perhaps be next year.

Ellie Anne Thu 07-Dec-23 17:14:16

I got on ok but dd doesn’t agree with what she said. The didn’t know anything about the email. I’ve to have blood test and ecg.

Sweetpeasue Thu 07-Dec-23 20:01:46

HVDY Your Turkey dinner sounded delicious.I love traditional dinners like roasts and carverys. Gosh ,little GD 5mths! Where did that time go? Feels like was only a a month ago when you were stocking up clothes for unborn baby. I just don't like the idea of taking so much Amitriptyline as it affects bowel and also can cause urine retention which I'm already getting . I read that taking it with another antidepressant can cause serotonin syndrome but I think that's with fairly high doses. I don't want to take too much stuff and already get dry mouth with the painkillers. Nothing is without side effects unfortunately.
EllieAnne Perhaps it's a good thing your GP didn't get your DD''s email and could just base her decision on your own experience -I know you weren't happy about that. Can't do any harm to have blood test and ECG . I'm glad you went EllieAnne you did well considering how nervous you were.

Doodle Thu 07-Dec-23 20:25:41

Sweetpeasue I can understand about not wanting to increase the Amitriptyline too much but I think I’m right in saying you’re taking it as a pain killer rather than an antidepressant. If that’s the case then increasing the dose as suggested might help reduce the pain levels. Antidepressants help mood but not all of them act as pain relief. Good idea to talk it over with GP and get some advice, glad you’ve sent off your letter,
Talk to the Gp about the urine retention perhaps they can recommend something.
Hope you have a lovely time with your son and family. Sounds nice to have a pre Christmas dinner,
HVdY are you having the baby overnight for 3 days too or just during the day? Must be nice to spend so much time with her.
Ooh another having a lovely Christmas dinner.
Ellie Anne glad you got on ok. I’m pleased you’re having some sort of follow up to make sure things are ok. I’m glad you’re in contact with your DD she is obviously worried about you and does care. When are you having your ecg?
Candy wow you are getting around. Hope you had a good holiday and enjoy the visit to your son. Safe journey and have fun.
Oh dear Scaredycat what an upsetting visit, Alzheimer’s is such an awful illness. Must have been frightening for all concerned. Your poor friend.
Glad you got your DD and SIl home safely. I hate driving in bad weather conditions. Hope they had a nice holiday.
I’ve been out today too. Only to walk to the GP for a blood test, it wasn’t too bad but very wet underfoot I was worried about slipping on the leaves. Yes I’m hoping the physio will be able to bring about some improvement in his walking.
Wyllow in our thoughts and hearts. 💕 You too Nanny

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