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👯‍♀️Hip & Knee Replacement #3 👯‍♀️

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FannyCornforth Mon 05-Dec-22 12:03:11

Hello 👋

Here is the new thread!
Thank you to regular and irregular posters all.

Especially those such as Silverling and Charleygirl who have provided so much advise and support. (There are lots of other lovely posters, but too many to list).

As well as advice, there is also much wisdom and kindness.

I will link to the first and second threads below.

Wherever you are on your replacement journey, you are most welcome to join us here smile

FannyCornforth Mon 05-Dec-22 12:05:33

First thread

FannyCornforth Mon 05-Dec-22 12:06:34

Second thread

susytish Mon 05-Dec-22 12:21:30

Hurrah for all this kindness and advice!!

silverlining48 Mon 05-Dec-22 12:35:00

Fanny Thanks for setting up and especially the dancing girls which makes it so easy to spot the fact that we are so often invisible yet we are now starting Series 3. So much information and support here.
Thanks all x

Charleygirl5 Mon 05-Dec-22 12:56:28

Fanny thanks, we can breathe now for a few weeks and with luck we do not have to grovel our way from the pits.

I do not understand it because Good Morning and Soop's Kitchen always stay put.

downtoearth Mon 05-Dec-22 15:00:08

Thanks FC, still a long way to go yet,so it is good to be able to read about others who are ahead of my THR,and reached the top of the surgeon's list.
I have no idea when my turn will come,but I know I will have a wealth of experiences to cover any worries I may have.

iPadGrandma Mon 05-Dec-22 22:33:43

Fanny Cornforth Thank you for starting the third hip thread.
There is so much support available and I have been very pleased to have had that support.
My total hip replacement will be four months old on 10th December and has been a great success.
I haven’t posted anything recently because, unfortunately, I have run into another health problem, following routine surveillance scans I have for another condition. Waiting for further test results after surgery and a night in hospital. I have almost stopped giving my new hip a moment’s thought now!
Anyway, I am still following the thread and wish everyone, recovering from surgery or awaiting it, a successful outcome.

silverlining48 Tue 06-Dec-22 13:34:12

Well done iPadGrandma, so pleased to hear all is well with your new hip, @nd hope results of the other problem are resolved too. Doesn’t time fly post new hips? It seems to gallop by.
Do keep in touch and hope all goes well for you.
Downtoearth hope it’s not too long s wait fir you and happy you know we are here to help in any way we can.
Hello to you Charleygirl, let’s see if we figure when I post.

Aveline Tue 06-Dec-22 14:22:15

My unoperated hip is really giving me trouble recently. I don't think it's the joint itself, it feels more like the muscles/tendons that go into it. Sometimes the pain is so unexpected and sharp that I cry out inadvertently. I gave the person next to me in the supermarket a fright on Sunday!

Charleygirl5 Tue 06-Dec-22 18:42:14

Aveline can you sleep on the unoperated side without pain? Have you had it xrayed? I am surprised the pain is so sharp and unexpected. I am going to exchange this old age lark for something else but I am not too sure what if anything is on offer.

susytish Tue 06-Dec-22 19:43:12

I too am getting more pain over the last few days in the leg with the knee and hip awaiting surgery. It feels as though the muscles have tightened somehow. Is it the cold? I try and do stretching exercises, but have not felt well since the Covid/flu jabs so have been a bit lax.
Got a knee brace today, it looks quite scary, but hoping it will alleviate pain to some extent, according to the orthotics nurse.
Feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment, as not doing a great deal. Also husband is on chemo so worry over him.
Sorry to moan, but I know you will understand!

Aveline Tue 06-Dec-22 20:41:14

Charleygirl my new problem started after a vigorous Aquafit session when we had a different instructor. I think I must have done something to pull a muscle or irritate a tendon. There's no pain on weight bearing so walking is fine but small movements or changes in direction can cause these sudden shafts of pain. I'm taking it easy to see if it settles.
Susytish I'm sure this cold damp weather has an effect on joints. I hope your scary knee brace helps.

Charleygirl5 Tue 06-Dec-22 21:58:37

Aveline that explains it- I think you need rest. Hopefully it will settle down soon.

susytish I also think the cold weather is doing zilch for you. I would rest and keep warm, without taking out a mortgage!

labradorlinda33 Wed 07-Dec-22 13:16:54

Hello everyone, I am so pleased to have found this topic on the Health forum.
I have been given such welcoming support and advice and most of all a safe place to share concerns and worries I have had since I had my THR 4 weeks ago.
I am very pleased with my progress. I know it's still early days but overall I'm a happy bunny..
Sending best wishes to anyone who is struggling with pain and are worried about their health...x

Aveline Wed 07-Dec-22 17:39:11

Glad to hear you're doing so well labradorlinda!

Charleygirl5 Sun 11-Dec-22 15:08:07

I thought that it was time to retrieve this thread as I think 4 days have passed.

I hope you are staying indoors and not venturing out because of the icy roads, certainly in my neck of the woods. Another week like this last one and then hopefully warmer at 5 C. Not sunbathing weather but preferable to -4 C during the day and this is London.

silverlining48 Sun 11-Dec-22 16:19:23

Hello Charleygirl. I havnt been well these past few days so still in pjs. Bad cold throat cough etc, the usual. Can’t remember the last timeI had @ cold.
Hoping posting this won’t ‘disappear’ us from Active but send greetings to all. Keep warm and well wrapped up and hope weather improves soon.

Aveline Sun 11-Dec-22 18:20:28

I've not done much at all except sit around this weekend. Miraculously, my sore hip is better. Looks like resting has helped. Unfortunately, I can't claim to be stuck in due to the snow and ice any longer and will have to be getting out and about tomorrow. Unless...(looks at weather forecast ...)

silverlining48 Sun 11-Dec-22 22:13:18

I am in the south east and just looked out of my window and the snow is deep and crisp and even. Still sneezing fir England so wouldn't have been going out tomorrow anyway.

silverlining48 Sun 11-Dec-22 22:19:11

Glad your hip feels better Aveline.

Aveline Mon 12-Dec-22 06:54:33

Hope your cold clears up soon silverlining48 you'll want to be fit and well for a wild time at Christmas!

FannyCornforth Mon 12-Dec-22 07:00:54

I’m going to have a moan now, sorry.
I’ve got agonising plantar fasciitis.
I’ve had if for three weeks now and it’s getting worse.
I can’t do anything.
It was DH’s birthday yesterday and it completely ruined the day.
I’m ringing the GP tomorrow.
You can have steroid injections for it so I’m hoping to have one.

labradorlinda33 Mon 12-Dec-22 07:06:46

Good morning everyone, I really need to get up and out of bed as my back is killing me....(sleeping on my back hmm).
Pleased your hip is improving Aveline.
Sorry you're under the weather Silver lining.... it's horrible having a
I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow and wondering if I could try sleeping on my side to ease my poorly back. ?

labradorlinda33 Mon 12-Dec-22 07:11:15

I hope you are able to have the injection FannyCornforth...P F sounds very painful...

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