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Pneumonia injection - what do people think?

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DaisyL Thu 23-Mar-23 11:53:15

Has anyone had the pneumonia injection? My GP surgery has just rung and offered one to me and I have told the I'm going to think about it - seem to have had so many jabs recently.

nanna8 Thu 23-Mar-23 11:56:10

I’ve had it, no bad reactions to it and it lasts for a few years. I thought it was worth it because a couple of friends had been extremely I’ll and ended up in hospital with it. My grandfather died of it. It can be every bit as bad and worse than Covid.

Shinamae Thu 23-Mar-23 11:57:38

I had it last year, absolutely fine, no problems

Shinamae Thu 23-Mar-23 11:58:21


I had it last year, absolutely fine, no problems

And I had the shingles what on what this year

Shinamae Thu 23-Mar-23 11:58:58


I had it last year, absolutely fine, no problems


Margiknot Thu 23-Mar-23 11:59:28

I had it some years ago ( after a long stay in hospital for pneumonia). I don't remember any reaction other than the usual mild post vaccine arm.

Summerfly Thu 23-Mar-23 12:00:42

I had it a few years ago too. No side effects that I can remember.

joannapiano Thu 23-Mar-23 12:02:04

I had mine a few years ago. I have a lot of allergies but was absolutely fine.

Grannybags Thu 23-Mar-23 12:09:48

Another one here who has had it with no reaction.

kittylester Thu 23-Mar-23 12:17:24

I am happy to have anything on offer.

MaggsMcG Thu 23-Mar-23 12:17:45

I had mine last year. I thought it was a good idea to cover myself for anything and everything in the current climate. I also had my shingles because my husband had it a year before he passed and he was in a lot of pain.

Keeleklogger Thu 23-Mar-23 12:21:57

Had mine, and I had the shingles one a couple of months ago. No reaction with any of them

Ali23 Thu 23-Mar-23 12:25:48

I will have anything if and when offered!
Pneumonia disables at best and kills at worst so I think it’s worth it.

Iam64 Thu 23-Mar-23 12:26:53

I had mine. Last year I had the new shingles jab, the original can’t be given to immune suppressed people as it’s live.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 23-Mar-23 12:27:16

I had mine last year no problems at all, MrOops has had pneumonia so I thought it was well worth it.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 23-Mar-23 12:32:04

I had it a couple of years ago. No problems. I’ll take whatever preventative measures are offered.

Norah Thu 23-Mar-23 12:35:56

We've had the pneumonia injection, no reactions.

sodapop Thu 23-Mar-23 12:41:51

I know how you feel DaisyL I have decided to call a halt to more Covid vaccinations, I've had four and that's enough. Not at all sure about the pneumonia one but so far not been offered it here in France.

Glorianny Thu 23-Mar-23 13:44:39

I have real problems with this one. My mum died of pneumonia and for her it was a blessed relief. She was 94 had been hospitalized for 3 months, and was unlikely to ever walk again. This vaccine apparently protects for life. But might there be a point when I would rather die? And might pneumonia help then?
My mum always called it "The old man's friend" and for her it was a friend.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 23-Mar-23 13:49:40

It was for my mum too, but I didn’t hesitate to get protection.

SusieB50 Thu 23-Mar-23 13:54:30

Had it some years ago , I was told it’s a one off and protects against some forms of pneumonia. I always have anything going , hopefully I will get the Covid booster , I’m just under 75 but have Asthma 🤞

Joseanne Thu 23-Mar-23 13:55:15

I haven't been asked yet, but can I clarify here which is correct .... that it lasts for a few years or for life?

Shelflife Thu 23-Mar-23 13:58:57

I have had it , no problems at all. You will be fine !

Hetty58 Thu 23-Mar-23 13:59:37

I don't want to risk the nightmare of being in hospital - so I'll gladly have any jabs I'm offered, side effects or not. I'm very grateful for them!

Ziplok Thu 23-Mar-23 14:10:22

I think it’s worth having if offered.