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Doodle Fri 13-Oct-23 22:36:41

For the support, understanding and sharing of mental health issues.
All are welcome. We treat each other with kindness.

Doodle Fri 13-Oct-23 22:41:10

Can’t believe we’re on another thread so quickly.
nadateturbe I’m using the stepper just a few times( 6 steps each leg) a few times a day to strengthen my knee muscles. My knees are very bad and I have trouble getting up if I get down anywhere. We do go out walking but my DH isn’t able to walk far and we can only go slowly. The stepper isn’t an exercise for weight loss just to strengthen my knees because we don’t do stairs. How have you been today?

Wyllow hope you make it here soon and all BD. x
Hope everyone finds us ok

Wyllow3 Sat 14-Oct-23 00:02:39

Thank you Doodle and warm thoughts BD's.

HowVeryDareYou2 Sat 14-Oct-23 00:35:36

Thanks, Doodle.

Hope everyone has been ok. I'm up late because my back is killing me from lifting up the baby such a lot - she's 16lbs now. She's been here since midday, and has been quite fussy (only falls asleep when cuddled/rocked. DH went to the beer festival with both sons and DIL, so got in at 11.30 and has been snoring very loudly for 40 minutes now (baby's sleeping through the row grin.

Whiff Sat 14-Oct-23 06:00:51

Can't believe how quickly the last thread filled up. But it proof how important this thread is and how much it is needed. 💖

Fishwife Sat 14-Oct-23 12:27:33

Thank you for kind replies on last thread. I do appreciate any information. Yes, extreme anxiety led to severe insomnia, hence the zopiclone and then the mirtazapine. Tending to be tired during the day now and reading through Gransnet is one of few activities. (Have now been waiting 4 weeks for results of CT Scan Colonoscopy; Echogram was okay). Thanks again for kind wishes.

HowVeryDareYou2 Sat 14-Oct-23 20:01:10

How's everyone been today? Baby went home at 3pm. DH and I had a chip shop tea. Looking forward to an early night. Hope ALL BDers, old and new, have a good night's sleep x

nadateturbe Sat 14-Oct-23 21:03:43

Doodle what I was trying to say was, if you use any energy you have to walk, even if it's slowly, this will help you lose weight, which will help your knees, as it will lessen the pressure on them. Then stepping will become easier.
I was very tired this morning, BP was 102/54. But when I showered it rose quickly. I had a lovely afternoon with my two sisters. Then a bath while listening to Jeanne Robertson - comedian on YouTube. And now in bed.
Did you have a nice meal with your son?

nadateturbe Sat 14-Oct-23 21:09:30

HVDY I hope your back was OK. A heatpack would help. It's difficult holding children when you're older. I often wonder how I got on a bus with a baby and pushchair.
Fish and chips sounds lovely, haven't had it for many years. An early night sounds like a good idea after last night. Sleep well.

nadateturbe Sat 14-Oct-23 21:17:19

Fishwife I hope you get your results soon, waiting is difficult. I take amitriptyline to help me sleep, not every night. I would still wake for the loo maybe twice but usually it helps me get back to sleep better. I hope you manage to sort out what helps you best.
Not sleeping makes everything worse

nadateturbe Sat 14-Oct-23 21:25:29

Sweetpeasue how are you?
Wyllow3 thinking of you and wondering how you are.x
Hello to Whiff Scaredycat Candy Nanny Hymnbook EllieAnne (hope your weekend is ok) Allsorts
and anyone else on BD, sorry if I've forgotten someone.
Wishing you a peaceful night x

Scaredycat Sat 14-Oct-23 21:35:35

Thank you Doodle- we just got home this afternoon and feel happy to be home although did enjoy our time away.So glad you have started the new thread Doodle- good to be with you all again.
Whiff - you put into words how I feel about BD- it’s a kind,safe place and it feels full of care and understanding.
Hymnbook- hope you enjoyed the show and felt better when you woke up. I enjoy U3A too.
Fishwife- hello. Sorry I can’t help re the medication but like the others am always here to listen. Hope you get your results soon.
Doodle- we had more mizzle than rain but still had a last beach walk - and a paddle!! I,m so sorry your legs are so achey- do you put them up in the evening?
I was so pleased to read that yourDH doesn’t have to have that Op - you must have been so relieved. Also glad you are going to increase your calorie intake- 800 was too low to get all the nutrients you need. Even a slow walk is still exercise and it’s a good idea to try and strengthen your knees with the stepper too.
HVDY- sorry your back is playing up- although only teeny babies are heavy and when they are bigger we tend to sit them on our hips don’t we and it kills your back. She has certainly put on weight and must be very cuddly.Well done her for sleeping through the rumblings!!
We had a chip shop tea too tonight after our long drive back.- love chip shop chips.!!
Nadateturbe- glad you had a happy afternoon with your sisters. How lovely to have 2 of them. Having a bath and then getting into bed is one of the pleasures of life.
Wyllow- glad you,ve found the new thread and hope you are managing to eat something and hope you have a gentle night.
SweetPeaSue,Candy,EllieAnne,Nanny, and anyone I have forgotten a peaceful night to you allxx

Doodle Sat 14-Oct-23 21:41:01

Wyllow so pleased you’re posting. Just a line is enough until you’re ready to write more. xx
HvDY crumbs 16lb. How she’s grown. Yes I can imagine how you’d notice that. I always felt it after lifting up the buggy and putting it in the car. How nice to have lots of cuddles.
We had lunch with our DS1 today. So nice to have a long catch up. He was on his own as the rest of the family were busy doing other things. So pleased it was a dry day unlike yesterday.
You had a long time with the little one. I bet you’re exhausted now. 😊.
Hello Whiff glad you’ve found us. Hope you’re doing ok.
Fishwife you are always welcome here. Join in the chat whenever you want. Some post every day some now and again but all are welcome. I know it’s a bit of a worry waiting for results. I’ve been through that a lot this year with DH but better to find out if things are ok. Lots of medications make you tired. Hope things improve for you soon.
nadateturbe thank you for your kindness. The problem is I don’t like leaving Dh on his own and he can’t walk much (neither can I) we do what we can and are planning to try and do a short walk each day.
So pleased you had a nice time with your sisters. I never had a sister but I did get on very well with my sister in law. Yes we had a lovely meal thank you. We came back here for coffee after but didn’t leave it too late as he’s off on a work trip tomorrow for a few days,
Like nadateturbe hope all those mentioned are ok and find us again on our new thread. Take care all x

Doodle Sat 14-Oct-23 21:44:20

Scaredycat crossed posts. Glad you found us.
So pleased you had a really good holiday. It’s always nice to be home though isn’t it.
Yes I always sit with my legs up. I’m more comfortable that way. Very pleased DH doesn’t need that op. I was a bit worried about it.
Hope you didn’t have too much wet weather. Walks in the beach must have been nice.
Yes nothing quite like chip shop chips is there. 😊

Sweetpeasue Sat 14-Oct-23 21:47:35

So sorry, unable to address personally. Nadateturbe Thankyou for asking but not wanting to come in as I'm so low and fed up of continual discomfort and pain without hope. I dont want to bring others down. I'm not feeling strong at all. So glad you had a nice afternoon with your sisters. You are kind to post to others when you have such low energy.
HVDY Hope your back is not as bad as it was. Must not be used to walking round with heavier baby. Bending and stretching carrying such a lovely bundle of weight. Hope you have better night's sleep.
Fishwife Hoping you get your scan results soon. Always a bit of an anxious time and lack of sleep will make you lethargic during the day.
Wyllow Thinking of you as alwaysx

Wishing all BDs and those not mentioned a peaceful sleep.

Wishing all BDs

Doodle Sat 14-Oct-23 22:06:42

Sweetpeasue so sorry you’re not feeling great. You know there’s no need to write to us all individually. We understand when anyone doesn’t feel up to it. I had hopes that things were better for you. You seem to have had a few good days recently.
Sending love and hugs xx

Sweetpeasue Sat 14-Oct-23 22:21:02

Doodle Thankyou, sincerely. I have been in better spirits but this week has set me back. Sending love to you and DH too. xx

nadateturbe Sat 14-Oct-23 22:33:57

Sweetpeasue . I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling so low. Sending hugs and lots of love xx

Just looked back, Doodle yes that's great about your husband not needing the op. Good news indeed.
Scaredycat welcome home.

Wyllow3 Sun 15-Oct-23 01:08:09

Goodnight BD's xx

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 15-Oct-23 08:35:15

nadateturbe Is your BP always low like that? Good that you had a nice time with your sisters. I had 3 older brothers (only the eldest one left now). Getting into bed at night is always nice.
ScaredyCat Glad you enjoyed your holiday. A change of scenery is good.
Doodle Nice that you saw your son. It's good to chat with our sons alone sometimes, isn't it?
SweetpeaSue So sorry you're feeling low. I hope today will be better, pain-wise, for you.
It's a bright and sunny morning. I had a lovely sleep - 9.30pm until 4, then back to sleep until 7! Hope ALL BDers manage to see a bit of sunshine today x

Bea65 Sun 15-Oct-23 09:23:31

Hi, think these dark early nights really impact on my mood- now am still in bed and need a coffee and the loo Again.. wish I had more energy 😊

nadateturbe Sun 15-Oct-23 16:02:35

That was a nice long sleep HVDY.
My BP isn’t always that low, but often. There's not a lot can be done. I just try to keep hydrated, walk, and take some salt.
I agree it's nice to have chats alone with our children. I didn't get a chance this visit.
It's sad when you lose siblings. You miss them, but also miss reminiscing with them..

nadateturbe Sun 15-Oct-23 16:05:50

Bea65. I often feel like that. Many mornings as soon as I get up for the loo, I make my bed so that I won't be tempted to get back in. Is there a special reason you are low in energy? Vitamin D helps in winter.

nadateturbe Sun 15-Oct-23 16:15:25

I've had two good days, waiting for the crash 🙂.
Just been to Mountstewart House NT. Gardens still lovely, lots of happy people enjoying the sunshine.
Thinking of you Wyllow3 and Sweetpeasue, sending love. And everyone else of course.

Doodle Sun 15-Oct-23 19:08:16

Sweetpeasue sorry you’ve not had a good week. Hope the coming one is better. Please don’t give up hope. You did have a few better days.
Thanks nadateturbe we were quite pleased the op is not required. It was risky.
Glad you’ve had a good day. I like NT places. Not been to the one you mentioned.
Hello Bea and welcome. Yes these dark days affect many people. Somehow everything looks better with some sunshine.
Staying in bed when I feel low is something I do too. Although I think it does you more good to be up and about.
HvDY yes nice to have some time with out son. Lots to chat about. You had a nice long sleep and so did we. Lazy day. Washed hair and did some painting so nothing strenuous. Steak and chips tonight. Coffee and chocolate to follow.
Wyllow are you still doing Quakers on zoom?