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annsixty Mon 29-Nov-21 13:17:46

A few years ago a friend of mine was left very income poor after her partner died as his two pensions
died with him.
She was going to be ok after his will was proved as he had left her everything.
In the meantime she needed to cut down her bills.
In weather like we are having now she would get dressed in warm clothes and then put a thick dressing gown on top.

I have done this for several days now and what a difference it has made.
I am able to keep the house moderately warm so no shivers going from room to room and once the curtains are all closed mid afternoon it becomes lovely and toasty.

If by the remotest chance anyone should call it it it the work of seconds to slip the dressing gown off.

tanith Mon 29-Nov-21 13:22:19

Ive found my thermal top and footless leggings under my clothes is keeping me toasty today. Whatever it takes stay warm.

Blossoming Mon 29-Nov-21 13:24:14

I wear a thick fleecy hoodie and thermal base layers when it’s very cold, as it affects my muscles. A warm dressing gown would do the job just as well though, so thanks for the tip!

avitorl Mon 29-Nov-21 13:49:09

I use a heated throw over my legs when I'm watching Tv. It means that I can lower the Thermostat slightly and I don't need to use my gas fire as well as the Central heating.
My cat love lying on the Throw too so it's a win ,win situation!
She does grumble when I need to move to let me know how annoying I can be.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 29-Nov-21 14:01:06

For the first time this winter I'm wearing a pair of long johns underneath my trackie bottoms - yes, I know, chic it is not. I have been known to use the dressing gown if necessary and sometimes a hot water bottle.

I don't like to have the central heating on too hot. I put it on at around 19 degrees and then put it down to 17 which soon gets too warm for me. It's difficult to get it just right.

Urmstongran Mon 29-Nov-21 14:54:48

We’ve not needed our heating on yet annsixty. It’s an incredibly well insulated new build apartment with south facing patio door and windows in the main room. I’m a wuss and do feel the cold but I’m toasty - and on days like today with no sun I just wear my nice soft thick cardigan.

MayBee70 Mon 29-Nov-21 15:52:40

Hot water bottle. Now using two hot water bottles. And a Whippet who is the best hot water bottle ever. And my fleecy hat which has to be surgically removed at the end of winter.

AGAA4 Mon 29-Nov-21 16:23:34

I only have the heating on at 15 degrees. It is very cold just now but I am cosy. I do wear a thermal vest and warm jumper. My a son tells me I should have the heating on higher but as I am managing I don't want big heating bills.
I am on LPG which is very expensive.

Chardy Mon 29-Nov-21 19:43:40

Slightly off point but please bear with me. Our new kitten has a microwaveable heat pad (Amazon) with a fabric cover under the cushion in her basket at night. It's still warm in the morning, while my hot water bottle is freezing cold. Am seriously thinking of getting me one too.

Hetty58 Mon 29-Nov-21 20:10:10

annsixty, I've done that (the dressing gown) for donkey's years, as it's a large house and I don't want to spend a fortune on heating. I have fluffy PJ bottoms on under my trackies, too - and if I get chilly, I'll wear a knitted hat. My ankles get cold, so I have slipper boots from Pavers.

AGAA4, I do think 15 degrees is just a little too cold. Mine is on 18 by day and 16 by night. As I have a chimney, I use a thick door curtain, across the sitting room door, to stop draughts. I can't keep it shut (the dog and cat object).

welbeck Mon 29-Nov-21 22:05:12

i change into nightwear quite early so i am not disrobing in the coldest night-time.
i wear leggings, £3 at poundland, under fleecy pyjamas, £8 same store pepco, and a long sleeved t-shirt, two for £5 at lidl, under pyjamas top.
i also wear an old long sock to fill the gap around neck area.
with thick loose socks on feet which are kept on in bed, trous tucked in.
while downstairs and in bathroom i add large dressing-gown.
with feet up sideways on two seater, blankets on legs and shoulders, i manage to keep warm enough.
i often doze off here until woken by head falling too far.
takes longer to get to sleep in bed.

seacliff Mon 29-Nov-21 22:15:25

I love my rather tatty emu sheepskin short boots, a size bigger than normal, no socks, just so cosy and go over my trousers. I'll wear layers including real wool jumper, and a silk scarf keeps my neck warm.

Pittcity Mon 29-Nov-21 22:23:35

I've got one of those shaggy, "teddy bear" zip up jackets that I wear over my jeans and jumper when sitting for a while. It slips off easily when I move around and warm up and is fashionable enough to be seen in public!
DH is still in t shirt and pj shorts as he says having the heating at 20 makes the house tropical. My body disagrees.

Chardy Tue 30-Nov-21 09:08:56

There's a shawl permanently on the back of my chair, a surprise present made by a friend.

Franbern Tue 30-Nov-21 09:11:49

Age4 - it is not just feeling warm that matters, it is how cold is the air you are breathing. 15 is far too low and hyperthermia is a danger to the very young and also to us oldies. 18 degrees should be the minumum for our age.

Whereas it is quite easy to keep feeling warm, with thermal undeclothes, layers, and throws, etc. it is important to remember the danger to health if the air around is us too cold. Not worth trying to save a few pounds and make ourselves seriously ill. After all, we are all in receipt of the two or three hundred pounds towards our heating bills. Use it.

GagaJo Tue 30-Nov-21 09:36:37

I live in my dressing gown in the winter. I'm up, washed, made-up, dressed but put it on over the top. At times, I use it over the duvet where my feet are in bed. I even put it over my legs when I'm teaching online.

And the cats love it too. I thought my female cat was being friendly last night. She snuggled up to me on the sofa. Nope. My dressing gown was flapped open and she took the opportunity to lay on it.

Nannan2 Tue 30-Nov-21 09:43:57

Stupid boiler engineer turned my 'setting' to 10 degrees as the answer to the boiler turning itself on during night even when thermostat was not even on(its a new wireless thermostat unit) the mans insane!

Nannan2 Tue 30-Nov-21 09:45:46

My DD wears hers constantly when in the house, so does her husband, she answers door in it as well.😁

merlotgran Tue 30-Nov-21 09:52:45

This thread has opened my eyes. I thought only the very elderly and infirm wore a dressing gown all day. Don’t you find it restrictive over clothes? Do you cook/bake wearing it?

I don’t like anything flapping round my legs so put a fleecy jumper on over my pyjamas when I get up and make tea. My dressing gown only gets used when I have visitors.

The last few days have been very cold so I dug out my thermal vest and some warm socks.

If I feel cold when I sit down for my afternoon cuppa I put a throw over my knees.

I’m on blood thinners so I’m surprised I don’t feel colder than I do.

glammanana Tue 30-Nov-21 11:38:26

I have my heating on for 2 hrs after I get up to warm all the rooms (only a one bed bungalow) so it stays cosy all day I then put it back on for an hour at 6pm.
During the day I wear a cosy dressing gown not a long one just knee length which can be taken off if anyone calls unexpectedly.
This year I have bought 2 fleece duvet cover's which has made a fabulous difference I now don't suffer from cold feet during the night and don't want to get up in the morning the best purchase I have made this year.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 30-Nov-21 16:02:55

I miss my old airing cupboard and the idea of carefully laying out underwear in the bed with the electric blanket switched back on just came to me today. It gave me a lovely warm start to the day as a warm vest, etc is so nice first thing. I'll try to remember this each morning.

V3ra Tue 30-Nov-21 16:37:39

My Grandma always called a dressing gown a "housecoat." I don't remember seeing her wear one during the day, but I wear mine sometimes especially if I'm sitting down doing something.

Ali08 Tue 07-Dec-21 11:50:42

I think menopause broke my inner thermostat as I'm usually quite warm. Well, apart from my feet which can be snug as bugs in furry slipper boots or whatever I'm wearing, but you can guarantee they'll be freezing cold once out!
I feel the cold most on my back, shoulders and arms so, if out, I generally have a large square wooly scarf, folded into a triangle, over my shoulders but under my coat!
Indoors, yes the trusty old dressing gown lives on the back of the sofa should I need it, and we have blankets downstairs - as well as upstairs should the need arise for a bit of extra warmth and we can just put them over our duvets!
If blankets aren't warm enough for you downstairs, consider buying extra duvets, then you can snuggle up on the sofa/chair!
I use hot water bottles, but have fleece covers on which tend to keep them warm for longer.
Those heated blankets a few of you have mentioned are great for arthritis, my daughter uses one for a stomach problem she has but you can place them on your tummy, or legs, behind you, at your neck etc - so very convenient!!

EnaSharples Tue 07-Dec-21 12:01:56

I have osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis so I can't bear to be cold, everything just stiffens up and hurts like hell. I don't move around very well so I put my big woolly dressing gown over my clothes in the daytime and sit with a rug over my knees. Mr Sharples wears a tshirt.

muse Tue 07-Dec-21 12:40:16

Very sensible annsixty.

I've done all sorts to keep warm in our little cottage.
Temperature has been as low as 11° some mornings. It has a little roof insulation but that's all. No central heating. Heat is from the log burner, with its back boiler, and range when I have something in the oven. Our hot water tank is built in behind our bedhead so the bedroom has a radiator, of sorts.

Our settee has throws on it and and a lovely double layered one my daughter made me. This goes over my knees first thing in the morning and beyond if necessary. Three layers on my top half, fleece lined jogging bottoms, ski socks and my slipper boots.

We hope to move into our super efficient, well insulated new home in 2022 Urms with it's south facing windows and door. I envy you.

How do men do it EnaSharples? MrMuse is the same. He has a tshirt on, no socks, sandals as slippers in the house. Brrr.