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Living in a semi - is it noisy?

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SunnySusie Fri 19-Aug-22 20:46:30

We are 70 and have never lived in a semi, but are thinking of downsizing and in our area its probably the only option. I am worried about neighbour noise through the walls. I am a horrendously light sleeper. What are your experiences? We lived in a flat when we first married which was pretty noisy, then a mid-terrace where we also had noise, but after that its been detached houses and bungalows. Will I be able to hear people next door in a semi? and are older houses better or worse from this point of view?

Franbern Tue 23-Aug-22 17:50:41

Have always been attached in some way to other properties, so....a Victorian end of terrace, stairs adjoining - never heard any noose whatsoever from next door.
Then into a 1972 brand new build - I could even tell when my neighbour plugged in her electric kettle and she could hear us running a bath.
Then a Edwardian solid end of terrace, (stairs adjoining). No noise whatsoever, very solid walls.
Downsized to a inner terrace 1930's house, yes stairs adjoining, but also main bedrooms adjoining. Not quite as silent as the Edwardian house, could hear a noisy dog when they used to look after their daughters one, but TBH nothing really too bad.

Finally into a flat - very thick stone walls, if anybody is doing any DIY work with a power tool it does reverberate throughout the block - but rules are in place allowing that only during daytime. Have never heard anything else at all from upstairs or adjoining flats.