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annsixty Sun 13-Aug-17 09:54:44

I have reluctantly decided that I must start having my groceries delivered. Most of my other needs are catered for online but I have resisted grocery so far to keep some independence, growing old is a b....r.
Are any of the supermarkets better than others?
Living where I do I will have a wide choice.
Does one tip the delivery man or not?
Do they leave it at the door or provide bags which are paid for?
I hope someone can give me pointers.

Welshwife Sun 13-Aug-17 10:04:46

I only have experience of deliveries from Tesco - the only one to deliver in our area at the time. I found the delivery people helpful and they always carried the crates downstairs to the kitchen.
On that site you could choose to have bags or not - the goods were sorted into type. Once I was missing my yoghurts etc so I rang them and the money was credited to my card immediately.
I never bought meat or loads of fruit or veg as I like to pick my own but always added things such as loo rolls and kitchen roll etc- things which are bulky.
It is handy as I sometimes did an order to be delivered the day after I got hom from a couple of weeks away.
I would try all the ones in the area who would deliver to you and decide that way.

Charleygirl Sun 13-Aug-17 10:15:50

ann you do not tip the delivery driver. I ask for items to be delivered in bags, easier for me to carry through to kitchen but the driver will do it if asked. I save the bags and hand them back to the driver the next time I order and I have 5p a bag deducted from my bill. (That is Morrisons).

I have tried them all except Ocado. I personally have found Sainsburys did the most substitutions and some were hilarious- I ordered cat litter tray liners and received ladies panty liners!

My bugbear with all is that they send me items to be used eg tomorrow. Fine if it is only one but when it is many and I live on my own, I have now stated that I want a decent use by date.

One has to spend a minimum of £40. I do not find that a problem because I use long life milk, buy cat litter, cleaning and washing materials so the price quickly mounts up. You will have a choice of delivery times. Some of the prices are outrageous but I go for the cheapest and they are rarely at eg 6am or 11pm at night. I have a delivery coming this Tuesday 2-3pm for 1p! It is something that Morrisons does occasionally.

PM me if you want any more info.

Elegran Sun 13-Aug-17 10:22:45

I use Tesco ocasionally when the weather is bad or I can't be bothered. I would prefer to see the fresh meat, fruit & veg before buying, but I have never had any problems.

Without committing yourself to an order you can go to their website and see how to book a delivery, negotiate the lists, tell them whether to substitute the nearest thing for anything out of stock, etc.

If the order is over £40, delivery is from £2.50 to £5.50, if it is less than that another £4 is added on as well. It is very easy to get to £40! You can add more things to your order or delete things, up to 11.45 pm the night before it arrives.

They deliver either in bags or in a crate, which is carried into your kitchen and emptied out for you. Any chilled things are in a cold store in the van, and any frozen stuff in a freezer, so everything stays fresh. If a substitution costs more than what you ordered, you don't pay any extra, and you can reject anything which is not exactly as you want. If you wish you can look at previous orders to remind yourself of stuff you might need again.

Another shop I sometimes use is Iceland - you can shop in person and they will deliver free the stuff you have bought if it is over (I think) £25

merlotgran Sun 13-Aug-17 10:23:43

I posted on another thread that DD had her account hacked into via ASDA. It took three weeks to get her money refunded and she ended up having to have a new bank account so I'd steer clear of them

I find Tesco the best. Like Charleygirl I find Sainsbury's substitutions annoying.

Coolgran65 Sun 13-Aug-17 10:29:17

I use Asda. £40 shop for a delivery and £25 shop if you want to collect it. No charge if you collect it.

Delivery charge varies and I usually choose a time where it is £1, generally 8 - 9pm. I've ever paid more than £1 for delivery. Not often, but occasionally there are substitutions. You can refuse these, and you can also refuse anything where you think the Use By date is too close. If a substitution is more expensive there is no charge.
The driver points out the substitutions.
I find the Delivery Service very useful.

annsixty Sun 13-Aug-17 10:31:08

Thank you all. I will go onto their websites for a trial in.

Tippy22 Sun 13-Aug-17 11:22:34

I was very much against online grocery delivery until my SIL said to me don't go out tomorrow you've a delivery coming from Ocado and I've carried on with them ever since. I've looked at most of the other supermarkets and I find the Ocado site the easiest to trawl through. I was a bit sceptical what the quality of the fresh meat and fruit and veg would be like but I've never had a problem and most of their items tell you how many days each one can be kept for. I' ve had very few substitutions and they've always been fine.

glammanana Sun 13-Aug-17 11:34:27

I have used Ocado for the past couple of years and always found them very good,the sell by dates have been within reason and substitutions very minimal,I make sure I order all the big bulky items we need and any heavy bottles of juice and cat litter etc.If for any reason I have not ordered from them for a month or two I always get offered a discount voucher for a future delivery which has been as much as £20.00 off my next order,Ocado sends me emails when they open their order lines for C-------s shopping.

MiniMouse Sun 13-Aug-17 11:49:04

OCADO also offers a SmartPass, which means that for a monthly fee (I think it's about £6.50) you then don't pay for delivery and you get a small discount on some items that you buy regularly. It offers all delivery times, whereas the others, who offer £1 delivery slots, only offer those at certain times of day IYSWIM. They refund 5p per carrier bag) from any shop) returns.

mumofmadboys Sun 13-Aug-17 12:57:23

I use Sainsburys and I find them very good indeed. You book an hour delivery slot and they are always within the time slot. I don't pay more than a £1 delivery by choosing cheap slots. If you spend £100 delivery is free. You can even buy books of stamps. We have shopping delivered in carrier bags. It costs 40 p regardless of how many bags you have. We use them to line the pedal bin. The computer brings up your favourites list and as we are often creatures of habit it makes it very easy. The drivers are very helpful and I don't tip them. Good luck with it Ann!

NanaandGrampy Sun 13-Aug-17 13:16:14

I love online grocery shopping ann .

I use You choose your shop , enter your groceries, it offers up swaps to either save money or more healthy options. When your shopping is complete it sends it to your chosen store where you book a delivery time and add anything extra and check out.

It's really good at helping you save money .

My favourite is Ocado. They price match to Tesco. I've found their substitutions are minimal , you can choose to have bags ( any bags you and back get you a 5p credit ) . They always bring it right into the kitchen and put everything up on the work surfaces for me. The drivers are always nice and very helpful.

I've found Tesco a bit hit and miss on substitutions and terrible at Christmas . Drivers can be a bit off hand and have had some that just dumped the bags at the door. You pay a maximum of 40p for bags if you choose to have them delivered that way.

I like Sainsbury's , they're pretty good.

I hate Asda. If you have a problem their call centre is in South Africa ,!!

Good luck .

whitewave Sun 13-Aug-17 14:16:44

Yes I hate food shopping!!! It always seems such a waste if time, so I always have my shopping delivered, unless I decide that I've overspent and need to cut back then I spend hours trooping around places like Aldi and Lidles and Tescos to save a few quid. That lasts for usually one week.

Then back to online. I use Sainsbury's and Waitrose if I'm feeling flush.

I get my meat from an organic farm.
No problem apart from the very occasional very minor one like sending realt bizarre substitutes. But soon remedied.

henetha Sun 13-Aug-17 16:50:45

Since my last knee replacement I have Tesco delivery about once a month for all the heavy and bulky and regular items.
I think it's brilliant. It makes life so much easier for only £2 delivery charge on a Wednesday afternoon. So far I have had no replacement items and no mistakes at all. I have it delivered in bags which makes it easier to unpack from the crates. Then hand the bags back next time.
I still like to pop into supermarkets or local shops occasionally for fresh foods as it's nice to sometimes choose my own veg and meat and fish. All in all it's marvellous and I recommed it to anyone who finds shopping dfficult for whatever reason.
No, I don't tip. Are we meant to?

annsixty Sun 13-Aug-17 16:59:50

I really think I am sold on the idea.
My other knee is getting worse and I am spending more and more money on taxis. I also hate packing the bags in the supermarket. I start to panic, so unlike me.

Charleygirl Sun 13-Aug-17 17:00:45

I am having a Morrisons delivery in 2 days time. I start off with looking at special offers and this month I have saved myself almost £20. My bill I think comes to nearly £60 so that is a big saving.

Kittye Sun 13-Aug-17 18:33:47

I use Tesco. I pay £7 a month and can have as many deliveries as I want. I tip the driver at Christmas. The driver will carry your shopping into the kitchen if you wish. I pay 40p for bags. They price match with Sainsbury Morrisons and Asda. I very rarely have any problems but if I do its sorted very quickly. If any substitutions are a higher price you are charged the original lower price. The drivers, male and a female are a friendly helpful bunch.

callgirl1 Sun 13-Aug-17 19:13:08

What do you Tesco shoppers think of the new website? I don`t like it, find it slower, but maybe that`s just me being dim!

GrandmaMoira Sun 13-Aug-17 19:22:26

I shop online. I don't drive and paying for delivery is cheaper than a taxi and saved a lot of time and effort when I was working. I usually use Tesco and have deliverysaver - £3 per month for midweek, plus free deliveries from Tesco Direct. I'm happy with the service. I sometimes use Sainsbury's which is also good but a little more expensive and Iceland which is cheap but has limited range. I'd definitely recommend it.
Callgirl - I've not realised Tesco changed their site.

whitewave Sun 13-Aug-17 19:23:38

I didn't know Morrisons deliver, the nearest one to us is about 10 miles away I think. Must have a look on line

callgirl1 Sun 13-Aug-17 19:31:37

GrandmaMoira, I came across the new website last Monday night, the week before it was the old site. I told the delivery man that I didn`t like it, he said he`d feed it back to them, but I shouldn`t think my opinion will count much!

SueDonim Sun 13-Aug-17 20:24:53

I started having groceries delivered when I broke my leg. Tesco is the only one who covers my rural area (I see their vans in all sorts of remote locations - apparently they cover 95% of the UK!).

I use their £7 per month service, for which you can have as many deliveries as you wish (min spend £40). Tesco Clubcard vouchers can be used to pay the £7pm charge and if you use their Boost offers, you pay just £3.50 in vouchers. Bargain!

You can use the monthly scheme to deliver to any address e.g. I arranged for orders to be sent to my mum when she was ill, and they put the food into her fridge and cupboards for her. If you're having a self-catering holiday, to that address.

Using the monthly service also gives you free next day delivery with Tesco Direct to any address, which is particularly handy at Christmas.

There's an option on the website to request long dates on goods and whether or not you want substitutes.

I did laugh when doing my last order. I wanted to get some kale and it asked me 'Did you mean ale?' Dh said yes! grin

MawBroon Sun 13-Aug-17 20:28:53

Two words
In valuable
I pay £6.99 a month (discounted Ocado Smart Pass) and find them excellent. Punctual, friendly, good quality and price matched with Tesco. They are always running special offers and I make full use of them.

sunnym Sun 13-Aug-17 20:47:20

I use Asda online shopping.
It is the only way I have been able to get groceries for a long time now.
The delivery man brings my food into the kitchen and puts stuff in my fridge and freezer for me. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

GracesGranMK2 Sun 13-Aug-17 21:19:32

I tried Morrison's and Sainsbury's when I first started having deliveries and found Morrison's fresher, better at coming on time and with fewer substitutions. I do a small (and light-weight) shop at Sainsbury's during the week for things I cannot get from Morrison's but they seem to be widening their choice.

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