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Toilet seat covers - are they a thing of the past?

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LyWa Sun 04-Jul-21 12:31:41

I have a small shower room with basin & toilet. When I have had my shower I need to sit down to dry my feet, so the obvious place is the closed toilet, but I’m finding it really difficult to buy a towelling cover as I’ve had in the past. My usual go to stores John Lewis or Dunelm, no longer seem to stock them, Amazon have a few three piece sets, but they don’t look very good quality, they are all highly patterned and I only want the toilet cover, not a whole set. What do other people do?

Lin52 Sun 04-Jul-21 12:34:04

Just use a towel. Then in bin for wash, more hygienic too.

MerylStreep Sun 04-Jul-21 12:39:03

Thankfully I’m not at the stage where I have to sit down to dry my feet: but if I did I certainly wouldn’t be buying a toilet seat cover. I’m amazed that you can still buy them.

tanith Sun 04-Jul-21 12:42:19

As Lin52 says, use a towel it’s many many years since mats and covers on the toilet were ditched.

Whiff Sun 04-Jul-21 12:44:43

I just use a towel why by something special. I really hope they aren't still for sale the same goes for toilet roll covers. Never understand why you would need to cover your loo roll up. My nan had a knitted one which was supposed to look like a dog. Frightened me as a young child. She had to take it out before I would use the loo. But I was 3 at the time.

aggie Sun 04-Jul-21 12:47:46

I scuff my feet in my towel to dry them , now that I’ve got my hip well bedded in I don’t need to sit down to dry them ! But I wouldn’t use one of those covers , bit unhygienic

FindingNemo15 Sun 04-Jul-21 12:50:56

My old Mum had a toilet seat cover and a tea cosy!! Not for me.

ninathenana Sun 04-Jul-21 15:09:04

As far as I know they have gone the same way as the pedestal mat. Both unhygienic. As has been said, use a towel and put it straight in the wash

Sarnia Sun 04-Jul-21 15:13:01

I am not surprised toilet seat covers are a thing of the past. They are ok if you live on your own and don't have visitors but otherwise they are totally unhygienic.

timetogo2016 Sun 04-Jul-21 15:28:22

I agree with Lin52.

jaylucy Sun 04-Jul-21 15:35:04

I have a small step stool from Ikea that fits in the corner of my bathroom that is just the right height to sit on and the bottom step to put each foot on.
You can also buy folding seats that can go in the shower if you wish or used as a stool outside the bath/shower.
I wouldn't sit on my toilet seat especially with the lid down after my SiL did it, the lid cracked and she ended up in hospital, having stitches in her bottom after the sharp edges cut her!

GillT57 Sun 04-Jul-21 15:35:19

Unhygienic and rather naff! Just use a towel which can be washed more easily. The comments about those ghastly toilet roll holders; my friend's Mother had one, it was a plastic doll with a crocheted crinoline and even after all these years I can remember the words of the little piece of paper pinned to her 'frock' Out of paper, don't despair. Turn me over and I'm a spare. Shudder

Blossoming Sun 04-Jul-21 15:41:18

Ugh! I have never liked them, they struck me as very unhygienic. I have a bath mat outside the shower cubicle to step on to and a little wooden stool next to it. If you don’t have much room I’d just put a small towel over the toilet lid and sit on that.

Marydoll Sun 04-Jul-21 15:44:19

I ditched mine years ago, with the washable bathroom carpet and pedestal mat. I wonder how many germs lurked within them? 😖

Callistemon Sun 04-Jul-21 15:45:33

even after all these years I can remember the words of the little piece of paper pinned to her 'frock' Out of paper, don't despair. Turn me over and I'm a spare. Shudder

You can still buy knitting patterns for those crinoline dolls, GillT57
Apparently vintage is very in vogue

Grandmajean Sun 04-Jul-21 16:36:37

Never liked them , never had one.

lemongrove Sun 04-Jul-21 16:54:24

I don’t sit down to dry my feet ( though understand why some people need to) but toilet seats aren’t meant to take the weight of being sat on, so be careful.
Buy a small collapsible seat to use, one which you can store folded up.
I haven’t seen toilet covers in years, think they have gone the same way as tea-cosies, toaster covers and plastic rainhats.

M0nica Sun 04-Jul-21 17:03:46

I have never had loo seat cover,nor towelling mat around the recepticle. My mother and grandmother brought up to think them very Hyacinth Bucket and very unhygenic.

I just put my knickers on before I sit down to either dry my feet or put my tights on.

polomint Sun 04-Jul-21 17:03:48

Ah yes, plastic rain mates, I remember they were in folds and you opened them out. School days when I had them
Toilet seat covers is a no no from me

NotAGran55 Sun 04-Jul-21 18:43:37

LyWa I wrap myself in a towel or wear a towelling robe and head straight for the bedroom to dry off ,dress and dry my hair.
I don’t need to sit down in order to dry my feet , but would sit on the bed or chair if I did .

MayBee70 Sun 04-Jul-21 18:49:55

Can’t you buy towelling slippers to put on. I’m sure some hotels provide them along with dressing gowns. I always go into the bedroom to dry off: bathrooms too cold. I slip on a pair of Crocs. I think pedestal mates go back to when people used to have carpets in bathrooms.

SueDonim Sun 04-Jul-21 19:07:06

I’d forgotten toilet seat covers ever existed! grin

I’d use a small towel to sit on. It could then go into the wash.

Franbern Mon 05-Jul-21 08:28:05

Toilet seat covers are not very strong. Meant to be, literally, what they claim just a cover for the loo!!! Not to be sat on or stood in. I know to my cost, stood on one to reach up at my old house, and it cracked right across. I was very fortunate not to sustain an injury. As this was when the house was on the market and viewers were coming round I had to sort out replacement very quickly.

Lors of good advice on here as to either having a small seat, or else to go into bedroom and sit on bed.
Horrible things, those old toilet covers - so unhygienic, cannot understand anyone wanting one.

HannahLoisLuke Mon 05-Jul-21 10:53:44

I do still have pedestal mats in my loos but I live alone, don’t pee on the floor and I wash them regularly. I like to put my bare feet on something other than cold tiles.
My friend who is married to a Japanese gentleman always has a stretchy towelling seat cover on the actual seat rather than the lid. Apparently it’s the thing in Japan. I do think that’s unhygienic.

rowanflower0 Mon 05-Jul-21 10:54:42

I have to do this too - but sit on a hand towel while using a bath sheet to dry everything else - toilet lid cover would be unhygienic.