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H1954 Thu 29-Jul-21 06:20:01

Yesterday, our kettle stopped working, so we looked online line at the shop that sells electrical appliances and computers and listed amongst the usual array of kettles was a couple of hot water dispensers. Have any GNetters had any experience of hot water dispensers, would you recommend or advise to avoid? We have a spare kettle so therefore not in a hurry to buy anything straight away.

Whatdayisit Thu 29-Jul-21 06:33:04

I have been using one for over two years. We had it in the bedroom first for the early morning cuppa but have had it in the kitchen for a while.
I like quite a bit of milk in my coffee so i need a biggish cup as i think about 200ml gets dispensed.
Making instant gravy isn't as easy as using a kettle. And you may need a couple of shots for pans of veg and pasta which can be more of a fath than boiling a kettle.
But i do like it and not sure whether i would go back to a kettle.

Whatdayisit Thu 29-Jul-21 06:34:27

And you don't have to lift a heavy kettle of boiling water.

Franbern Thu 29-Jul-21 09:18:00

I have been using one of these for the past three years. On to my second one now. They are extremely useful and I am very much a fan. My first one (a present) was a cheap one. Main problem was that it just went on dispensing hot water until manually stopped. So, you can imagine how many times, I 'forgot' and then had to wipe up that output. So, when it died, I made sure that its replacement DOES have set amounts to dole out. So, have never had this overflow problem now.

So, I would think that is one important facet to look for. Also a good size water tank. My present one is four litres - only me here, yet I still need to fill it at the least twice a day. Mind you, I keep it close to the sink and a small jug which I use just for that purpose - so is not a deadful bind.

Something else that I feel is important is that it has a small tray for the mugs, etc to sit on. These also act as somewhere for drips etc. to be caught and can then easily be emptied, rather than that happen onto your worktop.

My present one also has different heats, (suppodedly to use for different types of drinks). Apart from the few weeks after I first got this - and used these for novelty val;ue -have never used them since. Everything on the one heat - the highest.

I switch mine off when I go to bed, but once turned back on, stays on the whole day, ready for immediate use.

They are an excellent and useful addition to any kitchen and so much safer to use than kettle (I still do have one of these). this requires no lifting for me and only the amount of hot water that I require used at any one time. I also use it for water in saucepans, etc. etc.

Just one word of warning - these are wonderful for one or two mugs of drinks - however when making more at the same time, it is probably best and quicker to use a normal kettle.

I must now admit than when I get my kitchen re-done next year I am planning to move on from even these machines to having a boiling water spout on my kitchen sink.

shysal Thu 29-Jul-21 09:27:17

I bought one a couple of years ago, not top of the range. I am an impatient person so found it too slow pouring for me for the quantity of water I use at a time. I don't drink tea of coffee but boil the kettle for cooking vegetables and filling a hot water bottle. I gave it away after it had sat unused on my counter for some time.

I can still lift the kettle most days but it can be difficult when my RA flares up in my wrists. There are tippers available which would suit me better I think.

Franbern Thu 29-Jul-21 11:29:33

Yes, they always appear to be slow. It is a safety frature to prevent splashes.

No problem for me. I set this running over the mug, or saucepan, or teapot, set the amount of water required, then go off to do other things, whilst that is happening. So, saves me time as I do not have to actually stand and pour that amount of water.

Meta Sat 31-Jul-21 10:39:28

On a similar vein, does anyone have a Quooker or Quettle boiling water tap installed? I’m considering that for an alternative to a kettle in my new kitchen.

Diane7 Sat 31-Jul-21 10:41:15

My brother has one so I use his when I visit him. Also a disabled friend has one as well. I recommend them and will be purchasing one myself when my kettle goes to kettle heaven!

rizlett Sat 31-Jul-21 10:41:25

I can still lift the kettle most days but it can be difficult when my RA flares up in my wrists.

I use a smaller kettle - just 1 litre - enough for most jobs & a lot lighter than the standard 1.7 litre.

Annanan Sat 31-Jul-21 10:42:25

I am an enthusiastic fan of the Quaker, having had mine installed seven years ago. I love it so much that I gave one each to my two daughters when they had their kitchens remodelled. Best “ gadget” in my kitchen. I wouldn’t be without it.

Annanan Sat 31-Jul-21 10:43:23

Sorry not Quaker. I meant to type Quooker

Jellygran Sat 31-Jul-21 10:44:23

I inherited one in my new house. I found I got splashed with hot water. It needed a filter and it tasted different. So I vote for a kettle.

Shortlegs Sat 31-Jul-21 10:57:27

Meta: Had a Qettle installed a few months back. Brilliant. Just so convenient. Worth the money. Do it!

Purpledaffodil Sat 31-Jul-21 10:59:28

Had a boiling tap for last 4 years since new kitchen installed. Love it! I suspect it’s not quite as hot as a kettle used straight after it’s boiled. But I find it very quick and convenient. DD has just had one installed in new kitchen which has filtered sparkling water too!

jude2006 Sat 31-Jul-21 11:03:05

We had a hot water tap fitted last year when we had a new kitchen installed. Its the best thing we had fitted, instant boiling water whenever you need it, and no waste, we absolutely love it.

pinkjj27 Sat 31-Jul-21 11:09:37

May I be boring and ask how sustainable are water dispensers? I know nothing about them, but this post has sparked my interest. Do they use less energy than a kettle does any one know ?

4allweknow Sat 31-Jul-21 11:13:46

The hot water dispenser is new to me, never come across one either in kitchen equipment stores or with any friends. As to the boiling water tap I considered one a couple of years ago but after investigation decided the ten years it takes to break even against cost of installation v money saved on energy cost wasn't worth it. Son in law has a tap for hot/cold/filtered/sparkling water.. Instant cuppa and sparkling fruit juice when I visit. Cost of system, nearly £2k.

grannyscott Sat 31-Jul-21 11:17:55

We have a Quooker tap which is a real game changer. If I ever move house it’s the first thing I would have installed- just brilliant!

hilz Sat 31-Jul-21 11:18:54

I have a breville one cup .. Does what it says on the tin. Ideal for one or two people but a bit of a faff if making multiple cups for visitors so i go back to my 1.7lt kettle but of course these days thats a rare event for us. A relative has no kettle just a plumbed in hot water dispenser which is fantastic and Im getting one of those if ever I get a new kitchen.😂

hilz Sat 31-Jul-21 11:24:21

My sister has a single hot water dispensing tap. My son has a tap that does cold filtered water boiling water and hot and cold water but to me is a bit complicated to use. Much prefer single tap. Her small kitchen is uncluttered by kettle n lead

GrannyGravy13 Sat 31-Jul-21 11:26:31

We have had a Quooker for two years, previous 20 + years we had another boiling water tap (sorry cannot remember the make). It’s in constant use, drinks, cooking and soaking dirty pans.
Would never go back to a kettle.

Oofy Sat 31-Jul-21 11:26:59

Can’t comment on water dispensers or Quookers I’m afraid. But we have recently had a smart meter with usage monitoring gadget fitted, and I have been pretty appalled to see how much energy the kettle uses. So though it is slower, have stopped using the kettle to heat water for cooking veg and reverted to using the gas hob; gas is much cheaper than electricity per kw/hour, it appears. Till the govt phase gas out!
For those with Quookers; wondered about getting one, but worried that GC (or me) might turn them on by mistake for the tap and get scalded. Is this a possibility?

GrannyGravy13 Sat 31-Jul-21 11:27:35

Oops it is a multi function tap, hot, cold and boiling. With pull out spray.

allule Sat 31-Jul-21 11:41:46

I have a hot water dispenser which saves lifting a heavy kettle. It is perfect for a cup of tea.
I have not yet found the perfect solution for coffee for one, and the gadgets are accumulating on my worktop!
I have always used an aeropresse, but this is too high to fit under the spout.
I bought a one cup bean to cup machine, which is easy to use, but needs a lot of setting up and cleaning for one cup.
I then went for a simple filter that sits in the cup, and this works quite well as my machine will dispense a small amount of water, twice, as otherwise it fills the filter bag too fast.
I also find there are some very good instant coffees these days wink

janipans Sat 31-Jul-21 11:53:07

My daughter has a Quooker and in order to get the boiling water you have to push down the control bit twice and to the right in very quick succession and then once to the left to turn it off. There is a little arm which controls the flow so I would think it's at least as safe as a kettle (and it can't tip over!).
Even if GC climbed up to the sink I think it would be difficult for them to accidentally perform the manoeuvres needed to get boiling water and by the time they grow enough to reach it they should be competent enough to use it correctly.
It saves waiting for pans of water to boil before adding veg etc