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What are you paying for electricity & Gas

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62Granny Mon 04-Apr-22 21:19:52

There have been many threads on GN about energy prices, but what do you pay per KWh . I recently went onto a fixed rate and pay 32.85 Kwh for electricity with a 24.86 daily standing charge and 8.94KWh for Gas with 26.10 daily standing charge. I know it can vary all depending on where you live in the UK we are in S.Wales. I thought it better to fix my rate so at least I know what I am paying for the next 12 months.

Shandy57 Mon 04-Apr-22 21:26:36

I am in England, with Octopus, and was offered a 'loyalty' fixed rate last year. These are my prices.

Shandy57 Mon 04-Apr-22 21:29:07

I've cut the top off as it had my address as well as which is which! Electricity on the left, Gas on the right.

kissngate Tue 05-Apr-22 08:05:50

Eon from 1 April.
42.24 pd standing charge
28.02 per kWh

A lot more than you and Shandy !!!

kissngate Tue 05-Apr-22 08:09:43

Forgot to say no gas we have oil.

BigBertha1 Tue 05-Apr-22 08:35:53

We have Octopus and were paying £100 a month but now it £177 but I think that was winter usage rather than the new rate. We have a 4 bed detached and heat on al the time. DH reckons it will be £3000 a year.

Georgesgran Tue 05-Apr-22 08:45:23

Too much!!
Last month with Octopus it was 20.51 a unit for electricity and
23.61 for gas
Standing charge is £92 pa.
Monthly payment has gone up from £158 to £251 a month. I’m using as little as I can, coming on later in the evening and going off earlier, so my usage is down, it’s the price that’s gone up. Same as petrol and diesel.

Pittcity Tue 05-Apr-22 08:54:50

My fixed rate ended on 31st March and I'm now on Ovo's variable rate which is
Electricity standing charge 36.11p and 27.84 per kwh
Gas standing charge 25.9 and 6.99 per unit.

My app shows that my daily charges have doubled overnight. My DD has been adjusted accordingly.

Pantglas2 Tue 05-Apr-22 09:27:25

We signed up for a 2 year fix last July with EDF after Green Energy went kaput and seem to have a good deal 🤞

Shandy57 Tue 05-Apr-22 09:37:24

It's so ridiculous we are all paying different prices for the same utilities.

Pepper59 Tue 05-Apr-22 09:39:12

My fixed rate ended in January. We have not had an increase yet but we are not sure if that was because we were in credit in our last bill. We will be checking this month, but we are expecting it to go up by more than double and are setting aside money where we can, in expectation of this huge increase. Given the flock to the Channel Tunnel for the Easter holidays, seems like some people aren't worried about fuel price increases. However, for others, I think this will be grim.

karmalady Tue 05-Apr-22 10:24:49

octopus fixed rate

Octopus 24M Fixed
Octopus 24M Fixed September 2021 v7

Fixed term ends 07/11/2023
25.43p/kWh25.66p/day(All rates inc. VAT)


Octopus 24M Fixed
Octopus 24M Fixed September 2021 v7

Fixed term ends 07/11/2023
6.09p/kWh26.10p/day(All rates inc. VAT)

karmalady Tue 05-Apr-22 10:32:30

electric standing charge

gas standing charge

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 05-Apr-22 10:36:03

We are with Ovo, green tariff, but giving an interest on credit amounts.
Standing charge 24.57p
Charge 24.47
Fixed for 3 years from this Feb, but I signed up for it in January.
We will see about getting out of the fixed rate if Electricity comes down in price.
We have oil for heating and hot water.

Jaxjacky Tue 05-Apr-22 10:57:02

With Shell, we’re paying 17.51kw electric, 3.28kw gas, our current deal ends 30/4/22.
Their new variable rate is 28.455kw electric, 7.479kw gas.
Our projected yearly payment is £1,600.

Shandy57 Tue 05-Apr-22 11:03:26

Such a price difference between the companies. I was so nervous of fixing, but glad I did.

I do think it is a good thing that people are more conscious of their energy use.

silverlining48 Tue 05-Apr-22 11:15:20

We paid bulb £200 per month which increased from 1 st April to £305 pm, and £3,600 pa and will be increased again in October. Three bed detached house.
Need to check kw cost as have no clue.

silverlining48 Tue 05-Apr-22 11:18:21

Does anyone else use Bulb?

Tizliz Tue 05-Apr-22 11:21:05

Silverlining48, you should always look at the kw price not your DD amount. The DD is only an estimate of how much you use, the kw price is what you need to compare companies and see if you have a good price.

Maggymay Tue 05-Apr-22 11:21:24

We are with eon this time last year we paid £85 a month now £166 a month. 3 bed semi gas central heating on all day turned off overnight.

muse Tue 05-Apr-22 11:45:47

There is not only a difference between companies but also across the UK.

Two months ago, we went onto mains electricity after producing our own (photovoltaics) for a long time. This is for our new home we have almost finished building. Had to go with one of the big companies though, to get the meter installed, so with Scottish Power now. I rang Octopus the other day about transferring and they recommend staying where we are for the next few month and not changing. They couldn't offer much less than the 27.1 kWh we are paying. We're in Cornwall.

Up to 2019 if you had solar panels you could get a feed in payment but that stopped. Now there is SEG Smart Export Guarantee which we are going to do. We have currently made an excess of 8 kWh of power from our panels. Once the build is finished and signed off we will change to a tariff that will pay us for the excess power we make. You need the latest version of Smart meters for this as these show the excess the solar panels are producing.

Even if you are on a fixed tariff the standing charge will go up and in some areas this has doubled. Fixed tariffs will more than likely carry an exit fee if you opt out.

muse Tue 05-Apr-22 11:49:24

I think my images can't be accessed.

This is the site I found the tables on for kWh rates and standing charges across the UK.

Shandy57 Tue 05-Apr-22 11:52:13

Fantastic link muse - such a difference in regions.

DaisyAnne Tue 05-Apr-22 12:02:17


It's so ridiculous we are all paying different prices for the same utilities.

State-owned is the only answer to that. Sadly, this government will never admit the idiocy of selling off utilities while pretending there was a 'market' in them.

You only have to look at the opposition to renewables to understand that those making their money out of our utilities know that the time when they could bleed people who need these basic, natural monopolies is coming to an end.

But the government still wants to feed the markets. There action - or inaction - will feed the pockets of their friends and allies; it does not invest in the future and the people. It is their nature.

Pantglas2 Tue 05-Apr-22 12:52:45

But it isn’t the only answer DaisyAnne, is it? No guarantee that the state owned would be supplying at the cheapest rate!

The answer is always to shop around and we’re not the only country in Europe to have choice Spain I chop and change regularly.