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Lizbethann55 Sat 04-Feb-23 21:20:52

Confession time ladies. I am ashamed to admit that I am LAZY, in great big capital letters. And I hate housework. I do as little as possible and only when it really needs doing ( how can a room need dusting every day?). When I do do any it is on a " what can be seen " basis. Never under, behind or above.
But , behind and under my bed really does need dusting very badly. However, despite being on casters, my bed and the chests of drawers either side are too heavy to easily move. The tools on my upright Dyson are too difficult and cumbersome to manoeuvre into the gap. So, do any of you have any gadgets, gizmos or advice as to how I can actually manage this herculean task? Thank you

Auntieflo Sat 04-Feb-23 21:39:27

Try a robot vacuum. Ours goes under the bed easily.

Shinamae Sat 04-Feb-23 21:49:00

I am exactly the same about housework, and I’m not ashamed to admit it,my house, my rules ….(dust rules actually!🤓)

Norah Sat 04-Feb-23 21:51:20

Your new best friends..

Hetty58 Sat 04-Feb-23 21:51:36

I get my adult children (or best friend) to help me move beds and turn mattresses these days - but only every six months or so, that's quite enough!

SachaMac Sat 04-Feb-23 21:54:22

I rarely hoover behind the bed now, it is so heavy to pull out and it kills me trying to bend down and squeeze the Hoover extension tool in the gap. I do have a blitz once in a while and am always shocked at the amount of dust that’s accumulated, it’s a case of out of sight etc.

Blossoming Sat 04-Feb-23 22:00:06

I use a rubber broom laid flat. I have to sit on the floor to do it as I can’t bend, then I pull myself back up using the bed grin The GTech Air Ram handle swivels and lies flat too.

tanith Sat 04-Feb-23 22:27:29

I can still manage to pull the bed out but it’s only done every six months or so as I have a long handled duster thingy that I swizzle along there occasionally that does pick up some of the dust.

Fleurpepper Sat 04-Feb-23 22:32:34

My GTech is brilliant for hooevering under bed as the handle turn and the whole thing goes flat- perfect.

cornergran Sat 04-Feb-23 22:45:28

We have ottoman beds. Can’t move them unless we empty the horizontal cupboards that lie beneath. So no, they don’t get moved we just clean as far as we can reach. Oh dear.

GrandmaKT Sat 04-Feb-23 22:53:51

Another vote for the GTech cordless. It's really light too and has a light. Perfect for the job (and for everyday cleaning).

Franbern Sun 05-Feb-23 08:41:56

,My bed us an 'adjustable one', With a drawer underneath each side. THere is no way this can be moved. Every so often I pull out the drawers, raise oth foot and head of bed as hight as it will go and then manage to vacuum the carpet underneath the bed.

Have to admit that I have a diffefrent colour wall paint on the wall behind the bed, painted myself - but NOT actually behind the bedhead. No-one can see this and the remains of the pot of paint is in my garage, and I have told the daughter who will have main responsibility of dealing with flat when I die about this, so she can do a quick finish off job when the bed is finally taken out.

M0nica Sun 05-Feb-23 09:56:25

I cannot move our bed either, but it is an antique bed on legs about 18 inches high, this means I can lie my stick vacuum cleaner on the floor and get right up to the skirting board.

I have deliberately made sure that all our furniture has legs and is far enough off the floor to be able to get a hoover all round the house and under the furniture without ever having to move any of it.

Yammy Sun 05-Feb-23 10:01:19


Your new best friends..

I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago I've reached places that I haven't for years,tops of wardrobes and cobwebs that have grade two status! My house is tidy but very dusty, unlike my mother I hate housework.

Georgesgran Sun 05-Feb-23 10:05:04

All my beds have drawers underneath, so too heavy to move and so little ground clearance. I actually wait until I’m decorating and the chap pulls the bed out and I quickly dust and vacuum while he has a cuppa. I still remember when a friend’s cleaner noticed an odd smell in a bedroom and found a dead seagull under the bed!!

ParlorGames Sun 05-Feb-23 10:07:22

I have a long reach cobweb brush thingy with interchangeable heads. It has an adjustable swan neck and reaches all along the skirting boards behind and under furniture. Once that's been deployed I just vacuum the floor with the hoover that's got an angled stick to it.
Certainly don't do all that every day though - life is far too short for polishing broom handles! smile

Parsley3 Sun 05-Feb-23 10:15:34

If there is a space under your bed, I too would recommend a robot vacuum. Mine does a sterling job of cleaning under things that I usually ignore. It is perfect for a lazy person like me. I can peruse gransnet while it does my hoovering.

Caleo Sun 05-Feb-23 10:16:27

My beds include a small divan bed on castors, and a bed that is a mattress on a slatted frame .
I deliberately avoided buying an unmovable bed as I like clean. Because I like clean I also choose to have hard floors not carpets.

My cleaning routine involves a soft brush and dustpan, and infrequent wet mopping.

Witzend Sun 05-Feb-23 10:37:31

Our beds are all divans, heavy to move, so behind and underneath aren’t dusted or hoovered very often - to put it mildly! It’s been interesting, once or twice, to see what else besides dust has accumulated between a dd’s former single bed (now a spare) and the wall!
I can’t say I let the idea of hidden horrors bother me, but I’ll get around to it before a Singaporean SiL comes to stay in April - she’s always prefers that bed to the bigger spare, and has always had a maid, so I wouldn’t want her pulling the bed out to find anything that might have slipped down - not in its current state. 😱

JaneJudge Sun 05-Feb-23 10:43:57

I am the same as you too. I absolutely HATE housework and as such my husband's family think I am a dreadful wife grin

Witzend Sun 05-Feb-23 11:27:20

I thought you might like this, Lizbethann55!

Shinamae Sun 05-Feb-23 11:49:28


GrannyGravy13 Sun 05-Feb-23 12:14:13

Have got cleaning under the twin beds in the bedroom decorated for the younger GC with a wooden floor. I suggest hide and seek as I know that under the beds are their favourite hiding places, brush down GC when I find them, easy peezy 🤣🤣🤣

grandtanteJE65 Sun 05-Feb-23 12:29:27


Your new best friends..

I use a dry mop too.

Oreo Sun 05-Feb-23 13:26:10


All my beds have drawers underneath, so too heavy to move and so little ground clearance. I actually wait until I’m decorating and the chap pulls the bed out and I quickly dust and vacuum while he has a cuppa. I still remember when a friend’s cleaner noticed an odd smell in a bedroom and found a dead seagull under the bed!!


I can’t move our bed either so it’s when the room is redecorated or we have new carpet.😬