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hulahoop Tue 07-Feb-23 11:08:49

Hi we are having stairs ,hallway and landing painted, is all woodwork is white ,we can't decide on colour of walls.We are not changing carpet which is a terracotta colour with a lighter fleck. Family have suggested pale olive ,pale grey ,mushroom any other suggestions welcome

MiniMoon Tue 07-Feb-23 11:13:10

We painted ours a shade of pale yellow. Our stairs are dark wood not carpeted as they are open. It would go very well with the carpet you described.

dogsmother Tue 07-Feb-23 11:22:04

I know I wouldn’t have any grey. My choice would be a very light creamy pink.

Celticdawn Tue 07-Feb-23 11:22:38

Farrow and Ball ‘Pale Powder’ I think looks great. Light enough colour wise for a Hallway and very easy on the eye.
Expensive though, Homebase had some half price which we took advantage of, or consider colour matching and getting it mixed up at Brewers. We have done both.

hulahoop Tue 07-Feb-23 11:38:30

Sorry didn't say it's pale yellow at the moment.

FannyCornforth Tue 07-Feb-23 12:50:27

Can we see a photo including the carpet please? It’s difficult to comment without seeing it.
Thank you!

Romola Tue 07-Feb-23 12:52:38

How about a very pale terracotta? Should work with the carpet.

FannyCornforth Tue 07-Feb-23 12:52:38

How about any of these?

FannyCornforth Tue 07-Feb-23 12:54:01


I know I wouldn’t have any grey. My choice would be a very light creamy pink.

I’m a big fan of pink, but it would look dreadful with terracotta

Sago Tue 07-Feb-23 13:10:24

Little Greene paint co Rolling Fog or Dulux Labrador Sands are two paint colours that go with anything.
I would stay clear of anything with a peach or pink tone.

Norah Tue 07-Feb-23 13:17:00

Cream or bone. Our entire home, nice with all furnishings.

Doodledog Tue 07-Feb-23 14:22:58

We have Farrow's Cream in the dining room, and I think that would go well with terracotta. It's a very rich cream - almost yellow.

Does your hallway get natural light? Mine has different lighting in different places, so consider that when choosing. If you are going to get sample pots, put the tester colour on at various places to see what it will be like in different lights.

travelnan Tue 07-Feb-23 14:31:11

I have just had my hall, stairs and landing painted in Dulux Timeless, its a very pale cream. I am very pleased with it and would go well with your carpet.

Oreo Tue 07-Feb-23 14:37:20

I’d have a really pale grey smile

Oreo Tue 07-Feb-23 14:39:32

Don’t have matt paint, have soft sheen or whatever it’s called that you can wipe marks off. Also a shine will add light.

hulahoop Tue 07-Feb-23 15:10:49

Thanks for suggestions I pad is playing up at moment so can't screenshot.It's a very light staircase . Oh is looking at colours at the moment he has shown me a pale sage but I'm not sure ,I am hopeless at putting colours together but usually get it right in the end.

NotAGran55 Tue 07-Feb-23 15:14:28

F & B Green Ground would be my choice.

Marmight Tue 07-Feb-23 19:06:08

Maybe a pale coral or light sage as suggested by Hulahoop. I wouldn’t go down the grey or mushroom route …

Oldbat1 Tue 07-Feb-23 19:26:13

Farrow and Ball Bone or Cream.

dogsmother Tue 07-Feb-23 19:30:12

FC I disagree.
As Marmight put it a little better a pale coral creamy pink goes into the realms of coral surely and works with terracotta well.

hulahoop Tue 07-Feb-23 20:31:18

I am just looking at F&G colours not a gran.

Luckynan Tue 07-Feb-23 21:32:58

I was looking for paint/ curtains for our bedroom and wandered in to Dunelm Mill who I didn’t realise sold paint. They have some lovely colours but better still they sell peel and stick samples for 50p each. They are a really good size and can be stuck on any part of the walls to check shading , colours etc. What a great idea, I wish that all the major paint manufacturers did the same. I eventually settled on a lovely shade called sandstone.

Hetty58 Tue 07-Feb-23 21:54:06

Not pinky cream - that's just magnolia! Grey is so common it's boring and becoming old hat.

You don't have to have all walls the same colour - or white paintwork, either. Halls are best when they make an impact. I like the skirting boards and door frames to match the wall colour.

The doors and stair parts are satin white, as contrast. The stair wall is sage and the other walls are pale creamy yellow - all tough/washable paint - looks great.

BigBertha1 Tue 07-Feb-23 22:07:48

We just did our living room Dulux Mocha it's very soft and look looks well in daylight and lamplight. Would I well with your carpet.

Wyllow3 Tue 07-Feb-23 23:02:44


We painted ours a shade of pale yellow. Our stairs are dark wood not carpeted as they are open. It would go very well with the carpet you described.

I had mixed off white and a carefully selected yellow - not too much - and it looks great, and I'm mentioning it because my carpet is also a terracotta