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Too much money???

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Woody Fri 07-Oct-11 12:58:47

I know this is a strange question but does having a big savings pot worry anyone? I am an only child and about 7 years ago the last of my parents died leaving me the family home which I then sold - they would never have believed what it was worth considering what they paid for it! I now have more than enough money to last me but it worries me so much - how and where to invest it? - I try to invest in things that I think they would have approved of but it is such a nightmare having to move accounts around trying to get the best rates etc. I feel it is my duty to make the best use of it as they struggled to buy the house all those years ago. I know I could give some to charities which they were interested in and I did that at the time as well as giving some to the grandchildren. I know I should be grateful that I dont have "lack of money" worries and I am but having too much seems a problem too!!

em Sat 26-Nov-11 15:13:26

Frozen Excuse me if I am being particularly thick but may I ask why there is a link to treasure hunting on your post. Also why post the same thing twice a few days apart?

supernana Sat 26-Nov-11 15:38:04

Frozen are you really real?

greenmossgiel Sat 26-Nov-11 15:41:42

hmm frozen......I'm just a wee bit unsure about you?

Gally Sat 26-Nov-11 16:23:28

Perhaps Frozen is a 'hobbit' ? confused

greenmossgiel Sat 26-Nov-11 16:26:41

Not a 'hobbit' Gally grin! A troll, perhaps?

Gally Sat 26-Nov-11 16:33:50

Yes maybe a troll from foreign parts - I was just being eversoslightly facetious about the spelling of habbit grin

supernana Sat 26-Nov-11 16:34:19

hmm confused Could be right Greenmossgiel...all very suspicious!

greenmossgiel Sat 26-Nov-11 16:49:18

Oh Gally! - missed that about habbit/hobbit!! Silly me! grin

Butternut Sat 26-Nov-11 17:19:05

I think frozen is dodgy. Look at the Children and Christmas thread - there 'she' is again. hmm

Gally Sat 26-Nov-11 17:38:18

Ha ha - I see Frozen has been melted ! grin

em Sat 26-Nov-11 20:00:43

Why, I wonder? Advertising? Care to tell us GNHQ?