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matson Sun 07-Apr-13 15:16:33

hello, are there any other local GNs out there?

annegr Wed 15-May-13 12:42:34

hello Matson, Yes, there is at least me out here in this part of the world. I am very new to this technology but am determined to learn. My latest tech achievement was to do a monthly shop at Tesco and it really did arrive and just as I ordered. Lovely quality of veg and fruit. My sister in law said they would get rid of their rubbish that way but it is just the opposite.
It will soon be the summer holidays. Need I say more? Are you involved very much with grandchildren? I used to be but seem to have been put on the back burner lately. Must've blotted my copybook.
I like gardening,coffee shops and chatting. Have just been on a basics computer course-much good that did me. However, I did get a certificate!!
Maybe you will chat back and let me practice using this site. It could be that I will never find you again because I've already forgotten how I arrived here in the first place.
Best wishes.

matson Sun 19-May-13 19:09:08

hello annegr how lovely to find a local GN at last, I had just about given up hope! like you I am a novice to technology and just press buttons and call for help when it goes wrong. you are cleverer than me, I haven,t shopped on line, I just get my son to order what I want on his account. I have 4 grandchildren and love spending time with them - tiri ng as it is sometimes, hope your copybook is unbotted soon! I like reading, cats, meditation,going for meal, films etc, although I only have a yard I do enjoy gardening! excuse my ramble, I cant remember how to do paragraphs confused looking forward to chatting to you again x

annegr Thu 30-May-13 08:16:10

Hello Matson, You sound to be a very experienced grandma with 4! I have just the one who is very nearly 7 and more intelligent than me. I am his cross to bear or so his tone of voice implies. When he sighs and says "Grandma" I know I'm in for some education.One visit I made, I was treated to a lecture on the Ancient Greeks, alongside one about the workings of the kidney.This was all at the same time!
I received my monthly Tesco shopping yesterday-almost perfect. I intended to buy Weetabix(for his sleepover end of June) but got Weetabix biscuits instead. They are nice but I don't give biscuits for breakfast.Next time I go to Morrisons I will get some, the conventional way.
To make paragraphs, press the wonky arrow at the middle of far right of the keyboard.
I see you've got a profile.How did you do that? I'm a retired Local Gov.worker, used to be in Housing and am 73.Love poetry,art and books of all description. Love to hear from you again.

matson Thu 30-May-13 20:05:37

hello annegr nice to hear from you again, thanks for advice but cant seem to see the wonky arrow button! to start a profile page I think I went to my gransnet and there is a page for your info. I,m 61 and 2/3 months! retired staff nurse. I joined gransnet after my husband died a few years ago, but I,m not a regular poster, it can be quite intimidating at times, and I do find it difficult to share my feelings, more so with strangers. my grandchildren are brilliant and are a constant joy as well as a pain sometimes, your grandson sounds an intelligent soulsmile. are you mobile, fit and able? or do you just not like going shopping? my sister does her food shop online at asda and says she looks forward to see what the substitute items are that week!!!!!!!!!! we really should get out more. can I ask how local are you? talk soon x

annegr Fri 31-May-13 09:40:25

Good morning Grandma Matson, Thanks for your letter.It's a much better day thank goodness so I'm off for my Weetabix!!
I'm perfectly mobile but stopped driving last year after a session of depression. No concentration! Vital! I live in Redcar, close to Locke Park and Coatham beach, in a Coast and Country bungalow after selling my house in Eston. The bungalow is tiny (no hoarding) but the surrounding plot is wonderful and big enough for a marquee.
I note that you are into meditation. Have a look on web site I have a friend who passes her mags on to me and this time I notice some rather strange publications.After reading them, I rather liked some of the spiritual articles, some I didn't connect to, but there was some beautiful poetry as part of the letter page. I havn't looked at the site yet, just the magazines
I used to be part of a group called Second Youth at Eston Leisure Centre and played badminton, walked and went swimming. Also very much into Tai Chi. However, depression stopped me in my tracks, I didn't want to know anyone and people find that hard to understand. All is well now and am waiting for Redcar to get it's leisure centre up and running.The sun is shining again for me!!
Best wishes.

matson Sat 01-Jun-13 16:29:01

Hello annegr just to let you know its " nanna"not keen on grandma, I always think nanna sounds more cosy! It would appear I live only a couple of minutes from you off the seafront, but in my younger days I was born and raised in south bank and my parents ended their days in normanby. Sorry to hear about your bout off depression, I totally empathise , having been there my self. Strange you mention tai chi, I have been looking for a local class without success, you sound very active quite put me to shame smile I to stopped driving a couple of years ago due to various reasons. it would be nice if the new leisure centre has a package of classes for us, yoga, tai chi would be nice, I have tried twice in my life to learn to swim failing miserably, I sink! but I have decided when the new pool opens to give it one last shot. the site you mentioned sounds interesting , I will have a look , thank you, my friend and I attend saltburn well being class each week for meditation, it has been a godsend these past years. as you can see still cant do paragraphs but never mind. take care x

annegr Sun 02-Jun-13 09:26:38

good morning, Matson, Thanks for your chatty letter.I know of the well-being centre, it looks very good. Before that opened, there was an attempt to try one in Eston.Wrong place. Whether the same people had inspiration and looked to Saltburn, I don't know, but it's just the right town. If you ever get the chance to go to a class run by Terry Doyle, pull out all the stops to go.Manna for the soul.He used to be involved with the leisure centre but in his own words "he got a proper job".My last info was he works with drug rehabilitation services but just as a treat, the leisure centre got him to give the odd class here and there. He also runs retreats but not very well advertised.
I picked up a few computer tips at the Hot Spot cafe next to Holland and Barretts near Redcar clock. It's free, you just walk in and there is a man there who KNOWS EVERYTHING! Computers are supplied free or you can take your laptop and use the wireless connection.There's also food & drink. It is a MIND centre and there's various therapies available as well.
I didn't learn to play badminton till I was 60- good game.I wish I'd started sooner. I met my mixed doubles partner the other day and he might join the new centre. Just to finish, I've been widowed 30+ yrs so I know the journey.

matson Mon 03-Jun-13 18:44:01

hello annegr, the sun is shining at last, it makes everything feel better! I haven,t heard of Terry Doyle, but I most certainly will look out for him, especially the retreats. I have seen the MIND centre near the clock, but I didn,t realise it was open to the public - so to speak, I shall have a look next time I,m in town.

annegr Tue 04-Jun-13 16:47:20

Hello Matson, Thanks for reply. Yes, I agree, the Hot Spot doesn't look like a public cafe but I assure you it is. There are food menus and event menus on the tables and they fall over themselves to care for you.
I bought a trolley for the hosepipe today and assembled it with great difficulty.I am not an engineer. However, my hosepipe is the reinforced variety and somehow doesn't go on the nozzles. Now I will have to get a plain 'normal' hose.A watering can is my stress free level! My hanging baskets are coming into flower-that's something you could consider???
Snag-then you have to find a man with a drill to put brackets up unless, of course, that doesn't faze you, using a drill.
I wonder if anyone else will look into this site and suddenly a whole host of nannas want to join the meditation scene.We could sit on top of the Beacon and commune with nature.(maybe)

matson Tue 04-Jun-13 19:00:40

hello annegr, I will pop into the café next time I pass, I looked on their website , it mentioned different therapies ie, meditation, but couldn,t find a timetable - so it will be easier to just pop in and ask! I,m afraid I am not very DIY minded, my hubby was a very able man so I have to learn to do various tasks now myself, but I,m useless and luckly my son and son-in-law are very helpful. as I previously said I don,t have a garden, but I turned my yard into one many years ago, I have pots and a plum tree , window box etc - complete with a sunny bench, its south facing, hence a sun trap.- don't you find it strange there is only you and I in the boro area posting? have you been on the main gransnet site? enjoy the sunshine x

matson Tue 04-Jun-13 19:02:39

me again! just showing off,
I have found the wonky arrow button x

annegr Thu 06-Jun-13 10:37:37

Congratulations! Glad you found the wonky arrow. I've been browsing around the web sites this morning ( waiting for bread to finish in machine) and if you look at "meditation by Terry Doyle" he has more than I ever thought. I did not know he was world famous, just thought he gave Tai Chi at the leisure centre.I knew he was good but vastly underestimated his scope.Have a look.
I've only scanned briefly the other sites. Like you, I am not greatly attracted to chatting here there and everywhere.
My daughter in law rang me this morning in reply to my message last night left on their machine. I havn't seen my grandson for nearly 3 wks so am trying to make an appointment ( so to speak) for this weekend.This is one of the outcomes of depression and the lack of understanding from the family when I had it.On the positive side, I have quite a knowledgeable empathy now towards others with it.
Bye for now. Look up Terry Doyle. You will be astounded.

matson Fri 07-Jun-13 20:10:49

hi annegr I have been browsing the Terry Doyle sites and he does seem to be popular, its a pity some of the workshops are quite a distance away. the meditation classes in saltburn are Buddhist related and I often attend day courses in darlington at the atisha centre. I am roman catholic in origin, but do find some of the Buddhist teachings are quite thought provoking, and some I just can,t get my head around, but it,s always a calm, peaceful experience and the people are so helpful and kind.
I hope your attempt to see your grandson was successful, you must miss him. I have found most people who have never had any mental issues have a short empathy span, be they family or friends!and I hope life will be on the "up" for you

annegr Sat 08-Jun-13 09:29:00

Life on the UP! Good morning Matson. Thanks for letter. I'm off to Zetland Park today with grandson to their fun day. My son is picking me up shortly and then dropping us both off at the park. He has some Saturday chores to do and my daughter in law is nights this weekend so she is sleeping.
We plan to go to the Wacky Warehouse when we are picked up at lunchtime so all is as it should be! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I won't have to forget my purse.
I am greatly taken with the Bhuddist way of life and I have no problem with it running alongside my Weslyan Methodist up-bringing.Pleased you looked up Terry. I feel quite honoured that I have studied Tai Chi etc. for about 10yrs under his guidance.I always felt he got to the heart of things but I would think he had to consider the risk of self burnout. Probably a bit like Jesus?
No-one has still come forward to join us.Ah. the Phillistines of Mbro!!

YaYaJen Sat 08-Jun-13 09:54:53

Hello Middlesbrough,

I am editor for N Yorks and would love to invite you to our second meet -up next Saturday. I am really looking forward to it and would be fab to meet some new Gransnetters, great time of year for a day out around Northallerton too.

The plan is to meet 11am for coffee in Northallerton then those who wish to make a day of it can move on for lunch at the Village Inn (by popular demand) - also supports two local businesses that way.

How does that sound?

We are on the East Coast mainline for train and just off both the A1 and A19 for drivers so easy to get to.

Hope to see you there......just comment so I can give numbers to the Village Inn

See the thread for the last meet-up for the fab set menu, 2 courses £7.95!

matson Sat 08-Jun-13 17:50:18

hi annegr, hope you have a lovely day smile x

YaYaJen Sat 08-Jun-13 19:20:57

Buddhism is an awakening

annegr Sun 09-Jun-13 09:01:46

Good morning, Another nice day but not as sunny so far.I had a wonderful day yesterday and it was so hot in the park.Grandson won 2 prizes and lots of goodies in carrier bags then we went to the pub.I didn't think he'd eat anything further but he proved me wrong.
I don't know whether my message to YaYaJen got through.If you are replying will you say I can't make it but thank her for invite.

matson Sun 09-Jun-13 19:04:23

hello annegr, pleased you had a lovely day, I have replied to Jen, I would like to go , but not sure how to get to northallerton from redcar, maybe wiser to wait until they have a meet nearer home.

matson Sun 09-Jun-13 19:11:04

hello Yayajen, thank you for the invite, I have sent you a PM. are you interested in Buddhism? I have only become invoved wth it the past couple of years, and you are right, it does awaken and conflict with learnt thoughts and behaviour x

YaYaJen Sun 09-Jun-13 19:53:46

Hi matson, so many of the Buddhist reminders just chime so deeply..

annegr Mon 10-Jun-13 09:57:41

Hello Matson, No sun today. I'm off to New Marske later to meet former allotment friends.Consider yourself a gardener if you do tubs and baskets.Both are harder than sticking plants in garden. You can go by train to Northallerton from Redcar but I don't know Northallerton.Eldest son used to live on the outskirts but that's all I ever saw.He and wife now live in Harrogate, beautiful town.I will go to mtg.when it's closer.Maybe meet you and a friend for coffee in Morrisons sometime?

YaYaJen Mon 10-Jun-13 10:28:26

Hi, no sun here either, I get to Middlesbrough from time to time, will let you know when and we can arrange to meet for coffee while t'other half goes clothes shopping ( not sure if that is wise!) .....

If you know anyone else who would be interested please spread the word.

Hope to see you both soon.


matson Mon 10-Jun-13 18:20:15

hi Yayajen , I have been looking at the transport to northallerton and I,m not confident yet doing a change at darlo! and like annegr I don't know northallerton very well. Maybe cuppa at the boro safer x