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Let's Have Lunch in Llandudno

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juneh Fri 31-May-13 09:15:21

Planning a meet up for grans who live in or around the North Wales area.
Desperately seeking those who want to liven and stimulate discussions on the Conwy forums.
If you are interested in getting together for a lovely lunch and getting to know new people in the flesh then come across to Conwy site we will be meeting up at the end of June/beginning July. Lets start the new Conwy grans and gramps group. grin

Oldgreymare Fri 31-May-13 09:31:22

juneh I was born in Anglesey but now live in Somerset. I'm 'coming up' to stay from 18th June, if my visit coincides with your lunch, I would love to be included, please. smile

juneh Fri 31-May-13 13:45:24

Thanks for letting me know if I can get a few more grans for mid JUne that would be lovely. If you watch the Conwy forums I will be sure to put a date down for those who are interested. smile

Nelliemoser Sat 01-Jun-13 12:24:03

Junen This thread is a fine example of the art of Alliterative posts! grin

juneh Sat 01-Jun-13 16:00:09

Nelliemoser which I knew what it meant? Please accept my clueless ignorance.

Nelliemoser Sat 01-Jun-13 17:03:14

The words begin with the same letters which give a sort of poetic quality to the sound of the sentence.

"Alliteration is a term that describes a literary stylistic device. Alliteration occurs when a series of words in a row (or close to a row) have the same first consonant sound.

“You'll never put a better bit of butter on your knife." (advertising slogan for Country Life butter)

Nelliemoser Sat 01-Jun-13 18:14:51

Buy Breakfast in Bethesda, Let’s Lunch in Llandudno, Do Dinner in Deganwy. Cavort in Conwy, Tryst on Tryfan!

OMG I cant stop now.

MikefromBristol Mon 03-Jun-13 08:27:14

Breakfast in Bristol is a better bet than lunch in Llandudno.

juneh Mon 03-Jun-13 14:39:13

We could have lunch here in Llandudno at a little cafe called Home from Home they make lovely Welsh Rarebit like my mother used to make, however I do not know the recipe. I have been to Bristol many times and loved the Cliffton bridge but like North Wales the best,sorry Mike.

Nelliemoser Mon 03-Jun-13 15:37:21

North Wales wins hands down over Bristol any day. I lived in Bristol between the ages of 8 and 18 and hated it. It was back in 50s and 60s.

annsixty Mon 03-Jun-13 15:54:25

Hi juneh you have made me very nostalgic as we visited Rhyd-Y-foel very regularly until 18 months ago . We would drive into Llandudno through Rhos and I think Home from Home was at the bottom of the hill before climbing, then round the corner to see the sweep of the bay laid out in front or your eyes.Very happy memories.

juneh Mon 03-Jun-13 20:08:15

Hello Annsixty I live just next to the Little Orme on Penrhyn Bay not five minutes from HOMe from HOme. I am going to arrange a meetup of grans at the end of June if you are around feel free to join us for lunch. Time and date will be posted now just need more takers. sunshine

HUNTERF Mon 03-Jun-13 20:19:00

I am going to come up to Llandudno in the near future and may be able to make it depending on the date.
Can granddads of girls only come?.


juneh Wed 12-Jun-13 15:58:20

Hi to HunterF of course grandads are most welcome to come the date is set for July 17th in Llandudno it will be afternoon tea at 2-30 venue to be revealed nearer the date.
I am sorry to have replied sooner I did say JUne originally but changed it in the hope to have more numbers. Do you live in north wales?

JessM Wed 12-Jun-13 17:01:14

You might be able to flog the photos of that occasion juneh hmm

juneh Thu 13-Jun-13 00:12:56

Sorry JessM not sure what you mean confused

JessM Thu 13-Jun-13 06:27:01

Just that Frank does not post a profile of himself with a picture and we would love to know if the fitness regime (all those classes he keeps telling us about) are paying off. Not that we are ever nosy grin Hope you manage to get up a group in your (lovely) area.

Oldgreymare Thu 13-Jun-13 09:37:15

juneh I shall be back in Somerset by then, so will be denied the pleasure of meeting you all (Frank will remain a mystery hmm). Enjoy your meet-up.

HUNTERF Thu 13-Jun-13 11:46:57


I live in Sutton Coldfield but I have provisionally planned to visit somebody I worked with in London for a couple of days towards the end of June so I could probably fitted the meeting in on that basis.
Unfortunately I can not make July 17th.
I will try to make a North Wales meet up in the future but hopefully I will find a nearer one in the mean time.
Andie likes North Wales as well.


juneh Fri 14-Jun-13 16:56:41

Oh what a shame but as you say next time if this one is successful then we will be doing them on a regular basis. Do you know anyone over fifty living in Conwy if so encourage them onto the Gransnet Conwy site forum. smile

juneh Fri 14-Jun-13 16:59:29

If anyone on the forums is in Llandudno on the 17th July at 2.30 let me know and we can arrange for you to come to the meetup for tranditional afternoon tea. You need to put yourself on the Conwy forum so that I can get your name listed [cake] smile

HUNTERF Sat 15-Jun-13 09:34:45

The person I worked with now lives in Conway and is due to become a granddad on the 15th of July.
I will tell him about Gransnet. Probably it may be his wife who joins. I have met her but do not know her that well.
Obviously the child could be delayed and they may be busy on the 17th in any case but again they may be able to make a future meeting or probably they may be able to make it at very short notice.


juneh Sat 15-Jun-13 20:47:07

Hello HUNTERF you are very kind that would be great, it might be good to get a couple coming along especially new grandparents smile

juneh Thu 20-Jun-13 20:35:39

Hi HUNTERF I forgot to say that you only need to be over 50 to be on Gransnet, it's OK if there are no grandchildren. If your friend does have a new grandchild then that's quite an event.

Ana Thu 20-Jun-13 21:12:03

juneh, have you seen Frank's thread 'I have booked a holiday for me and Andie in Llandudno'? Perhaps you could arrange to meet up! sunshine