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Hi from the Highlands

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Dotsmam Sun 08-Mar-15 21:03:25

Anyone from the far North?

Marelli Sun 08-Mar-15 21:13:53

How far north, Dotsmam? Welcome, by the way! smile

Katek Sun 08-Mar-15 21:21:11

NE Aberdeenshire Dot.

newist Sun 08-Mar-15 21:32:41

Outer Hebrides

Marelli Sun 08-Mar-15 21:36:01


Dotsmam Mon 09-Mar-15 20:25:42

From Caithness. ( I live close to a wee village about 30 miles from John O' Groats). New to Gransnet as a new first time granny. ��

Greenfinch Mon 09-Mar-15 20:36:40

Welcome Dotsmam.Congratulations on being a first time granny.
I live in the South but would be interested to hear about your new grandchild.

Dotsmam Mon 09-Mar-15 22:14:14

Ailsa is the most beautiful wee woman (although I am very biased) she weighed in at 8lb 4oz and is 11 weeks old now. Her mam and dad have got it very lucky as she is sleeping 10 hours at night. I have been lucky too as I have kept her over night twice already to let my daughter and her partner go to weddings.

Dotsmam Mon 09-Mar-15 22:21:18

Newist are you on Lewis and Harris?

Katek Mon 09-Mar-15 22:35:38

Welcome to the world of's wonderful! We have just had a new little grandson four weeks ago, fourth boy!! We also have family connections to Wick and Thurso.

posie Mon 09-Mar-15 23:00:15

Hello Dotsmam, I'm in Moray, not quite as far north as you.

Congratulations on your new Granddaughter!

newist Mon 09-Mar-15 23:30:36

Hi Dot its lovely to hear about Ailsa I am in North Uist smile

Thistledoo Tue 10-Mar-15 08:51:41

Hello Dot, I am from Inverness. Been on GN forever but haven't been posting much lately owing to broken arm, but have been lurking. Beautiful day up here today.

Thistledoo Tue 10-Mar-15 08:53:21

Forgot to congratulate you on your new GD. Happy days smile

Greenfinch Tue 10-Mar-15 11:00:23

Sounds like you are really enjoying your new granddaughter. Lovely!

Katek Tue 10-Mar-15 11:47:38

Posie/Thistledoo....have you considered coming to Aberdeen meet up on 23/3? Where about in Moray are you Posie? [or as they say here 'furryboots are ye?!]

Thistledoo Tue 10-Mar-15 12:40:55

Katek I would love to come for a meet up in Aberdeen but sadly 23rd is already booked for a chior event, but later in the year perhaps. It is quite a hike from here but train is reasonably good. Would anyone consider a meet up in moray, say Elgin which I think is halfway?

Katek Tue 10-Mar-15 12:45:25

I'm up your way quite frequently as we have family in Nairn. I'd certainly meet half way....what about Baxters in Fochabers? They do fab pancakes!! No station there though.

Thistledoo Tue 10-Mar-15 13:55:54

Oh the last time I went to Baxters we found it had gone hill a bit. It was about two years ago. If you are going to Nairn it would be great to meet up there Katek they have some great cafés. Let me know next time you are through and we could organise a meet up.

posie Wed 11-Mar-15 00:13:46

I've only just seen your posts Katek & Thistledoo, but I'm close to Fochabers, & would be up for a meet up. smile

Katek Wed 11-Mar-15 09:57:14

Looks as if we will all be able to meet up over next couple of months! Very exciting! I'll let you both know when I'm going up and we can arrange a venue/time. Isn't Gnet great for bringing people together? So glad I joined.

Katek Wed 11-Mar-15 09:59:30

Dotsmam....are you ever down in Inverness?

Eleanorre Wed 11-Mar-15 19:12:22

I would not be surprises if Baxters have closed I think the coffee place is already closed.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 11-Mar-15 19:20:30

Baxters was still open last month. We had a good lunch with the family when they were up.

posie Wed 11-Mar-15 19:23:18

Ooh, that sounds interesting Katek Baxters is still open Eleanore. I was in there just a couple of weeks ago with family. I had pancakes with apple & cinnamon & ice cream! smile