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Is anyone normal?

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geminites Tue 16-Jun-15 20:09:59

OK the London Borough is a huge borough and plenty of diversity... so why isnt there anyone on the local site. I guess being "Bromley" all the oldies are married upper class Conservatives?????? Well are they?

geminites Tue 16-Jun-15 20:13:37

meant to say the London Borough of Bromley is a huge......

soontobe Tue 16-Jun-15 20:29:08

I dont actually get your point.

As far as I know, there are many vacancies on many local sites.

If you want to volunteer to be the lead person or whatever it is called on the Bromley meet up site, I am sure that gransnet HQ would be very happy and greatful.

soontobe Tue 16-Jun-15 20:32:30

As for being married, as far as I can make out, 1/3 are married, 1/3 are widowed, and 1/3 single/divorced. Not sure now where I got that idea from but it is diverse.

As regards conservatives, there was a survey on here recently, and the political mix is very much along national lines.

As regards upper class. There is a mix, though I would say, that you could be a bit right in that regard.
But I have only been here 6 months myself, so am unsure on that.

rosesarered Tue 16-Jun-15 20:38:12

What a rude first post on here!

Ana Tue 16-Jun-15 20:41:35

And a rude thread title! Is anyone really 'normal'?

absent Tue 16-Jun-15 20:42:36

soontobe I think the OP was voicing her opinion of oldies in Bromley, not oldies on Gransnet. I should think it is pretty much impossible to estimate the social mix of the thousands of members of Gransnet, many of whom rarely post.

Ana Tue 16-Jun-15 20:45:05

Might be his opinion, absent. Let's not make assumptions!

absent Tue 16-Jun-15 20:48:42

True Ana. "His or her" is cumbersome so, even if it is ungrammatical and I am an über-pedant, I am tending towards favouring the use of "their" as an all encompassing pronoun.

soontobe Tue 16-Jun-15 20:51:25

roseareread - he or she has posted in relationships. Not sure which one was the first post, or whether he or she has posted elsewhere before.

Ana- well to be fair, I have often wondered who would be classed in life as normal, ie what is normal.

absent - I still dont get it.
absent - I am going by the regular posters who often post about their relationship in one way or another.

soontobe Tue 16-Jun-15 20:53:07

Ah, you mean Bromley oldies are married upper class...
Still dont get the op's point though blush

granjura Tue 16-Jun-15 20:59:12

LOL, I've always thought that being normal is pretty abnormal ;)

ninathenana Tue 16-Jun-15 23:47:57

The special needs community don't talk about being ' normal' because who's to say what that is.
They prefer 'average' grin
The borough of Bromley has its shabby area same as anywhere.

Katek Tue 16-Jun-15 23:54:02

Define 'normal'

TwiceAsNice Wed 17-Jun-15 06:17:11

What is the point of your post please? What are you actually trying to say?

Nelliemoser Wed 17-Jun-15 06:46:37

??? I can't see what this is really about either. It's a comment right out of the blue. The puzzle of the week maybe?

NfkDumpling Wed 17-Jun-15 07:35:27

Proud to be Not Normal. But then, I'm from Norfolk. (Where's Bromley?). confused

Anya Wed 17-Jun-15 07:47:27

I guess what the OP is saying is that there's no one on 'their' local site. Fair enough point as I find the same so have given up on mine.

soontobe Wed 17-Jun-15 07:57:29

I think that this site is far smaller than it would first appear.
There dont seem to be more than about 120 regular posters.
By that, I dont count lurkers who post about once every 2 or 3 months, or the thousand or more competition entrants, who do not post on the main board at all.

So 120 or at most 150 regular posters cannot fill all the local area boards very well.
So there is no one to fill Bromley. Or 10s of other local boards.

soontobe Wed 17-Jun-15 08:00:12

It is easy to count all the regular posters, if someone could be bothered to do it. Over say a month.
It wouldnt add up to many.

soontobe Wed 17-Jun-15 08:13:49

lurkers - thinking more about them, some of them never post.
With the internet sites who post their "views" as well as " posts", the number is normally around the 1 post, 30 views ratio.

Iam64 Wed 17-Jun-15 08:21:05

It sounds as though you have been bothered to do it soon (your post 17.06.15 at 08.00_)

Anya Wed 17-Jun-15 08:31:42

Does it? Thought it was an educated guess, but I doubt it is as many as 100.

Teetime Wed 17-Jun-15 08:51:41

I am not normal.

soontobe Wed 17-Jun-15 09:02:02

I am not normal either Teetime grin
Who is though?

An educated guess as Anya says. It only takes a few minutes.
When I came onto the site I percieved it to be huge.
Yes it might be in registered users and lurkers, but as regards the amount of regular users, no way.