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Meet ups/where are you?

Anyone in Cambridge/Cambridges hire area for a meet-up?

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jacalpad Sun 09-Jul-17 10:16:44

Anyone fancy meeting up for coffee in or around Cambridge?

merlotgran Sun 09-Jul-17 12:47:09

I'm only half an hour from Cambridge so would be interested.

NonnaW Sun 09-Jul-17 13:02:15

Me too!

Lindylou51 Sun 09-Jul-17 13:22:00

Count me in

JackyB Sun 09-Jul-17 14:48:00

When I'm at my Mum's I'm right near by,but no trip planned at present. Will watch this space.

Sara62 Sun 09-Jul-17 20:46:54

I'm not far and would be interested.

jacalpad Mon 10-Jul-17 10:55:35

Excellent! Is it easier for people to come into Cambridge city (somewhere like John Lewis's coffee shop), or perhaps a garden centre nearby (with easy parking) Any other ideas? Do we need to avoid school holidays, or will you be able to meet in the first couple of weeks of the school holidays? cafe cupcake brew

downtoearth Mon 10-Jul-17 10:59:24

I can get to Ely...or March by bus / train..

NonnaW Mon 10-Jul-17 13:28:06

I can do park & ride, so JL would be fine with me. I'm fine with school holidays, but can't do Tuesdays as we grandson sit that day.

jacalpad Fri 21-Jul-17 11:55:33

How about Thursday 3 or Friday 4 August in John Lewis's coffee shop in Cambridge? 10:30 or 11:00? Any takers?

Lindylou51 Sun 23-Jul-17 18:40:11

Thursdays and Fridays are tricky for me - childcare duties!

merlotgran Sun 23-Jul-17 18:54:12

I can't do 3rd or 4th I'm afraid as we'll have visitors.

jacalpad Thu 27-Jul-17 08:50:41

Perhaps we should leave it until September, when the GC are back at school. What day of the week works for each of you?

merlotgran Thu 27-Jul-17 09:24:37

Yes. August is a bit tricky with comings and goings.

Wednesday is usually a good day for me but I can probably make any day.

NonnaW Thu 27-Jul-17 12:12:59

Wednesday is usually good for me too. The only day I can't do is Tuesday.

Lindylou51 Thu 27-Jul-17 19:42:19

Wednesdays are good for me too.

Smurf52 Sat 29-Jul-17 10:28:04

Count me in. I'm in Cambs.

Teetime Sat 29-Jul-17 13:16:52

Thursdays for me

Mary1223 Sat 29-Jul-17 15:48:53

Count me in too. I'd love to meet up.

merlotgran Sat 29-Jul-17 16:23:34

downtoearth, I could pick you up from Ely station. I'm only 15 mins away or we could get the train into Cambridge from Ely.

Sara62 Sat 29-Jul-17 21:24:40

Friday is the only day I can do as I look after my granddaughter every other day

downtoearth Tue 01-Aug-17 13:00:30

Thank you Merlot that would be lovely only dates ...I cannot make are 16th August or 25th August....or 1st September ..looking forward to meeting you all in the flesh ...

jacalpad Tue 22-Aug-17 11:08:00

It is going to be quite difficult to find a day everyone can make, as people seem to have different commitments on different days! Quite a few of you seem to be able to do a Wednesday. How about we make our first meeting on a Wednesday and, if all goes well, do a different weekday in October or November? How does 11:00 on Wednesday 20 or 27 September suit? We can go with the more popular date. How about John Lewis's cafe in Cambridge? cafe cupcake

NonnaW Tue 22-Aug-17 13:48:34

Sounds good to me. I can do either date, whichever suits most people. Look forward to it.
Do we have to carry a copy of the Times and wear a red rose?

downtoearth Thu 24-Aug-17 08:40:30

Can do either ..looking forward to itsmile