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st teresa's convent sunbury-on-thames

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dorabelle100 Mon 28-Jan-19 14:28:25

any old girls out there on Gransnet? reading this

callgirl1 Mon 28-Jan-19 18:02:38

For a minute there I thought one of the nuns was a member!

grannyactivist Mon 28-Jan-19 21:08:52

dorabelle if you 'report' your post you can ask GNHQ to transfer this thread to 'Chat' where you may get a better response. At the moment it looks as though you're about to hold a meeting in the convent. smile

Mdggailis2 Thu 04-Mar-21 11:52:05

At the convent under Sister Cyril and do you remember Sister Peter and her dog

JJW1 Mon 29-Nov-21 02:04:59

Yes remember them well. I was there 1960 to 66 . Looking for classmates..lots of memories. Jenny stringer

JJW1 Mon 29-Nov-21 02:07:29

Susan flowers, Linda fuller, Claudia croot, Helen gobski , Jackie where are you all

0904r Wed 23-Feb-22 20:57:09

Anyone attend St teresas from 76 to 81?

Seathestars Mon 11-Jul-22 22:13:16

Geraldine Cooper here nee Sullivan .
I remember Sister Peter and her dog.
I took it to a dog show once- no idea why . It bit the judge . Didn’t win .
I was at St.Teresa’s appx 1966-1969 ?

Seathestars Sat 30-Jul-22 06:44:30

The dog was called Prince!

BlueBelle Sat 30-Jul-22 07:02:31

Is it a good idea to give your full names on here remember this is a public forum

kittylester Sat 30-Jul-22 09:15:27

Just going to ask that Bluebelle

Jontxi Sat 11-Feb-23 18:28:36

Hi, Jane Pamenter here. I think I started at the convent around 1959/60. I was possibly there for about five years. (My parents moved me to Mary Help of Christians in Chertsey when the convent changed its status - can't find any info as to exactly when that was).
I have three 'memories' from my time there:
1. The aviary full of budgies.
2. The woods where we went at lunchtime. There was a 'shop' where you could 'buy' things to build little dens around the foot of the trees.
3. Learning to play the... dulcimer??!! I recall learning a song from Gilbert and Sullivan, I think it was from The Mikado and I think it was The Lord High Executioner!! (Did I dream this last one?!)
I'm enclosing a photo of the 1961 school play, of which I have no recollection but I can name a few faces...
(Is there a chat set up for this thread?)

BlueBelle Sat 11-Feb-23 18:38:55

Ahh well obviously they think it is ok to give full names
Please remember this is a public forum
Wouldn’t private message be safer

Jontxi Sat 11-Feb-23 18:56:30

I have no problem with my name being on a public forum. I wouldn't, however, include anyone else's. Happy to delete the message and the photo if you don't think it is appropriate.

welbeck Sat 11-Feb-23 23:57:12

this is not really what meet-ups is about.
so you might do better to move it to chat section.
ask GN HQ, they'll move it.
as to revealing actual names on open forum, i think it is unwise. such a lot of ID fraud around.
why not stick to user-names on here; then eg. bigmouse can private message to tessy terror, and reveal themselves as old girls susan box and mary moore.

Marydoll Sun 12-Feb-23 00:34:02

Without spoiling the thread, I agree, certainly, quite naive and foolish to give full names.
No matter how much we emphasis the pitfalls of giving full names on a PUBLIC forum, people continue to do so.

Not everyone reading these posts is an innocent old lady or gentleman.
Quite a few on here have been approached by scammers by PM in the past.