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Hi new here.. and finding my way

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Cass64 Thu 18-Feb-21 09:35:40

Hi , Im not new to forums but Im starting to feel a bit left out with all the girls talk of lipstick babies and boyfriends.

Im a grandma. I dont dye my hair Ive earned every grey hair I have and Im proud of them.

Maybe its about time I chatted with other people my age who understand the ouch when we stand up and the awww when we try to do stuff we used to do at 18...

Hopefully find some similar people here..


Blinko Thu 18-Feb-21 09:38:51

Welcome, Cass. I'm sure there'll be lots of friendly folks along very shortly to say 'Hi'.

Meantime, you can get to know us a bit by reading through some of the discussion threads. Very few mention make up, but there's loads on current affairs. Some become quite contentious too. So choose carefully...

WW010 Thu 18-Feb-21 09:41:54

Welcome. I’m newish here too. Liking it so far. It’s filling the gap left by not being able to go for a coffee and chat with friends. Love the range of topics and opinions too. 👍

DiscoGran Thu 18-Feb-21 09:46:29

If you like cushions, can I direct you to the Argument thread?
Its one of the least argumenty threads I've ever seen on GN, it's lovely 🙂

honeyrose Thu 18-Feb-21 09:50:39

Welcome Cass64. I think you’ll enjoy Gransnet. I’m in my 60’s and I think that Gransnet is generally for my age group, some a bit younger, some a bit older which is great - a good mix. Lots of different topics are covered which you can read, join in with if you wish or start your own thread. It’s like a lovely group of friends having a chat. It can sometimes get a bit heated though and that also makes it interesting as it sparks debate. A very big welcome from me.

Puzzler61 Thu 18-Feb-21 10:03:24

Welcome Cass64.
Honeyrose has said it all.
If you click ‘Forums’ near the top of the page you will see all the topics and be able to head to hobby threads that interest you. The general conversational ones are in Chat.
Enjoy, it’s a year next month since I joined and I have made friends here. I’m sure you will too.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 18-Feb-21 10:05:02

Hi Cass64 hope you enjoy Gransnett, lots of friendly people here. The Good Morning thread is a good way of getting to know posters.

BlueBelle Thu 18-Feb-21 10:05:33

Hi Cass I love my white hair and ‘laughter lines’ would never get rid of them I ve earned every one
Hope you have a great time on Gransnet I often get happy/annoyed/ cross/ loving, with it but couldn’t be without it
It’s my daily companion 😂

baubles Thu 18-Feb-21 10:10:33

Good morning and welcome to Gransnet Cass.
Have some brew and cupcake and explore the site.

Jane43 Thu 18-Feb-21 10:18:55

Welcome, I hope you stick around as some regular posters seem to have disappeared.

polomint Thu 18-Feb-21 10:27:17

Hi and welcome cass64 I'm new here too and there are some varied threads, some more interesting than others. Very friendly people and advice offered if needed too. Enjoy

Jaxjacky Thu 18-Feb-21 10:52:03

Good morning and welcome Cass64 lots of interesting chat and advice here, as GrannyGravy13 said, the good morning thread starts the day well. Ask away if you get stuck with anything.

muse Thu 18-Feb-21 11:00:12

Welcome Cass64. I'm relatively new too. On month now. Mornings are my usual time for GN starting with the morning thread.
Agree with Bluebell. I too get happy/annoyed/ cross/ loving, with it but couldn’t be without it.

Drop into Soop's Kitchen too. Ideal place to share highs and lows that come your way.

Beechnut Thu 18-Feb-21 11:09:45

Hello Cass64 and welcome 👋

BigBertha1 Thu 18-Feb-21 11:13:21

Hallo Cass64 and welcome look forward to chatting with you.

Sparklefizz Thu 18-Feb-21 11:16:20

Hello Cass64 and welcome. flowers Maybe drop into the Good Morning thread to start your day.

grandmajet Thu 18-Feb-21 11:23:22

Hi Cass. I think of the lines on my face as a map of my life!
It looks as if I’ve travelled a bit.
Enjoy travelling round gransnet.

Blossoming Thu 18-Feb-21 11:25:14

Hello Cass64, I don’t dye my hair these days either! I’m sure you’ll soon settle in, there’s good company aplenty and many different views on things.

Aldom Thu 18-Feb-21 11:28:23

Welcome Cass. I'll just add to what has been said previously. Be careful not to post detailed information on the forum as it can be read by anyone including journalists. Hope you enjoy joining in. smile

cornergran Thu 18-Feb-21 11:42:25

Welcome cass. I’m sure you’ll find topics that interest you. Happy chatting.

Cass64 Thu 18-Feb-21 12:17:34

Thanks everyone, a lovely warm welcome , Im sure I will find my way around in the coming few days..

Luckygirl Thu 18-Feb-21 12:40:52

Welcome - i hope you find some kindred spirits on here.

paddyanne Thu 18-Feb-21 12:45:01

Hi Cass ,I do dye my hair and wear make up every day ,have 5 GC from almost 18 down to 1 year old and am a kick in the pants off 70.Thats something about this site we are all different ,not better or worse than each other just different with a whole range of opinions.Enjoy .

TerriBull Thu 18-Feb-21 13:01:05

Honestly Cass, I think there's a lot more to talk about on GN other than lipsticks, babies and boyfriends.

Grandmas, are representative of the population per se, and not a homogeneous mass who all act in the same way, you only have to scan many of the threads on this site to gauge what posters are passionate about, I can guarantee it's not usually lipstick! Whilst there are a few threads that pertain to "beauty" make up, appearance etc. etc. I'd say they are thin on the ground. I still colour my hair, but that's incidental and not something that I feel the need to discuss in any great detail, what's to say on such a subject, not a lot!

Welcome to GN take your time to browse the various threads which are varied and hopefully you will find some that interest you.

sodapop Thu 18-Feb-21 13:04:33

Yes welcome indeed Cass64 Gransnet has its lively times and quiet ones but always something of interest. The book thread running now is really good with lots of different authors recommended ( and some not )
Hope to see more of your posts.