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Online shopping at Temu / Shein

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Bilbofan Tue 13-Jun-23 21:58:05

I'm being bombarded with tempting adverts from Temu and Shein, but very aware of possible problems if I were to purchase anything. "If it seems too good to be true..."
Has anyone bought from them? Have you had any problems?

aggie Tue 13-Jun-23 22:02:00

Not heard a good word about them , shoddy goods , no refund so

Hithere Tue 13-Jun-23 22:06:03

Unethical companies

BlueBelle Tue 13-Jun-23 22:07:45

Just look at the reviews of any of these online shops
They are tempting as they have some wonderful designs and colours and decorations but …..

Debbi58 Tue 13-Jun-23 22:09:20

My daughter has bought clothing from shein, it's cheap and nasty . Not sure about temu

ixion Tue 13-Jun-23 22:12:53

This, and other similar trading companies were discussed here last year.

Hope this helps!

MerylStreep Tue 13-Jun-23 22:16:13

Have a look on YouTube. There are some really funny videos on there.

MerylStreep Tue 13-Jun-23 22:17:31

They are the same company. All owned by the same man.

Debbi58 Wed 14-Jun-23 15:09:39

Doesn't surprise me

multicolourswapshop Wed 14-Jun-23 15:17:36

I’ve bought lots from there and like it try for yourself I even buy from Wish it takes a while to be delivered but it’s really good stuff made in China

Good luck

Blondiescot Wed 14-Jun-23 15:18:27


They are the same company. All owned by the same man.

Are they? I'm not so sure. I've never bought anything from either and probably wouldn't, but millions clearly do. Ethics don't come into for many people who are only looking at the bottom line.

Calipso Wed 14-Jun-23 15:27:13

I've never bought from Shein because I'm not interested in cheap garments but I've had a couple of orders from Temu, mainly crafting materials and packaging supplies. Communication is very good, delivery time pretty average (and free) and everything I've had so far has been exactly as expected. Many things have been identical to products bought on Amazon but at a much lower price.

Keeleklogger Wed 14-Jun-23 15:47:15

We have ordered from Temu several times. Most of the stuff is cheap but you have to order a minimum of £10 per order. Delivery is free but takes about a week to arrive.

Kupari45 Wed 28-Jun-23 13:16:13

REceived my order from Temu Yesterday. A pack of three front fastening bras for £19 and two pretty tops for £12. Everything fits and I'm delighted with my purchases.
My neighbour told me about the company.
The order took 12 days to reach me, and the company kept me updated with the progress of my order from dispatch to arriving in U.K. I spent £31 and the company did not charge me for postage- which surprised me. Will use them again.
Looking at some of these posts I think its very easy to criticise people like me who buy from Shein and Temu - if you have a generous amount of spending money. I dont!

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Jun-23 13:19:10


I’ve bought lots from there and like it try for yourself I even buy from Wish it takes a while to be delivered but it’s really good stuff made in China

Good luck

Why would anyone knowingly support China?

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Jun-23 13:20:32

Kupari, I would rather go without than support a Chinese company.

Retread Wed 28-Jun-23 13:59:23

For anyone not wanting to support China, it really made me chuckle to see alongside the Boden label in a dress I had bought, one that declares "Made in China".

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Jun-23 14:01:05

That’s Boden black listed then.

annodomini Wed 28-Jun-23 14:11:42

When I started to get emails from these companies, I reported them as spam so they go into the spam folder in future.

Elegran Wed 28-Jun-23 14:12:04

Temu are a new company which is flooding the internet with impossibly cheap offers at the moment, in an attempt to buy themselves a place in the online market. I predict that their prices will zoom up in the near future. I have no idea of the quality of the goods, but whatever it is like now, it will probably zoom DOWN to balance the rising prices.

Have you ever been at a market stall where an eloquent salesman is doing his salespitch? He starts with a few items that are far below the right price for their quality, waves each at the audience while praising them highly and and does the "I am not asking you for £10. I am not asking for £5, not even for £3. Ladies and gentlemen, I only ask you for £1 for this (whatever) but these are the last 10 sets, so I am afraid it is first come first serve. . . " and at that cue his shills, planted in the audience, come forward with their £1 notes to claim the "last 10 sets".

The effect of seeing this is to loosen up the resistance of the audience to step forward and buy. Next he brings out other goods - the first examples are good quality and a good price, He (apparently) is a good guy who sells quality items at knock-down prices.

Once his "last remaining" excellent value examples are gone to eager buyers, he falls back on mediocre stuff no different and no better value than what other traders around him are selling - but by then his crowd are in the mood to spend money buying from this "bargain stall".

Squiffy Wed 28-Jun-23 14:52:56

So true Elegran! I have bought some laundry washing bags from Temu and they are amazing quality. Perhaps I was lucky and bought at the right time! winkgrin

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Jun-23 15:32:04

Imagine the conditions in which they were made though, the lives of the workers. That’s why I never knowingly buy Chinese goods.

Squiffy Thu 29-Jun-23 14:04:09

It’s a conundrum GSM - not buying their goods puts them out of work. No work, no money. I don’t think they have a welfare system like we are fortunate to have.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 29-Jun-23 14:10:30

There will always be plenty of people happy to buy Chinese goods no matter that some of us refuse to do so for ethical reasons.

Jaxjacky Thu 29-Jun-23 14:22:22

Shein are opening a pop up shop in Southampton this week, I’m not sure if there are others in the UK.