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Online shopping at Temu / Shein

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Bilbofan Tue 13-Jun-23 21:58:05

I'm being bombarded with tempting adverts from Temu and Shein, but very aware of possible problems if I were to purchase anything. "If it seems too good to be true..."
Has anyone bought from them? Have you had any problems?

Millie22 Thu 29-Jun-23 15:09:56

Don't bother.

Poorly made just for the fast fashion market.

BeverleyJB Thu 29-Jun-23 15:13:43

As has already been said, I don't knowingly buy Chinese goods. From what I've seen, the Temu adverts show ridiculously low priced items and I have no doubt that some of these gadgets only work in the video and not in real life.

An artist I like recently posted a photo to show that some of her designs have been stolen and are being used on items sold by Temu.
Not a company to trust IMO.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 29-Jun-23 16:20:55

The Chinese are notorious for stealing intellectual property.

BlueBelle Thu 29-Jun-23 16:38:57

My friend buys loads from Temu and I ve got to say they all look nice
It makes me smile when people are so adamant they won’t buy Chinese made goods, as many of the ‘good’ labels use Chinese factories but that’s ok if it has a ‘name’ behind it

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 29-Jun-23 17:33:20

They also have labels saying where goods were made. I was astonished to find some years ago that some lovely pasta bowls ordered from The White Company had ‘Made in China’ stamped on the back. I kept them because returning porcelain isn’t easy but I remember where they originated every time I use them. You can’t always tell country of origin from the advertising but I do my best to find out. I remember the beautiful blazer I turned down a couple of years ago because it was made in China. I always email companies to tell them if I have decided not to buy on discovering country of origin.

FannyCornforth Thu 29-Jun-23 17:36:30

I stupidly bought some lovely looking embroidered socks from Temu.
It said that they were 💯 cotton. They aren’t, they are 💯 polyester.
Never again, luckily it was just a few quid wasted

Smurf52 Wed 15-Nov-23 16:46:12

Cheap material for clothes. Some things are a bargain.

pascal30 Wed 15-Nov-23 17:24:35

I bought a tent from Temu.. it says it was made in Ireland and it was shipped from Ireland.. it was fantastic value and is really good quality.. From what I've heard on radio Temu is selling goods from lots of different companies but is making money by getting people to sign up for their ap. ie getting details.. I didn't do that as I made a one off purchase

MerylStreep Wed 15-Nov-23 17:38:41

I’ve bought several sewing bits from Temu. I could have ordered the piece that arrived today from Amazon or eBay but they’re all made in China but Temu was cheaper.
24hr delivery for my side cutter overlocker.

Charleygirl5 Wed 15-Nov-23 22:37:06

I have bought very cheap items to clean loos and they have been excellent, a lot cheaper than Amazon. I bought stuff for clearing blocked drains, again very cheap, the only problem was the instructions for use were written in Chinese so I used common sense and it appeared to work.

The clothes I have bought have been well made and very cheap. I was looking on Amazon to buy a new air fryer and the vast majority were made in China although they had household names.