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thatbags Tue 23-Aug-16 20:31:01

The silliest thing about the Corbyn "Traingate" fiasco is that before the railways were privatised, I often had to sit on the floor toing and froing between Preston and Edinburgh. Sometimes there was no buffet car. And the toilets were often disgusting.

I guess Corbyn didn't travel by train much back then hmm

However, the trains I travelled on usually had more space for luggage than current Virgin trains.

durhamjen Tue 23-Aug-16 21:08:56

So who do you believe about the saga, the people who were on the train, or the person who owns the train company, doesn't want it nationalised, and doesn't pay his taxes properly?

Branson has many reasons to get back at Corbyn.

Pollengran Tue 23-Aug-16 21:14:38

I would like to know the CCTV timeline. It does make Jeremy Corbyn look as if he was embellishing the truth, but the way the MSM are laying into him, I would like further evidence.

This could be damaging for him, so it is important to investigate further. I really hope he didn't try a PR stunt.

Anniebach Tue 23-Aug-16 21:17:18

thatbags, love the thread title, it gave me s giggle . I haven't travelled by train for years, does it cost much more money to reserve a seat ?

thatbags Tue 23-Aug-16 21:18:12

I don't care who is or isn't telling the truth about the story. PR stunts from both sides is what looks most likely.

I'm just reminiscing about having to sit on floors of trains when the railways were nationalised and so wondering why Corbyn seems to think it would make a difference now, since it didn't then.

You never do get piss-takes, do you, dj? smile

durhamjen Tue 23-Aug-16 21:19:40

There's an article in the Independent about it, Pollen.
What happened was that the staff moved a family into first class so that Corbyn's group could have their seats.
Corbyn had said that he would not upgrade to first class. I thought that MPs were not supposed to travel first class anymore, after the Osborne fiasco a few years ago.

thatbags Tue 23-Aug-16 21:21:06

No, I don't think reserving a seat costs much, or anything, but I do think it costs more to travel by train nowadays. I don't remember thinking it was awfully expensive between Preston and Dundee when I was a student, but I do think it is now so not unreasonable to expect a seat.

However, what kind of a dopey team didn't book seats anyhow?

thatbags Tue 23-Aug-16 21:21:43

Blah, blah, blah, dj. Lighten up!

durhamjen Tue 23-Aug-16 21:27:14

Perhaps you ought to lighten up and stop criticising Corbyn so much.

thatbags Tue 23-Aug-16 21:28:40

ab, I pinched traingate off Twitter smile

Anniebach Tue 23-Aug-16 21:30:25

So Corbyn sat on the floor, how many in his team? Also allegedly sitting on the floor were three other people, the staff upgraded a family and seated Corbyn and his team,no one could have got off the train , it didn't stop. Must have been a large family who were upgraded . We need Miss Marple on this. Surely Corbyn didn't leave the three people on the floor

Anniebach Tue 23-Aug-16 21:31:30

No matter thatbags, it gave me a giggle , thank you

Pollengran Tue 23-Aug-16 21:33:51

I don't go by articles in any paper DJ. Every train has CCTV, so it needs to be examined, for the timeline. It is important, and I am prepared to be shot down if he really did not find himself without a seat.

However, his honesty is being called into question here, and if he lied.. Well I might have to vote Tory, because they are upfront weasels smile.

thatbags Tue 23-Aug-16 21:34:55

Couple of tweets under the hashtag #traingate.


Pollengran Tue 23-Aug-16 21:36:26

Anniebach, stop giggling, it sounds as if you see yourself as superior,which has no place in a political discussion!

durhamjen Tue 23-Aug-16 21:43:35

So how do you find out about the timeline if you do not follow it in news articles, Pollen?
Virgin has put out the stills it thinks are important. Passengers have put out their photos.
It's on the independent website.
Do you believe anything you read on Gransnet?
It's the same as an independent or other news website.

Do you have independent sources to verify everything you read?

Anniebach Tue 23-Aug-16 21:46:49

But this isn't a political discussion, it's a discussion were there seats on a train, how many in the family who were upgraded, and were the other three passengers left to sit on the floor. Also the most worrying part is the fact the first explanation given today was there were seats by 11.30 because passengers got off the train which didn't stop untill approx 1pm. What I want to know is - did they jump or were they pushed , if pushed who pushed them.

durhamjen Tue 23-Aug-16 21:54:57

It's in news and politics, so is a discussion. If you just wanted to chat, it should have been put in chat.

If you read the independent website, you will find a good defence.
On the other hand, if all you want is to laugh at Corbyn, just carry on.
Pollen wanted to know who was lying.
I've been on that train, and had to stand from Peterborough to Doncaster.

Anniebach Tue 23-Aug-16 22:02:19

I said it was not a political discussion, it 's a discussion on seats on a train , and I do not need your permission to laugh at anyone or anything Jen.

Pollengran Tue 23-Aug-16 22:05:58

One paper I read is Breitbart. There is so much propaganda around, for instance the 13 year old child with a bomb on him which was filmed by a journalist 3 feet away (with no thought for his safety).

I don't trust MSM and Virgin stills could have been taken at any time.

I am a Corbyn supporter with no part of this Momentum group you speak of Anniebach. I still think that giggling is immature on a political forum, but absolutely fine on chat.

Pollengran Tue 23-Aug-16 22:06:56

DJ cross post. Well said.

Anniebach Tue 23-Aug-16 22:09:42

I giggled at the thread title, gosh corbynites are getting very worked up.

Anniebach Tue 23-Aug-16 22:13:31

BBC News, two people were upgraded to make room for Corbyn and his team to sit together.

So two people are upgraded which leaves two empty seats , I assume he has a team of more than one , so there must have been some empty seats

Ana Tue 23-Aug-16 22:15:04

Perhaps they sat on the floor, and he just swapped with one of them for the photos.

DaphneBroon Tue 23-Aug-16 22:16:22

This thread comes under news and politics. Given that "Traingate" is in the NEWS, what is the problem. And surely of us who may be giggling are perfectly entitled to do so without having our wrists slapped pollengran.
The incident reminds me of that well known journalistic cliché " Never let the facts get in the way of a good story"