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Why the reluctance to answer questions and face the real electorate ?

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James2451 Fri 02-Jun-17 12:14:20

This morning Teresa May had an opportunity to speak on Woman's Hour, just a few days after criticising Jeremy Corbyn's performance in the programme. Yet once again she has hopped out of any real discussions on her uncosted policies and previous statements.

We must have all seen her reluctance to have a face to face with the electorate as she crosses the Country, the majority are staged photo events with her own faithful. I have not as yet seen any interview with journalists where she has fully answered the questions put to her.
Is she really expecting the electorate to give her their vote to negotiate in Europe and most of all to run this Country when she is deliberately being so evasive in having face to face discussions the way Corby has done? Before the election I did not think I would ever vote for Corbyn but now May is changing my views.

Rather than have tribal type responses can we please have constructive analyse of the likely real reason for her reluctant attitudes.

Jane10 Fri 02-Jun-17 12:20:29

Perhaps it's a reluctance to appear to jump on the media bandwagon. We've seen how 'reality' TV stars have done across the Atlantic. I'd rather have an experienced professional politician than a Trump.

Ana Fri 02-Jun-17 12:26:33

'constructive analysis...'? You'll be lucky.

rosesarered Fri 02-Jun-17 13:30:22

It will be just another Tory bashing thread James like any other.

angelab Fri 02-Jun-17 14:09:12

constructive analysis, please rar..

Anya Fri 02-Jun-17 14:31:37

She thinks she has it all sorted and will win by a huge majority, so has no need to subject herself to a grilling on TV.

She is probably correct, unless the young turn out to vote in droves, which is unlikely.

Ana Fri 02-Jun-17 14:33:23

Did James ask for constructive analysis of his OP? No, didn't think so - just 'the likely real reason for her (T May's) reluctant attitudes.'

nigglynellie Fri 02-Jun-17 14:46:34

I agree with Jane10. In these days of social media so much of what gets said is misconstrued often deliberately, people particularly if they are unpopular are treated so discourteously in the name of hard hitting journalism, to the point of having idiotic dittys made up about them, that unless you actually enjoy the politics of the gutter, self defence must get very tedious and tiresome. Perhaps if pertinent conversation could be engaged then I'm sure Mrs May would be only too glad to oblige but as she will almost certainly be interrupted constantly, baracked and bellowed at, as she will almost certainly be to tonight at QT it's little wonder that she tends to be evasive.

angelab Fri 02-Jun-17 15:35:14

Jane and niggly, I take it your analysis of why TM doesn't want to appear is because she doesn't like baracking, heckling etc. Maybe she's in the wrong job?

yggdrasil Fri 02-Jun-17 15:36:06

If other politicians can deal with it, why shouldn't she?

Baggs Fri 02-Jun-17 15:49:49

Because she's socially awkward. Which is not a criticism. Some people just are. How about a bit of tolerance towards those who are different from "everybody else"?

I don't think it necessarily makes her a bad politician, just a socially awkward one. With all the talk of autism that there is nowadays you'd think plain old social awkwardness might corss a few people's minds.

Baggs Fri 02-Jun-17 15:50:19


Baggs Fri 02-Jun-17 15:50:47

Gordon Brown's another such.

Baggs Fri 02-Jun-17 15:52:52

PS Is there an unreal electorate?

trisher Fri 02-Jun-17 15:56:19

There is a difference between being socially awkward and refusing to participate in debate. She could obviously cope well enough to go on the One Show, but can't do Woman's Hour. Still if I wanted to be really critical (and I desperately want to be able to support a woman in politics) I would draw the conclusion that she was happy to talk about shoes, and who takes the rubbish out, but doesn't feel confident enough to engage in political debate.

angelab Fri 02-Jun-17 16:02:59

Baggs, GB was socially awkward but he didn't duck out of interacting with the public.

vampirequeen Fri 02-Jun-17 16:45:56

She a politician. It's her job to get out there and spread the message. I can't make up my mind whether she's lost her nerve or is ill. Whatever the reason this is an odd way for a leader of any Party to act. She's supposed to be the figurehead and therefore should be seen and heard more than anyone else.

This isn't a criticism of her or May bashing. I just find it odd which is why I think there is something wrong with her.

whitewave Fri 02-Jun-17 16:57:08

May is socially awkward and not good thinking on her feet. You can see how uptight she always is by looking at her body language particularly the way she holds her shoulders and mouth. Absolutely nothing wrong with that unless you are a Prime Minister, and then of course you will try to avoid things like unscripted questions etc. As you are not good at coping with these situations. Pity she didn't accept her limitations before she took the job.

varian Fri 02-Jun-17 17:01:28

Is this the person we are supposed to rely on to negotiate brexit?

vampirequeen Fri 02-Jun-17 17:17:04

If she's socially awkward you'd have that during her years in the public eye she would have developed strategies to deal with such situations. It's a bit difficult to be a leader when you're hidden away.

Tegan2 Fri 02-Jun-17 17:24:11

When under pressure she seems to sip water; not sure what to make of that. I think she took on the job as PM [why anyone would want that poisoned chalice at this moment in time is beyond me though]feeling that she was popular and charismatic and [imo] seemed to pay more attention to her wardrobe than her policies. Couldn't quite decide whether to be a Mother Teresa figure or a Margaret Thatcher; seemed to pitch herself somewhere in between and ended up grey and shadowy. You CANNOT have the leader of a country who is socially awkward; it just doesn't go with the job spec, does it?

Lazigirl Fri 02-Jun-17 17:50:29

A "socially awkward" "bloody difficult woman" negotiating best Brexit deal for us?

whitewave Fri 02-Jun-17 17:52:59

grin imagine Britain 5 years from now. Well don't it is too, too depressing

TriciaF Fri 02-Jun-17 18:30:58

I've just read elsewhere that Theresa May suffers from Type 1 diabetes. She has to self inject several times a day.
Poor woman - but if so, how can she be strong enough to lead the country in these difficult times?

Tegan2 Fri 02-Jun-17 18:36:08

This was pointed out when she was in the leadership contest.