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Piers Morgan vs Tommy Robinson?!

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norose4 Tue 20-Jun-17 13:57:14

compelling viewing,any opinions out there?

Jalima1108 Tue 20-Jun-17 14:46:13

Who is Tommy Robinson?

I have heard of Piers Morgan but never watch him usually - should I?

Ana Tue 20-Jun-17 14:58:13

Not much information to go on in your post, norose4. Where? When?

norose4 Tue 20-Jun-17 14:59:32

Tommy Robinson is a spokesperson is the English Defence league. He holds some very strong views on race etc. He was interviewed by Piers Morgan & Piers lost the plot a bit !! It is worth watching & an insight in to the views of a section of the our population

norose4 Tue 20-Jun-17 15:00:24

It was on itv this morning

norose4 Tue 20-Jun-17 15:04:36

Jalima yes it is worth watching in the light of what has been happening in the country.Piers is usually a strong even handed interview think Jeremy Paxman but with more charisma, so watch him this morning was particularly interesting Tommy Robinson is thought of as stirring up racism but was trying hard to control how & what he said it shows what divisions there are in some parts of our country

norose4 Tue 20-Jun-17 15:07:06

Apologies for missed out words hope it still makes sense

daphnedill Tue 20-Jun-17 15:20:50

ITV has blocked the video on YouTube, but it might be available on iplayer.

Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) is a racist and a jumped-up twerp. He founded the EDL and keeps re-inventing himself. Unfortunately, his followers are of the same ilk.

Thousands of them are complaining that Piers Morgan talked over him. Good for Piers, because Tommy wouldn't answer questions directly and wanted to go off on his irrelevant rants.

Piers Morgan has gone up in my estimation, although I wish the media would stop giving Tommy Robinson oxygen.

daphnedill Tue 20-Jun-17 15:22:59

PS. Tommy Robinson isn't a spokesperson for the EDL. As with most extremist groups, they couldn't even get on with each other and he was kicked out.

norose4 Tue 20-Jun-17 15:29:35

Yes I think I have heard him speak before & thought he was an obnoxious person . I found it very interesting how he was trying to come across as having reasonable ideals whilst trying to play down the darker side & Piers was unable to stay as calm & clever as he normally is in an interview .

MawBroon Tue 20-Jun-17 18:29:47

Sounds like a conversation between two eminently undesirable individuals.
Piers Morgan, charisma, same sentence? ??

phoenix Tue 20-Jun-17 20:14:14

Personally, as I have not seen much of Piers Morgan on TV, I have no problem with him, but still sniggering inwardly at the naughtiness/cleverness of the "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue " team when playing the "new definitions" round and coming with an answer that involved Piers but was cut from the broadcast version.wink

Jalima1108 Tue 20-Jun-17 20:17:44

although I wish the media would stop giving Tommy Robinson oxygen.

Well, quite if he is as nasty as has been portrayed in this thread.

As for Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan, charisma, same sentence?
Quite again!!
I thought he had gone to America

Is he on the telly now?

merlotgran Tue 20-Jun-17 20:35:12

He's back now. He upset the powerful pro-gun lobby in America.

Jalima1108 Tue 20-Jun-17 20:39:13

always very full of himself
or, as DM would have said 'He thinks he's the Big I Am'

phoenix Tue 20-Jun-17 20:52:57

Upsetting the pro gunners is good imo, wish perhaps a more diverse range of people would do it.

merlotgran Tue 20-Jun-17 20:55:16

Yes. He might be an arrogant sod but that doesn't always make him wrong.

MawBroon Wed 21-Jun-17 10:26:19

I knew there was a quotation at the back of my mind at the thought of Piers Morgan vs Tommy Robinson of the EDL and it has come to me now

"The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable" grin

Desdemona Wed 21-Jun-17 11:32:34

I quite often watch Piers Morgan on breakfast tv, I think he talks sense a lot of the time. But I had to switch channels yesterday during that interview, the way they were going hammer and tongs at each other, and shouting over each other was just too much!

Baggs Fri 23-Jun-17 09:27:59

Read this thread by a Pakistani Muslim woman, Shireen Qudosi. She maintains Tommy Robinson is saying what needs saying. Link is to the first tweet in a thread of twenty-six of Shireen's plus other people's contributions.

It wasn't an interview. In an interview people are not constantly interrupted. Proper interviewers listen and want to listen to those they interview.

daphnedill Fri 23-Jun-17 09:50:45

Did you actually watch the interview Baggs?

"Shireen Qudosi" looks like a troll.

daphnedill Fri 23-Jun-17 09:53:14

She's American, so probably doesn't know much about the EDL.

Baggs Fri 23-Jun-17 11:30:33

Once again, you are going for the who instead of the what, dj. Read what she has written. Troll or not, it makes sense and speaks to the issue. People are not islamophobic for criticising some islamic ideas just as people aren't anti-christian for criticising some ideas propounded by the RC church.

I saw some of the so-called interview. PM's interrupting was v rude.

Can people quote something TR said during that 'interview' that was unacceptable? And if anything was unacceptable, why it was? "Because Tommy Robinson said it" isn't a reason. There's your chance to defeat the argument Shireen puts forward. Challenge.

Baggs Fri 23-Jun-17 11:31:07

You too, dd, re who not what.

daphnedill Fri 23-Jun-17 14:11:17

I'm afraid I didn't think Piers Morgan was rude. He tried to get Tommy Robinson to answer the questions and not go off on one of his rants.

Shireen Qudosi is an American activist, who has been banned from Facebook for her extremist posts. She's an ardent Trump supporter. I don't give what she writes much credence.

Tommy Robinson has been trying to "sell" himself to Americans, just as the IRA once did.

As far as I'm concerned, he should be treated in the same way as all hate-mongerers. He incites violence against Muslims and you're being ingenuous - or don't know much about him - if you can't see that.