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Baggs Sun 13-Aug-17 12:22:47

Check out the similarities:

rosesarered Mon 14-Aug-17 08:10:57

Both Trump *and *Corbyn should have the guts and the morality to condemn those in Virginia and Venezuela.

Anniebach Mon 14-Aug-17 09:02:05

Saying anything against Mogg is critical analising, saying anything against Corbyn is Corbyn bashing ?

Primrose65 Mon 14-Aug-17 10:59:09

Of course Annie ! Let's support someone who

promotes mass social welfare programs
has the crowd chanting at mass rallies
has a focus on engaging the youth
uses iconography
is a leader who is above reproach and can do no wrong
wants to government to control everything

There's obviously something wrong with us.

Elegran Mon 14-Aug-17 11:02:19

"animosity between two groups of people who have different economic backgrounds and interests, and different political affiliations." There's a lot of it around.

Eloethan Mon 14-Aug-17 11:45:20

Indeed there is Elegran.

Anniebach Mon 14-Aug-17 11:55:43

True Primrose, so true . Venezuela, Cuba, Russia = utopia, what's a few bullets and incarceration against the danger of free speech, love the tee shirt,

TerriBull Mon 14-Aug-17 13:17:42

Not quite sure what thread to place this nugget, from the Evening Standard, Jess Phillips brands left wing men the worst mysoginists. She's in there at the sharp end so I presume she knows what's she's talking about. Just wondering why this could be confused thought they would all be "new men" Any thoughts commrades ?

TerriBull Mon 14-Aug-17 13:20:58

Correction I need to downgrade the comment from mysoginist, she said "sexist"

Anniebach Mon 14-Aug-17 13:34:18

If far left then certaintly not "new men" , there was a time when there was just socialists and communists , now some communists say they are on the left. Communism has become a dirty word.

TerriBull Mon 14-Aug-17 13:49:48

Thanks for the insight Annie, I see I have spelt "misogynist" with y and i in the wrong places, so I've corrected it, in case I get pulled up that blush.

Anniebach Mon 14-Aug-17 14:27:01

Terri, with my level of spelling I wouldn't notice.

I grew up in a South Wales mining valley, remember clearly communists held meetings and labour held meetings , cannot recall a Tory held meeting ? I do remember a woman putting a photograph in her front room window,don't know why, but remember a new window being fitted. There was such hatred for him in mining communities because of his decision during the Tonapandy riots to send in the army, no I wasn't around in 1910?

Anniebach Mon 14-Aug-17 15:35:45

Trump is being critcise fir not condemning the far right mob in America, he just condemed both sides.

He has done what Corbyn does has he not?

Baggs Mon 14-Aug-17 16:46:15

Exactly, annie.

Meanwhile the person accused of killing someone and injuring others at the rally has been arrested and not allowed bail. Justice is being done with due process.