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I love Sarah Champion!

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Baggs Sat 02-Sep-17 07:24:27

"It's not that Yorkshire's racist; it's that Yorkshire is very blunt and doesn't sugar-coat anything."
Floppy Left failing to confront truth of sex crimes.

"I treat people as I find them. Some people's values are so odious it seeps through their every pore, but a lot of people I meet at Parliament are trying to do the best they can. They come at it from a very different angle to me, but that doesn't make them evil. You learn very quickly in parliament that the way to make change is by collaborating with people."
Interview: I'd rather be called a racist than turn a blind I to child abuse.

These may be paywalled. If you want the full texts, PM me and I'll send them.

kittylester Sat 02-Sep-17 08:33:04

I agree - she seems an honourable person.

petra Sat 02-Sep-17 08:44:57

Its a shame that she won't reach high office again, well not while we have the present incumbent as leader of the Labour Party who believes that a racist is a worse crime than a child abuser.

Cindersdad Sat 02-Sep-17 08:57:01

We need more people like Sarah to say things as they see it. Being politically correct to exclusion of the truth is a worrying trend.

nightowl Sat 02-Sep-17 08:57:49

She may be an honourable person but she has upset a lot of people in Rotherham, and they are the ones she is answerable to.

Anniebach Sat 02-Sep-17 09:01:42

Is she not answerable to the victims ?

Baggs Sat 02-Sep-17 09:01:52

Perhaps a lot of people in Rotherham need upsetting.

The articles suggest that there are a lot of people in Rotherham who are very glad she spoke as she did. She spoke it as it is. She's not a racist.

Baggs Sat 02-Sep-17 09:02:33

She is answerable to all her constituents. It's the victims, and potential victims, she's trying to help.

Anniebach Sat 02-Sep-17 09:09:12

But could lose votes, she will be out of a job soon , truth and the labour leader do not make good companions

Baggs Sat 02-Sep-17 09:11:09

So it seems, annie. Time will tell. I hope Sarah Champion carries on championing the rights of vulnerable girls (and others, obviously) in her constituency while she can.

petra Sat 02-Sep-17 09:23:10

And who might these people be who Sarah Champion has upset,mmm, let me think?
Could it be by any chance 'some' people of the Muslim community who know and protect who the abusers are? 'Some' people of the white community who don't want to rock the boat all in the cause of racial harmony.

Day6 Sat 02-Sep-17 09:38:18

I admire her.

There seems to be a way of living now where we are cautious of voicing the truth unless we sugar coat it, avoid anything contentious and sweep many unpleasant truths under the carpet.

We do no group at all any favours if we avoid the unpalatable or are scared of offending. Life remains on hold if we do not get to the heart of issues which are totally unacceptable and discuss them.

Sarah Champion has my respect. I find it interesting that she has fallen foul of the Labour Party because she has spoken out.

What exactly is this modern Labour Party frightened to confront?

They are supposed to represent the people who vote for them, and not to expect them to shut up about issues which they find horrendous. How can what happened in Yorkshire not be offensive and sickening? Can we not expose the current culture of a minority group?

The victims, not the perpetrators deserve our compassion and support, and an MP strong enough to say it like it is.

I wish more MPs were like Sarah Champion.

Ilovecheese Sat 02-Sep-17 11:25:45

But the trouble is that people could see the "minority group" as all muslim men, not just the abusers. It would be giving racist a sort of permission to start targeting all muslims. If race riots started there would be more innocent people injured than perverts.

nightowl Sat 02-Sep-17 11:25:59

No petra a large proportion of the Muslim community who feel stigmatised by her remarks and feel she has let them down. But hey ho, they're not white so I suppose that doesn't matter.

Anniebach Sat 02-Sep-17 11:31:51

It does matter, but feeling let down does not compare with being raped, passed from man to man does it? Don't play the racist card please.

lemongrove Sat 02-Sep-17 11:33:14

Au contraire Nightowl as it seems they are the only ones who matter, not the white vulnerable girls that their compatriots have been abusing for so long.

Well said Day6 smile
And very well done to Sarah Champion, not afraid ( well, maybe afraid but doing it anyway: called bravery) for speaking out as she did.

Anniebach Sat 02-Sep-17 11:37:44

Seems abusing girls is a better option than upsetting some voters

nightowl Sat 02-Sep-17 11:48:14

Please don't twist what I've said. There is a very large Pakistani community in Rotherham and their integrity has been called into question by her unwise choice of words. To go further, their safety may also have been threatened. And this has not helped the girls who were abused, in fact she had done what she afterwards acknowledged she had done, which is to distract attention from the very serious matter that needs proper investigation if we are to learn anything for the future. I think that's a shame because she has done some good work and I'm sure she will do more in the future.

Anniebach Sat 02-Sep-17 11:50:24

Not as an MP she won't, she will be deselected

lemongrove Sat 02-Sep-17 11:51:56

Integrity called into question? Unwise words? Oh please!
Weasel words there, just like Corbyn who could use a little more bravery.angry

nightowl Sat 02-Sep-17 11:57:55

Maybe Annie, maybe not, that's up to her CLP.

nightowl Sat 02-Sep-17 11:58:27

Rubbish lemongrove

lemongrove Sat 02-Sep-17 12:00:05

Well, that is exactly what I thought of your posts Nightowl but was too polite to say! ?

nightowl Sat 02-Sep-17 12:04:25

Don't hold back lemongrove [

nightowl Sat 02-Sep-17 12:05:47

That was meant to be a grin

Just to show I'm feeling happy