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Explosion on a tube train

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Teetime Fri 15-Sep-17 09:59:27

Just getting reports of an explosion on a Tube train at Parsons Green

MiniMouse Fri 15-Sep-17 10:28:41

Just been announced on radio that it was a terrorist device angry People injured sad

Wheniwasyourage Fri 15-Sep-17 11:25:04

Sending flowersflowers and supportive thoughts to all those GNers and their families who have to live or work in London. I know it can happen anywhere and does, but you have had more than most.

lemongrove Fri 15-Sep-17 11:26:39

I saw earlier, on the news that there had been something at Parsons Green, but they didn't know what it was.

Grannyknot Fri 15-Sep-17 12:03:33

It was a home made "bomb" in a paint tin inside a Lidl packet and there was an explosion and it caught fire. Unattended package which often happens on the Tube when workmen leave their heavy stuff at the door and take a seat. What amazes me is that people stood around taking photos shock

Grannyknot Fri 15-Sep-17 12:06:36

Like this one. (I hope no one was injured).

Charleygirl Fri 15-Sep-17 12:26:31

18 people are injured, mainly flash burns but to my knowledge no deaths.

Grannyknot Fri 15-Sep-17 12:36:28

That's awful ... burns sad

Charleygirl Fri 15-Sep-17 12:49:01

The number has increased to more than 22. Apparently some were injured during the ensuing panic. I do not know if bones were broken but that is the most likely.

NanaandGrampy Fri 15-Sep-17 13:27:55

This was my biggest fear when I did a daily commute of which an hour was on the underground.

I'm glad it wasn't worse to be honest.

MiniMouse Fri 15-Sep-17 13:56:58

Doesn't it just seem as though the whole world is a seething mass of anger at the moment? Where's it all coming from? sad

Grannyknot Fri 15-Sep-17 18:50:59

Hi mini ... it does feel as if the world's gone mad.


paddyann Fri 15-Sep-17 19:28:13

and it came just after the government saying they would increase arms sales after Brexit ...and we wonder why people want to harm us! The damage done to other countries and millions of people by us and our "friends " in the USA is horrific ,yet we continue on our own path and destroy lives and think nobody should be angry about it ".GREAT" Britain is a joke for Trump and his cohorts ...we do know the USA has tested nuclear weapons 1800 times yet he's threatening NK for just 6 ...and surrounding them with threatening forces so of course they will argue back ..lets hope it all gets sorted soon.That SOMEONE with some sense takes control before we're all blown to kingdom come

lemongrove Fri 15-Sep-17 19:45:34

It is entirely possible that this poorly put together device is the work of some nutter.

Morgana Fri 15-Sep-17 20:44:00

Well said paddy ann

Charleygirl Fri 15-Sep-17 22:23:48

lemongrove it would appear to be, because I would not choose if I were that way inclined as Parsons Green station is not underground. The train was travelling to the centre of London so obviously the bomb was detonated too soon and it did not have the expected effect, thank goodness, as it appeared to have been badly made.

Wheniwasyourage Sat 16-Sep-17 08:26:21

Good post, paddyann. It's high time we stopped selling arms (and having the biggest nuclear arms dump in Europe 30 miles from a big city) if we want to tell other countries how to behave. How many deaths are we responsible for in Yemen after selling arms to that beacon of human rights, Saudi Arabia?

gillybob Sat 16-Sep-17 08:36:33

I'm not sure what the selling of arms has got to do with a murdering nutter placing a bomb on a tube train in the hope of murdering as many people as possible. Surely that's an entirely different argument. It was only sheer luck that the bomb did not detonate as it was meant to and the "white liquid" remained intact.

What I can't understand is if these people hate this country and what we stand for, so much why the bloody hell do they live here? Why don't they just piss off to whichever "ideal" state they would prefer. The sooner the better. angry

Anniebach Sat 16-Sep-17 09:11:18

Strange why so many risk their lives crossing seas to get to this country

lemongrove Sat 16-Sep-17 09:16:59

It's nothing to do with arms sales for goodness sake.

Alima Sat 16-Sep-17 09:27:52

I totally agree with you gillybob. Why indeed.

merlotgran Sat 16-Sep-17 09:32:45

Does anyone seriously think that ISIS will give us a pat on the head and stop these terrorist attacks if we refuse to sell arms to Saudi Arabia?

Anniebach Sat 16-Sep-17 09:47:46

Spain, Germany, France , Belgium

gillybob Sat 16-Sep-17 11:17:49

News alert on my phone just said that the police have arrested an 18 year old man in connection with this incident!

18 year old ?????

Lillie Sat 16-Sep-17 11:41:45

18 year old ?????

Yes, gillybob, they do seem to be mainly very young terrorists. I'm guessing most of them are home grown, second generation immigrants. The first generation were only too pleased and grateful to get away from their own country, so they didn't put a foot wrong. For these younger ones, the grass is always greener on the other side.