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Rohinga Muslims genocide

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POGS Sun 17-Sep-17 12:04:36

I have fought shy of starting a thread because I have been mentioning the Rohinga Muslim situation in Burma on threads for a couple of years from time to time without much success .

The ' ethnic cleansing ' in Burma of the Rohinga Muslims has escalated and is obviously now being widely reported and discussed in the media, at long last. The world has woken up to the 'ethnic cleansing' that has taken place for years in Burma.

I have been bemused for a while how Aung San Suu Kyi and her role as Prime Minister of Burma has somehow evaded discussion and reports by some media outlets. I have watched so many t.v reports , read so many reports that have begun to discuss the issue but naming Aung San Suu Kyi until recently has been noticeably missing.


Could it be the fact Aung San Suu Kyi was 'feted' not so long ago by so many organisations including our own political establishment.?

I believe she is to give a National Address next week and I hope she will say something worth while because to be honest she has done nothing of any worth when it comes to the ' ethnic cleansing ' of Rohinga Muslim in Burma so far.

Perhaps I am doing her an injustice thinking being the President of Burma means you are capable of ordering the Army what to do. However given her supposed reputation
on Human Rights the world is watching and she is sadly lacking.

Anniebach Sun 17-Sep-17 12:08:20

I agree, She is failing miserably on speaking out against this atrocity , is she fearful of losing power

MawBroon Sun 17-Sep-17 12:14:14

Two things occu to me in relation to Aung San Suu Kyi, one of them is that despite her years of opposition "in the wilderness", her supposedly enlightened Western education and background, perhaps like many who come to power, the lure of that absolute power has corrupted what we, certainly thought her principles were.
Another thought is that she is considerably weaker than we know and as 30's Germany, 60's Uganda and other periods of persecution have shown, nothing unites a country so well as ganging up on a minority within the population.
Either theory is worrying, but she needs to account for her military forces' actions and indeed be held to account or it is like giving Idi Amin or Slobodan Milosovich the Nobel Peace Prize.

Eloethan Sun 17-Sep-17 12:20:16

Yes, it is appalling that she is trying to make excuses for this atrocity. I cannot think why she does not speak out - even if it means she will be removed from office, she surely must see that it is the right thing to do and by not saying anything she loses all credibility.

But perhaps after years of being, in effect, imprisoned she is frightened of the possibility of returning to that situation - or perhaps she or family members are being threatened in some way.

Those who know about the situation in Myanmar say that her position carries no real power and the military is still in charge - but she is has been an esteemed figurehead for the country and the person most people think should speak out.

POGS Sun 17-Sep-17 12:22:41

There are calls for her to have the status of Nobel Peace Prize winner rescinded.

starbird Sun 17-Sep-17 12:44:55

I can understand it if she is powerless to change what happens, but if that is the case, it would be better for her to resign than sit back and toe the party line.
I hope Bangladesh will receive international help to look after these refugees.
Yes again I despair at the uselessness of the UN which passes how sounding resolutions but does not have the authority to enforce them.
If it were up to me I would force any country that creates refugees, to be fined an (annual) amount that would cover the cost of their being looked after in the host country.

jollyg Sun 17-Sep-17 13:15:41

Sorry UN is a waste of[ space] [money]

All self seekers.

The only decent one was Dag Hammerskhold, and he was asasisnated in a plane crash.

Sorry to be so depressive

vampirequeen Sun 17-Sep-17 13:17:14

I don't see how she is powerless. She's made a deliberate decision to avoid commenting on the situation. Don't mean to sound religious but I can't think of a secular way of describing it......I was taught that the sin of omission was as serious as committing the sin. By omitting to speak out against what is happening she is supporting it.

grannyqueenie Sun 17-Sep-17 16:56:18

It is shocking indeed, and I'm puzzled and disappointed at her lack of response initially wondering if there was a lack of power at it's root. However I saw an interview with Fergal Keane, think it was from a few years back. As I understood the clip, he questioned her closely but she seemed unable/unwilling to acknowledge what was actually going on with the treatment of this group of people and to me seemed rather cold and dismissive in her response to the questions
I agree that the UN sometimes seems ineffective and not always a benign force either, remember Rwanda?

whitewave Sun 17-Sep-17 17:24:10

She is the child of her father

lemongrove Sun 17-Sep-17 17:36:48

She has no power at all over what the army in Burma does or does not do.
As a Buddhist herself, she may not care too much about the Muslim population, but even if she does,speaking out against what is happening could be personally dangerous.
Should she? Yes, of course, but not everybody is brave and self sacrificing.
So much for Buddhists being peaceful people!

Nonnie Sun 17-Sep-17 17:44:14

What happens to the country if she speaks out and as a result is deposed? Would that make the situation better or worse?

Nonnie Sun 17-Sep-17 17:44:50

I meant to say for the whole country not just the Rohingas.

BlueBelle Sun 17-Sep-17 19:55:42

I am deeply disappointed in Aung San Suu Chi and think she is powerless or heartless not sure which it is possibly the former
How the world can watch and do nothing I don't understand those poor people I hope Bangledesh gets help and recognition and those poor people get some peace

Jane10 Sun 17-Sep-17 19:58:46

and Bangladesh is already a desperately poor country.

durhamjen Sun 17-Sep-17 20:52:54

She's not the only one evading questions about arming the army.

Fallon says that after Brexit we should be the biggest arms dealing country in the world. We train the Burmese army.

POGS Sun 17-Sep-17 21:25:35


I remember the Fergal Keane interview with Aung San Suu Kyi and at one point she denied ethnic cleansing was taking place.

Funny the rest of the world had known about it for years.

During the interview with Fergaal Keane in April she said she would welcome refugees back to Burma , we now know the Burmese Army are laying land mines on the Bangladesh Border!

lemongrove Sun 17-Sep-17 22:22:15

The Burmese military and the Buddhist gangs of thugs are absolute swine.

durhamjen Sun 17-Sep-17 22:41:39

They are trained by our army. Perhaps that's why it hasn't been on the news that much.
It's like Saudi Arabia. We train them, sell them the weapons, then have to pay for the chaos caused.

dbDB77 Sun 17-Sep-17 23:07:55

I get a bit tired of being blamed for all the world's ills - a journalist on the radio said the current genocide was the fault of the British because we drew the border when Burma became independent - but that was 70 years ago!
And as for selling arms - the UK has had a trade embargo on weapons to Burma for at least 5 years - the Burmese army gets most of its weapons from Russia, China, Ukraine - and some small arms from Germany & Italy and it also manufactures some itself.

varian Sun 17-Sep-17 23:18:34

Bangladesh is having to house and feed 400,000 Burmese refugees. I wonder how much assistance is given by the immensly wealthy Arab states who should offer charity to their fellow Muslems.

durhamjen Sun 17-Sep-17 23:31:05

This year we spent half a million in aid money bringing Burmese soldiers over here and training them.
We sell lots of weapons to Israel who sell them on to Burma. That is against UN regulations.
We also sell planes directly to Burma.
At the moment there is the biggest arms trade fair in the world. It's being held in London as usual.
Fallon thinks it's going to be fantastic when we leave the EU as we will be able to sell even more arms to even more countries. In fact he wants us to become the biggest arms exporter in the world.
I don't want that, do you?

Iam64 Mon 18-Sep-17 06:48:02

My views on the arms trade seem less relevant here than my despair and anger at the treatment of Rohinger Muslims by the Myanmar Army. I heard ASSK describe the reports of murder, rape, burning villages etc as fake news. Absolutely shocking and she ought to be honest.

Anya Mon 18-Sep-17 07:24:33

Religion hmm

dbDB77 Mon 18-Sep-17 09:38:56

dj - Blaming Michael Fallon and the British government and now the Israelis (really?!) is merely a distraction - the real culprits are the men ordering the troops to commit the violence and the men carrying out those orders.
I do not understand why ASSK is not speaking out against the genocide - she is a woman of influence. And as an earlier poster said - where do Saudi and other rich & influential Islamic countries stand? Why aren't they speaking out or doing something?