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Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-17 12:27:50

Max has died in prison, heart attack


BlueBelle Sun 10-Dec-17 12:55:22

Oh blimey he wasn’t that old was he ? That’s sad didn’t like the bloke at all but sad he died in prison and not at home with his family

Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-17 13:04:37

I admit I rather liked him , he made a lot of enemies , was never sure about the charges against him.

eazybee Sun 10-Dec-17 13:15:46

Agree; apparently he was due for another hearing in the near future.

whitewave Sun 10-Dec-17 17:18:57

He sounded absolutely ghastly.

Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-17 18:25:05

he did what publicists do and did,

kittylester Sun 10-Dec-17 18:31:47

I didn't like him but he was a bit of a character and he doted on his daughter who has really bad rheumatoid arthritis - I believe!

Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-17 18:46:46

I found him amusing, he certaintly deflated some rather inflated ego's

BlueBelle Sun 10-Dec-17 18:51:41

Oh gosh I never saw him as amusing I just thought he was a man out to make money out of anyone and such an arrogant character however I did wonder how safe the evidence against him was he was always adamant he was innocent but then he would even if he was guilty

Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-17 19:17:58

Isn't that what people in business do? make money where they can ?

Deedaa Sun 10-Dec-17 21:00:08

I always had a sneaking liking for him. Guilty or not there's something very sad about the thought of just collapsing in a prison cell. And he was only 3 years older than me, which doesn't seem old at all.

Friday Sun 10-Dec-17 21:35:38

He deliberately published lies of the ‘Freddy Star ate my hamster’ type and was a sexual predator.

grumppa Sun 10-Dec-17 21:37:47

Just as some (many!) people brought banking into disrepute, Max Clifford brought his profession, PR, into disrepute. Amoral, immoral and unscrupulous.

Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-17 21:42:24

It's what publicists do.

This sexual predator again, girls sleep with men in the hope of getting work in tv or modelling , no different to prostitution , all these naive, innocent girls with all these wicked men taking advantage of them, pity the parents of these girls didn't teach self respect . Still Sam Fox's father was her agent was he not?

minesaprosecco Sun 10-Dec-17 21:54:57

Being an apologist again for another predatory man, ab?

Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-17 22:03:06

Rubbish minesa, just posting my opinion on girls so eager to get into bed with a man to further her career

maryeliza54 Sun 10-Dec-17 22:44:52

You do know don’t you ab that at least one of his victims was only 14 and that there was a 12 year old as well but that occurred in Spain so could not be tried here for that.

Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-17 22:55:29

No, I didn't. The 12 year old cannot be included , no trial, this is British law .

maryeliza54 Sun 10-Dec-17 23:02:42

The judge at his trial said he was sure that he had committed the offence against the 12 year old- that’s pretty strong stuff. I’m somewhat surprised that you weighed in so vehemently against his victims ab without knowing what ages they were.

maryeliza54 Sun 10-Dec-17 23:04:37

He was actually a convicted paedeophile but there you go, I expect they all asked for it

Anniebach Mon 11-Dec-17 06:39:16

Short sentence for a convicted paedophile and no one can be said to be guilty because a judge says - I'm pretty sure you committed that offence. Clifford made a lot of enemies in high places ,

Friday Mon 11-Dec-17 06:42:50

FFS Anniebach it’s those kind of thoughts that allowed him and people like him to get away with it.

BlueBelle Mon 11-Dec-17 06:45:00

The news must have got it wrong they said his youngest victim was 15, I m the biggest hater of paedophiles but I also have a little bit of me that is frightened for wrongful convictions which can ruin someone’s life for ever, this is a general comment not a comment about Max Clifford

nightowl Mon 11-Dec-17 06:54:11

He would take her for long drives in his yellow Jaguar and wooed her parents with promises to make their daughter the UK version of Jodie Foster, while secretly molesting her and forcing her to perform sex acts on him. In a victim impact statement read to the court, the woman – who was in court to see Clifford jailed – said he left her relying on counselling and ruined her relationship with her husband and her parents, whom she felt she had deceived by not telling them of the abuse.

This was a 15 year old he abused systematically and over a long period - only one of his young victims. How can this girl be held to blame in any way for his behaviour?

Clifford was told that had some of offences been tried under today's law, they would be considered as rape or assault by penetration with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Friday Mon 11-Dec-17 07:03:54

Bluebelle I think the police and the CPS take into account how many of the victims, who have never met each other, are saying the same things. The same promises, the same techniques, the same kind of assaults.

When you have many allegations that all have the same or similar MO then alarms bells do ring.