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Misguided Remainers and the EU.

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Day6 Thu 21-Dec-17 12:24:37

"The EU is the engine room for extremism."
By Melanie Phillips

'Clumsy attempts to integrate our continent were doomed to failure and only bred resentment.'

(There may be a pay wall. Some of the article, below.)

Excellent article in the Times. So many Remainers refuse to recognise how disenfranchised the people of Europe have become.

She writes: "In the minds of many Remainers, those who want to leave the EU hate Europe and Europeans. The idea that one might love visiting Europe and like Europeans but nevertheless not want to be ruled by them is apparently incomprehensible. Britain is pulling up an existential drawbridge. The Brexiteers’ desire to open up the world is deemed a retreat into isolationism."

Behind all this lies a curious paradox. While Brexiteers believe they are about to reclaim their political identity, these Remainers feel that they are about to lose theirs.

"Yet far from standing for freedom and flexibility, the EU stands for the imposition of inflexible economic policies ruining vulnerable member states such as Greece and the extinction of the freedom to express national identity and culture through democratically elected institutions."

"Thus abandoned by the entire political mainstream, the peoples of Europe have started voting in droves for populist, nationalist and truly neo-fascist parties."

"In Austria the far-right Freedom Party, founded in the Fifties by former Nazis, has joined a governing coalition with the centre-right Austrian People’s Party. ”.

"The Freedom Party first joined the Austrian government in 2000. On that occasion, the EU imposed diplomatic sanctions and demanded evidence that human rights would be protected. This was because it was supposed to be the guarantor that fascism would never again rise in Europe. Yet now the Freedom Party is back governing Austria and the EU is silent.

"The fact is that, far from proving the bulwark against extremism, it is facilitating its rise with neo-fascist parties gaining ground along with legitimate nationalist ones."

"EU supporters assume that the erosion of national boundaries and an ideology of enforced multiculturalism will create the brotherhood of man. They don’t. They create instead resentment, rage and extremism."

Oh and many probably don't want to read what an MEP (Molly Scott Cato) discovered about the inner and secretive workings of the EU and transatlantic trade deals. It's a real eye-opener regarding the secrecy of EU negotiating, the costs incurred and the way corporations profit from these deals rather than citizens. It provides a chilling read.

We need to remove ourselves from this, and stop paying our billions to Brussels in membership fees to facilitate this deception.

maryeliza54 Thu 21-Dec-17 12:46:55

Just. Can’t. Be. Bothered.

Day6 Thu 21-Dec-17 12:58:34

I wonder why?

No arguments here and you are usually such a vociferous Remainer maryeliza grin

whitewave Thu 21-Dec-17 13:05:32

Melanie Greengrin!!!!!

whitewave Thu 21-Dec-17 13:06:51

If anyone can be bothered they will find it easy to pull anything Green says apart.

Alima Thu 21-Dec-17 13:09:00

Thanks for raising your head above the parapet with this Day6. Good opportunity to read something which confirms my Leave vote was the correct one.

Day6 Thu 21-Dec-17 13:13:02

Thanks Alima.

I expected derision from Remainers as they cannot argue against what is happening in Europe.

Day6 Thu 21-Dec-17 13:23:53

whitewave- Melanie Green

Try instead Melanie Phillips

petra Thu 21-Dec-17 13:27:51

Thank you for the links. As per usual Melanie puts into words how many of us feel.
As for the article in the Guardian: well, what can you say, only that there were no surprises.

petra Thu 21-Dec-17 13:30:32

Who is Melanie Green?

whitewave Thu 21-Dec-17 13:33:37

Oh thanks for the heads up Guess who I’ve just been listening about on th3 news grin difficult to kee upmwith it all.

As an Icelandic news reporter said this morning

“There is always some kerfuffle going on in U.K. politics. We had hoped to have a day without having to report about U.K. politics but no such luck.”


petra Thu 21-Dec-17 13:39:58

Have you ever been to Iceland?
Other than a volcano going up our politics are probably the most exciting thing they can report on.

whitewave Thu 21-Dec-17 13:45:03

Yes and my son was just back from a 5th visit on Monday enduring -11c and climbing a glacier.

A very civilised country I always think.

maryeliza54 Thu 21-Dec-17 14:09:58

Oh dear day clearly being inaccurate and misleading is catching - I am a remainer but can’t for the life of me remember the last time I posted about it on GN let alone vociferously - still since when did a brexiteer ever let the truth get in the way of anything???

jura2 Thu 21-Dec-17 14:22:55

Anyone who has heard any debates, or on QT, or read any of her articles, will know what a right wing extremist Melanie Phillips is - she is really quite simpy ghastly.

The article (and yes I did read it) - just reflects this.

MaizieD Thu 21-Dec-17 14:40:48

Quite a number of 'facts' in that article that are just a bit not quite right and obviously skewed to appeal to Leavers.

I feel much the same as does maryeliza. CBA

maryeliza54 Thu 21-Dec-17 15:16:11

Except Maizie I was politer than you shock.

maryeliza54 Thu 21-Dec-17 15:17:23

I’ve lost my spiced nuts recipe - has anyone got one they can recommend please? TIA

whitewave Thu 21-Dec-17 15:46:39

Can’t you google it? You might find the one you use. Good housekeeping have done one in the past

jura2 Thu 21-Dec-17 15:53:13

lots of nuts around for sure - but spicy? More like rancid at the mo.

ninny Thu 21-Dec-17 16:01:35

Yes the Remainers are very misguided Day 6. Stuck in the past frightened of change. Now they are trying to derail thread with silly posts how childish.

maryeliza54 Thu 21-Dec-17 16:02:42

I was hoping one of you would have a really delicious one you could recommend - I’m fine for the cranberry sauce - I’m trying a new recipe this year with sloe gin instead of port.

ninny Thu 21-Dec-17 16:05:49


maryeliza54 Thu 21-Dec-17 16:05:56

Well ninny when it comes to derailing threads I’ve learned from the finest <drum roll> lemon, Jal, petra for starters. Apologies to any professional derailers I have omitted. And as some of you say, if you dish it out, you have to take it.

maryeliza54 Thu 21-Dec-17 16:07:45

I rather think that when it comes to being stuck in the past, the average Brexiteer takes some beating ??????