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Repeal the 8th

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maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 09:47:06

I so hope they do - not only for themselves but also for the women in other countries who would be heartened by this in their own struggles for change.

moggie57 Thu 24-May-18 10:53:30

repeal the 8th ? whats that?

ffinnochio Thu 24-May-18 13:01:23

Agree, m54

moggie57 - It’s about Ireland’s strict Abortion law. Google for more info.

Ilovecheese Thu 24-May-18 14:44:05

I hope they do too. There was a really sad comment piece in the Guardian today from a woman who had to travel to Liverpool to terminate her pregnancy. For a baby who would not have survived outside the womb.

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 14:52:00

I watched C4 news last night - more sad stories. I have a feeling it’s not going to get repealed but maybe there are silent Yes suppprters who daren’t speak out- one can only hope

Anniebach Thu 24-May-18 15:40:01

A young girl spoke today of holding her baby brother her mother had miscarried, she spoke of how perfectly formed he was at 13 weeks

SpanielNanny Thu 24-May-18 15:46:05

I’m not sure I feel about abortion in relation to myself personally, (although that ship has long since sailed!) but it bothers me immensely that these young women do not have control over their own bodies.

I’m from england, but I sincerely hope the yes vote prevails. As maryeliza54 it feels like it would be a victory for all women.

Anniebach Thu 24-May-18 15:58:30

It is such a heart breaking choice it can’t be thought of as a victory , it also means death for some healthy babies

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 16:09:52

Maybe victory isn’t quite the appropriate word but there are no winners in forcing someone to go through with a pregnancy that a woman wants to terminate for whatever reason. The yes supporters wouldn’t enforce abortion on women but the no supporters would force pregnancy and birth on women

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 16:11:50

There are otherwise healthy women who die in many countries in the world or who are permanently disabled because they are forced to carry their pregnancy to term

Ilovecheese Thu 24-May-18 16:18:28

It is a heartbraking choice, but it is the choice of the woman who is pregnant, and her choice only, nobody else should feel entitled to make that choice for her.

SpanielNanny Thu 24-May-18 16:19:04

Oh, Anniebach I do hope I haven’t offended you. Abortion is a terrible decision for anybody to have to make, and I believe that very few if any are undertaken lightly. It is not something I could ever imagine doing myself, however I am very aware how lucky I am to have never been in that position.

Maybe victory is the wrong word, but I believe that it can only be a good thing to at least allow women to have their voices heard. I’m not sure anybody benefits from forcing a pregnancy on a woman.

Anniebach Thu 24-May-18 17:42:03

Not at all SpanielNanny, I just thought healthy babies aborted should be spoken of as well as little mites who are severely handicapped.

Anniebach Thu 24-May-18 17:42:49

Who defends the baby Ilovecheese ?

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 18:20:07

It’s the mothers choice whether she’ll have to baby or not - it’s nobody else’s job to defend the foetus - no one else’s at all - who with any love or compassion would force a woman to carry a baby against her wishes - I think it’s pure evil to do that quite frankly.

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 18:55:00

And the Catholic Church in Ireland really covered itself with glory in the way the nuns treated the young unmarried mothers, stole their babies, lied to the mothers, used the mothers as almost slave labour - yep a lot of defending babies and treating mothers like sub- humans because they’d ‘sinned’.

nigglynellie Thu 24-May-18 18:57:12

I've thought and thought about this, and I think my take on it is that I would approve(?) reluctantly for abortion up to three months. After that, except in extenuating circumstances, I would disapprove pretty vehemently. Oh dear! I suppose I don't like the idea at all, but do understand that we all make mistakes and shouldn't have to bear that for the rest of our lives- It certainly is a conundrum that's for sure.

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 19:01:59

And you do know don’t you ab that some of the aborted foetuses are much wanted babies with fatal foetal syndrome eg the top of their heads missing and no brains and the distraught parents have to go to England for the termination with all the costs and grief associated with that - one woman talking about it this week said she just wanted her mum to give her a hug but she was over the water. And then the ashes are returned in a Jiffy bag in the post - yep, brimming over with love and compassion - that’s the 8th for you

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 19:07:51

Nobody ‘likes’ the idea of abortion I’m sure but some of hate the idea of women being forced to endure a pregnancy against their wishes.And not all abortions are because of ‘mistakes’ Except for a mistake of nature. As for 3 months limit - some condition incompatible with life are only discovered at the 20 week scan or a young frightened girl hides the pregnancy and then there’s the delays arising from having to arrange travel and an appointment in England. As individuals we can disapprove as vehemently as we want - but give women the choice

paddyann Thu 24-May-18 19:36:43

should be the mothers choice no one else has rights over her body ...Ireland needs to vote for abortion,the case of the woman who died after being refused a termination of a baby she was already miscarrying showed how barbaric this law is .Women have abortions for many reasons if they decide its right for them then thats all we need to know .

Anniebach Thu 24-May-18 19:39:01

And no choice for the babies fathers?

Ilovecheese Thu 24-May-18 19:41:18

No, no choice for the father's, it is not their body.

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 19:46:24

When fathers are able to be impregnated and carry a baby to term, then they can have choice. Until that happens they can quite frankly f* off

maryeliza54 Thu 24-May-18 19:48:58

This thread is about repealing the 8th - the 8th makes abortion impossible in Ireland - that’s the issue - impossible

Lazigirl Thu 24-May-18 20:28:35

I also wholeheartedly support the repealing of the 8th amendment, which I think is misogynistic and humiliating for women. It is so hypocritical that it is not an offence for Irish citizens to travel abroad for an abortion, but are denied that right in their own country.