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Labour Live 2018 concert

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Anniebach Sun 17-Jun-18 10:10:41

Did it take place?

First email I received regarding this event tickets £35. Last mail received tickets £10 and free travel to London.

There were 15,000 tickets for sale , according to the Guardian 2,500 were sold. It was to follow the success of Glastonbury last year .

UNITE offered 1,000 free tickets and free travel.

Pop stars due to appear -The Magic Numbers, Hookworms and Rae Morris

gillybob Sun 17-Jun-18 10:14:16

The Magic Numbers are brilliant in concert have seen them with DD several times .....sadly still not worth putting up with Jezza for though .... even if they included free drinks and accommodation and.....

lemongrove Sun 17-Jun-18 14:44:12

The Magic numbers! Dianne Abbot knows all about those.

Seems like the Labour Live gig ( or The Corbyn Show)is a dud.

lemongrove Sun 17-Jun-18 14:45:18

Did anyone watch Tracey Breaks The News the other night?

petra Sun 17-Jun-18 16:33:23

Perhaps all the kidults who worshipped him at Glastonbury now realise that the emperor has no clothes grin

Anniebach Sun 17-Jun-18 16:53:23

Perhaps a coincidence but such a low turnout at the Lewisham bi election ,labour down 17% and now this concert where 15,000 were expected to hear his ‘for the many not the few ‘ speech , only 2,500 tickets sold with price cut from £35 to £10 plus free transport . The government in turmoil but still in the lead in the polls, has Corbyn mania faded ? I so hope so but time will tell I supose.

Yes lemon I watched Tracey Breaks The News and agree it was hilarious ?

petra Sun 17-Jun-18 17:20:13

I think we can all safely assume that Corbyn mania is as dead as John Cleese parrot grin

Anniebach Sun 17-Jun-18 18:13:39

I hope so but UNITE will not give up easily.

JenniferEccles Sun 17-Jun-18 18:25:48

Happily I haven't heard of any of those pop 'stars' but presumably younger people have, yet still very few tickets were sold.

Wake up Corbyn - thankfully you are a spent force.

lemongrove Sun 17-Jun-18 18:28:15

We can but hope Jenn

Annie...... ‘The Workers!’ grin

Anniebach Sun 17-Jun-18 20:59:12

? lemon

PECS Sun 17-Jun-18 22:07:36

Gosh! a you are all a bit mealy mouthed! The Young Conservatives have "do's" too!
I think the effort to engage younger people in current politics is a good thing. Not necessarily my cup of tea but I remember being enthusiastic & passionate about politics all through student days and up intil babies slowed me down a bit. Think any party actively wooing young voters has to be better than ignoring them.

Anniebach Mon 18-Jun-18 08:45:54

there is the Labour Party and there is Corbyn.

PECS Mon 18-Jun-18 09:10:09

Like it or not he is their elected leader. Hard when the majority opinion differs from ones own view!
I live with that most of the time confused

Anniebach Mon 18-Jun-18 09:19:55

Labour Wales has a appointed a deputy leader, she didn’t have the most votes and certaintly not from party members. The candidate with the most votes lost. Ed Milliand ? The same.

JenniferEccles Mon 18-Jun-18 11:08:46

The trouble is, it's the Labour party which is trying to woo young voters, because the inexperienced young are the only ones likely to fall for their idiotic promises of, for example, free university education.

Also it was Labour a while back which was pushing to lower the voting age to 16! Crazy.

gillybob Mon 18-Jun-18 11:09:56

Exactly JenniferEccles promises, promises and more promises.

Anniebach Mon 18-Jun-18 11:14:02

The age Corbyn is targeting are too young to remember what happened in 1983 to 1997, he needs the votes of the young , older party members are leaving the party. Thus he promises rainbows for the young .

Grandad1943 Mon 18-Jun-18 11:20:32

JenniferEccles, and the Tories just promise chaos more chaos, and that is exactly what we get.

Grandad1943 Mon 18-Jun-18 11:23:05

Apologies my post above should have been to gillybob.

JenniferEccles Mon 18-Jun-18 11:36:07

Grandad. Do you honestly think we wouldn't get chaos with a Labour government, especially with Corbyn at the helm?

Of course we would.

Anniebach Mon 18-Jun-18 11:43:01

We have had chaos in the Labour Party since Corbyn became leader in 2015

Grandad1943 Mon 18-Jun-18 11:46:27

JenniferEccles, if there was chaos with a Labour government, it certainly could not be worse than with this current Tory shambles.

Let's face it this Government has made Britain the laughing stock of Europe and the World. Could it get any worse than that.

Grandad1943 Mon 18-Jun-18 11:51:54

It must always be remembered that it was splits and chaos in the Tory party that made it nessisary to have the Brexit referendum. Now that same party does not have a clue how to execute Britain leaving Europe.

What a gang of clowns.

Anniebach Mon 18-Jun-18 12:01:44

All was not sunshine and cheers are the concert, an anti Brexit demo , how did they get in !