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What’s happened to Nigel’s hair? ( warning: this is shallow gossip)

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suzied Fri 29-Jun-18 07:29:10

I know this is shallow but you’ve got to laugh?

suzied Fri 29-Jun-18 07:30:43

Sorry link above didn’t work

MawBroon Fri 29-Jun-18 07:32:42

Run out of “Just for Men” ???

janeainsworth Fri 29-Jun-18 07:40:55

Possibly the dead hand of photoshop.
Not that I’m defending Nigel in any way, you understandgrin

suzied Fri 29-Jun-18 07:45:15

Not photoshopped apparently. Hope this works.

sodapop Fri 29-Jun-18 07:54:40

Nothing sadder than a middle aged man trying too hard. That hair looks like a blonde brillo pad.

Iam64 Fri 29-Jun-18 08:13:13

he's never been an attractive man, on any level, has he. This Trumpstyle hair do does nothing to change that.
Dyed hair on men is never a good look. I used to have mine coloured at the hair dressers but now are au natural. It's so much easier, plus, I'm not 39 any more. Neither is Nigel F. Why do so many men have bad hair dyes? Especially wealthy chaps who could surely afford the hair salon down the road I go to.

merlotgran Fri 29-Jun-18 09:13:05

It looks kind of 'singed'. Maybe his straighteners were too hot?

GabriellaG Fri 29-Jun-18 10:07:14

Looks like straw or horsehair. That is in NO WAY down to the effects of sunlight.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 29-Jun-18 10:13:08

It's a bit sad isn't it when people try to look younger. I'm reading Peter Ustinov's autobiography and he states that the young need the old to actually look old so we can guide them onto this 'higher plain' and advise them that it's not so bad - and it has to beat the alternative.

AlieOxon Fri 29-Jun-18 10:55:34

I knew he ought to be blond! Like the other two blond twits... (Only he's not fat.)

muffinthemoo Fri 29-Jun-18 11:10:09

The thing I always notice about him is that his teeth look black and very discoloured. Which is unusual for someone in politics.

Dillonsgranma Fri 29-Jun-18 11:23:35

Nearly as bad as Paul Macartney. !!! ?

mabon1 Fri 29-Jun-18 11:30:31

leave the man alone, I'm not a fan, but how many of you colour your hair I wonder.

sarahellenwhitney Fri 29-Jun-18 11:31:15

Not what you would call one of his best decisions. He did how ever in his 'younger' days appear to be on the fairer side. Grow old gracefully Nigel.

grandMattie Fri 29-Jun-18 11:40:47

And he's been Tango-ed???

Nanny41 Fri 29-Jun-18 11:50:08

I love Paul McCartney but look at his hair, as bad as Nigels!

Lyndie Fri 29-Jun-18 12:02:57

This is what I hate about anonymous social media. A lot of people feel they can say exactly how they feel and be rude. Our culture is all about manners and people’s feelings. I have no view about Nigel’s hair but I think how I would feel if I had read a thread like this about my hair. I am going to hide behind the sofa now!

GillT57 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:07:27

Agreed Lyndie, but he is such a pompous pr*ck that I for one, take delight in mocking him, anonymously or otherwise. What a buffoon. Maybe he has another woman, someone who only needed him to lighten his hair for him to become her ideal, perfect example of manhood.

Camelotclub Fri 29-Jun-18 12:12:05

Did you know he's a month younger than Brad Pitt?

GillT57 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:14:34

Camelotclub, No! surely not!

Lyndie Fri 29-Jun-18 12:26:35

I would also fight for people’s freedom of speech.

marionk Fri 29-Jun-18 12:30:36

Think he might have been TRUMPed ??

quizqueen Fri 29-Jun-18 13:05:23

Nigel can do whatever he likes with his hair. It's no one else's business. Perhaps some of you should take a long hard look at your own bottle blond locks and see how fake it looks!

MawBroon Fri 29-Jun-18 13:23:27

Oo-er a Farage fan?
Speak for yourself quizqueen