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The idiot Trump!

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phoenix Thu 12-Jul-18 18:12:44

Well, according to him, we have voted to "break up the EU"

Erm, no, the vote was just for leaving. Just goes to show how much of a grasp he has.

I despair, that such an ill informed person is in such a position

I feel sorry for the Queen, having to be polite to such a predatory, sexually assaulting, obnoxious oik.

Jalima1108 Mon 16-Jul-18 15:12:24

and did he get hand-made Duchy Original biscuits or just rich tea?

Fennel Mon 16-Jul-18 15:18:17

Maizie I did O level law in 1982 as a mature student. Then A level, then started a degree. But had to give up during the second year, as it took too much time and I was working fulltime as well.

MaizieD Mon 16-Jul-18 15:30:53

Courts that stop us deporting criminals because they have a pet cat are not the sort that should be allowed to tell us how we can deal with foreign criminals.

Oh please.... that's a myth

Within minutes, a spokesman for the Judicial Office at the Royal Courts of Justice, which issues statements on behalf of senior judges, said: "This was a case in which the Home Office conceded that they had mistakenly failed to apply their own policy - applying at that time to that appellant - for dealing with unmarried partners of people settled in the UK.

"That was the basis for the decision to uphold the original tribunal decision - the cat had nothing to do with the decision."

But then, I don't suppose you believe the Judicial Office of the Royal courts of Justice. Mrs May said it so it must be true.

Why do people waste their time trying to tell the truth about things sad

MaizieD Mon 16-Jul-18 15:39:19

That's a shame, Fennel

gillybob Mon 16-Jul-18 15:52:50

Probs the overpriced Duchy kind Jalima Charlie needs all the money he can get so mummy must put them on her Asda shopping list although I wonder if her maj told DT that Charlie made them himself?

Jalima1108 Mon 16-Jul-18 19:03:33

I like to dunk a Rich Tea myself
(although the Duchy shortbread is very nice)

Vivian123 Fri 20-Jul-18 22:45:41


You are, obviously, a very intelligent person, as your posts prove, but do you really want to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats from Brussels, in preference to our own elected, although not perfect, members of Parliament. We have a say every 4 years about who rules us, in the British Parliament. We only have one vote in 44 at the moment, n Europe and as we are the second biggest payer in the upkeep of those who sponge off the EU, we are being take for a ride. Time to tell Juncker and his crew to get Knotted. I expect you are quite happy to let the gravy train continue, though. I am not!

railman Sun 22-Jul-18 16:23:45

MaizieD - we need to go on telling the truth, and providing evidence - my "once in a lifetime vote" in the 1970s has been discounted by the current bunch of chancers and n'er do wells. And then they have the brass neck to suggest that the vote in 2015 was a once in a lifetime opportunity - what puerile rubbish.

Please keep up your good work of correcting the propagation of the myths - whether it's the lies about not being able to deport people because of EU rules, or the idiotic notion that the UK does not control its own borders.

One suggestion that beggars belief in my mind is that leaving the EU will apparently mean we will take back control of our money! Sometimes I can't believe either how stupid, or lazy thinking people can be.

Iam64 Sun 22-Jul-18 16:39:44

MaizieD and railman - yes indeed.

Vivian 123 - no indeed

railman Sun 22-Jul-18 16:51:04

Vivian123 - from what you repeat about unelected bureaucrats, will that include the Civil Service in Whitehall, who prepare UK Govt. policies?

We do elect MEPs, and Commissioners - as far as I know are appointed through UK Govt.

However - without the EU direction of ESF funds into areas like Merseyside - they would not even have the economy in that region that they possess today. Would you really trust a Tory government to promote and support economic growth fairly across the UK.

Cameron for instance was amongst the UK representatives who vetoed the EU proposal to stop China dumping steel into Europe - that didn't go very well did it. Similarly, during 'Storm Desmond', the EU emergency support funds to help relieve suffering in North West England were not even applied for by the Tories. It was local MP Tim Farron who made the availability of those funds public.

The UK has always been a semi-detached EU member - except in Thatcher's day (^and she did so much damage^), but even she saw the benefits to the UK's economy.

Vivian123 Wed 25-Jul-18 15:34:47

In the 70's, I voted in a referendum to join a Common Market. I did not vote in a referendum to be ruled other than by my own, elected, government, no matter how useless that may be. There has never been a vote to opt to be governed by foreigners, apart from the latest leave/remain referendum, when a majority decided that they had had enough of foreign interference in British affairs. We will be able, hopefully, to get our fishing rights back. We will be able to stop undesirables from entering our Country. We will, again, be able to govern ourselves. I may be stupid in wanting all this, but I am happy to be stupid in a free Country unchained from foreign bureaucracy. Those civil servants, in Whitehall, do draw up contingencies, based on government policy, they do not decide what it is. They do advise and the respective ministers either take that advice or not. Brussels just orders things to be done. I must say that I do feel sorry for those elected MEPs and unelected Commissioners who will have to leave the gravy train, when we eventually leave.