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Rosina Wed 18-Jul-18 10:47:39

I've just looked at the BBC News front page online and seen that Meghan Markle's sister is starting another rant, this time about their father, and saying that she will 'blame Meghan if he dies' (??) Also Mr. Markle is allegedly coming to this country 'without a royal appointment' and will try to see his daughter, and he doesn't care if she is 'p****d' off with him'. This will no doubt provoke much from the loyal band of RF bashers but can you imagine having this particular situation to deal with, in the glare of the media? This lovely sister must be absolutely raking it in with her articles, revelations and threats. What a charmer - wouldn't you just love her as a close relative?

MissAdventure Wed 18-Jul-18 10:53:37

I wonder if she knew beforehand that all this was likely to happen?

Hilltopgran Wed 18-Jul-18 10:54:57

We used to have a carton at home when I was growing up it said:
We are given our relations, thank goodness we can choose our friends!
I have never forgotten it, even though I have lovely relations who I would not change.
The Markle family are not news anymore but some parts of the press must be short of stories to give space to such uninteresting gossip!

Anniebach Wed 18-Jul-18 11:11:15

I have mixed feelings about this, I don’t know the truth, none of us do. Is the sister speaking out for money and attention or revenge for her father. They do seem a most unpleasant family .

All the publicity about the guests Megan invited to her wedding, Oprah Winfrey has said she had only met Megan’s mother once and that was to discuss an interview after the wedding, George Clooney’s wife wasn’t a friend, just someone Megan admired. Seems no one invited were from Megan’s past, just the cast of the tv series she was in.

Nicenanny3 Wed 18-Jul-18 14:00:51

Poor Meghan. Obviously Meghan takes after her Mother and not her ghastly Fathers family.

BlueBelle Wed 18-Jul-18 14:27:29

I m lucky i had a decent family but not everyone does and you can do nothing about that at all except keep your distance which is what the poor girl is obviously trying to do

Bluekitchen192 Thu 19-Jul-18 09:38:01

The sister is being paid to rant as is the father. Quite a lot Don't acknowledge. Say nothing She will go away.

adaunas Thu 19-Jul-18 09:48:36

The media is responsible for this, oh and the people who want to know that sort of stuff (the media will pass the buck by saying it’s in th3 public interest). If she ranted without cameras, who would know?

paddyann Thu 19-Jul-18 10:04:48

It looks to me as if Ms Markle wanted to reinvent herself and leave all her past behind.Including her family....that speaks volumes.I cant abide folk who forget their roots in an attempt to make themselves more important or interesting.
We've all met them..well I have .The ones who went to live abroad and the next thing you hear is they were a member of the SAS ..or the head of a college ,or their parents were super rich and they lost it all in the 80's crash.
Its very sad for the people they want to erase from their lives.Simply because they cant keep up with the fantasy thats been woven or maybe they would ,just by meeting them ,show how false that "previous life" really is

sarahellenwhitney Thu 19-Jul-18 10:41:28

Anniebach I agree and feel that this wedding was about
'celebs' and apart from Meghan's mother no other members of her family were or had been invited?. The media was, and still is our only means of information and whether other relatives had been invited, and declined, we would not have been aware of. I do feel however, and again do not know the truth only what I read, that there was no rush on Meghans part to involve her father in her marriage to Harry. Would more involvement maybe a visit by Meghan to her father pre wedding have put a stop to the rantings of her half sister?
That we will never know but in my view Meghan will continue to reap what she sows unless either she or the palace breaks silence in what ever way they feel appropriate/ productive.

pollyperkins Thu 19-Jul-18 10:49:23

Well I feel sorry for her-must be very embarrassing. I did read that she was keen for her father to come and to give her away but he backed out. The rest of the family seem poisonous and I'm not surprised they weren't invited.

sarahellenwhitney Thu 19-Jul-18 10:53:08

I refer to involvement. Meghan from a visit to the U.S pre wedding would have been informed by her father of his heart condition Whether or not he would escort her down the aisle would have been decided at that moment. The ball is in her court. Only she can put a stop to this barrage of insults coming from her dysfunctional family.

Apricity Thu 19-Jul-18 11:22:45

Jeepers, give the woman a break. Meghan Markle has obviously had a very challenging background and has done a great job of emerging from it as a pretty decent human being with a passion for social justice.

None of us will ever know the ins and outs of it all so there is no point in endless uninformed speculation about what may or may have happened in various scenarios. I'm no great royalist but let's give her credit where credit is due and give her time to find her feet in the complex and arcane world of royalty. She has a great opportunity and the potential to do much good if she is given the chance.

As so many Grans know only too painfully we can't control our own families do imagine what it would be like in the glare of the whole world's media documenting and gloating over every huff and puff. Show some compassion Grans.

Anniebach Thu 19-Jul-18 11:24:12

Are they a dysfunctional family? Her parents are divorced , she lived with her mother. No different to many families.

Her father was an Emmy award winner , one of his granddaughters is a lawyer . Both her parents have filed for bankruptcy, her mother over credit card debts.

They do sound like a very mixed family, many divorces, doesn’t mean they are all low life’s surely.

What is strange is she did not introduce the man she was to marry to her father , hardly a woman keen to involve her father in her new life. I wonder if any of this family attended her first wedding.

Yearoff Thu 19-Jul-18 11:48:16

Anniebach interesting point. She may have been estranged from her family for many years. But it’s not media news to report in her first wedding so we won’t likely find out. Sad situation. My own daughters fell out for years resulting in one being absent at their brother’s wedding and one from the other sister’s wedding. Thankfully they are speaking again but the wedding photographs are a stark reminder of painful times. I wouldn’t have liked media intrusion in our lives at that time.

knspol Thu 19-Jul-18 11:59:20

Very strange situation altogether. Like Anniebach I also wondered why Harry didn't meet future FIL before the wedding. Obviously a lot more to it all than we'll ever know and really, who cares? I would have thought M & H might have made the effort to visit her father after the wedding even if only to put an end to gossip, shut up the family and prevent possible further embarrassment if F does decide to visit UK.

eazybee Thu 19-Jul-18 12:00:37

Not our business.
It is what she does now that matters.
Anyone going to apply for a 'golden ticket' to see the wedding of Eugenie?
No, me neither.

starbird Thu 19-Jul-18 12:10:14

The latest report I read said that her father invented the heart op to avoid the wedding. Who knows if this is true or not, but it does seem that he is a bit of a recluse, and perhaps found the prospect of the ceremony overwhelming. As I may have suggested on here before, it would have been nice is some carefully chosen, down to earth person from the royal family, or staff, were to have gone to the states and visited him and accompanied him back over here.
I thought Harry and Meghan might have met him on their honeymoon? They could have gone to anywhere in the world and met up. Perhaps they are waiting for the hype to die down a bit, if it ever will. In spite if the obvious difficulties it does seem strange that they have not met, as they are not estranged and he was, after all, invited to the wedding. Perhaps he is like me, an introvert, I have bailed out of many outings at the last minute because I can’t make the effort and just want to be alone at home!
I thought her father’s most recent words about Meghan looking strained rang true with some of the recent pictures. Such rubbish has been written about leg crossing and holding hands. She looks far more elegant and royal than Kate did in the early days, with her skirts blowing about and showing her knickers!

Anniebach Thu 19-Jul-18 12:14:07

How does one look Royal?

Kate wasn’t use to cameras in the early days, Megan has had several years of experience with posing for cameras

sarahellenwhitney Thu 19-Jul-18 12:29:57

Dysfunctional. A word created by the media to portray a family the world had no knowledge off or pass judgement on until Prince Harry chose to marry one of their members..Strange is the word I too would chose for a person who did not want to introduce her father let alone the rest of her family to the man she was to marry.
What family would feel 'are we not good enough' when they had to learn from the press one of their relatives was to marry a prince. Harry phoned to ask for Meghan's hand in marriage ?.Who or what prevented him from making a personal visit ?What did he know of her family? They are not I fear, while the money keeps coming, in a hurry to go away.

GabriellaG Thu 19-Jul-18 12:43:43

Harry should have kept his affections for someone whose family were least likely to out their heads above the parapet.
Meghan's family, with the e ception of her mother, are a disgrace.
Her father is using emotional blackmail to get her to contact him.
'Get in touch, otherwise the media interviews will continue'.
Slagging off our royals is uncalled for.
Threatening to turn up at the palace will get him nowhere.
I hope Harry has the gonads to tell Meghan to keep schtum but I'm sure that he would never prevent her from contacting her father if that was what she wanted.
Either way, her dad will have a loose tongue if money is flashed by the likes of the Sun and TMZ.
They would certainly want the A-Z IF Mr Markle were ever to meet her and/or Harry.
Now we read that the heart-attack > hospital > 3 stents op didn't happen.
The hospital said that 'no-one of that name (Markle) had ever been admitted)
Was that true or was Markle Snr admitted under another name?
They're just trash.

GabriellaG Thu 19-Jul-18 12:46:34

* put/exception. Sorry, typing too fast.

paddyann Thu 19-Jul-18 13:24:19

or is the daughter who has effectively disowned them "trash" GabriellaG As I said before I know people who reinvented themselves and left their roots behind them....thats very sad.Ms Marke or duchess of whatever she 's called now isn't what I would want to be or my Daughter ...if you cant be proud of where you come from ..regardless of poverty or "disfunctional parenting" then its a sad day .
As to ANY woman who excludes her immediate family from her life ...well we've all seen the posts on here castigating those AC .Why is it different because of who she married ?

Jaycee5 Thu 19-Jul-18 13:45:31

I feel sorry for her. Hopefully she won't let it affect her too much.
Some of the things people have been writing online have been very harsh. A lot of sentences saying 'She should... or she ought to … ' I think she should do what would make her happy and get on with her new life.
He has made it very difficult for her because obviously can't risk contacting him now given that he disclosed details of his conversation with Harry. If she texted or wrote he can't be trusted to not sell them to the media. He has made his own bed.

Anniebach Thu 19-Jul-18 14:14:13

She is certaintly doing what makes her happy and getting on with her new life, old family discarded , new family the windsors . Time will tell, I hope she is being honest, i don’t like having doubts about her.