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Acid attack on a child

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Anniebach Sun 22-Jul-18 13:09:08

This has terrified me. A 3 year old child has been the victim of an acid attack in Worcester. A 39 year old man in custody, three men caught on camera being traced by the police .

Luckygirl Sun 22-Jul-18 13:16:21

How very very sad - that poor child.

Auntieflo Sun 22-Jul-18 13:24:04

What on earth is this country coming to, when evil things happen like this? Prayers for the child.

gillybob Sun 22-Jul-18 13:25:21

OMG what is wrong with these people ?

The poor child . Words fail me .

Anniebach Sun 22-Jul-18 13:53:47

When a child is murdered or abused we can think this is awful, and it is , the perpetrator may be mentally ill. But three men deliberately targeting a tiny in a shopping area, I am so against the death penalty but want to shoot these men now. How can they hate a three year old

Smileless2012 Sun 22-Jul-18 14:16:35

I don't know how to respond to this apart from saying that shooting is far too good for this scum.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 22-Jul-18 14:18:54

Drop them in an acid bath and let them rot!!!!

M0nica Sun 22-Jul-18 14:36:15

I cannot understand the mindset of anyone who would set out to harm a child like this. Presumably they had a grudge against the parents.

I sometimes think that those who throw acid should have acid thrown at them, but know this could never be permitted, nor would I want it permitted.

nigglynellie Sun 22-Jul-18 14:39:43

That's just appalling, I can't believe I've read this, words just fail me. I just don't know anymore! I too am very opposed to the death penalty, but whatever sort of monster does this to a three year old? Whatever sort of teenager rapes and murders a six year old?! Its just horrifying

Squiffy Sun 22-Jul-18 14:45:34

There really aren’t any words, are there? I’m utterly bewildered and so angry and even more sad

glammanana Sun 22-Jul-18 14:49:15

How on this earth can anyone have the mindset to do something like this,I hope they also catch the ones that ran away and throw away the key.

Jane10 Sun 22-Jul-18 15:18:14

It's unimaginably horrible. What is wrong with someone that they could contemplate such a thing?! Unbearable for the family. The poor poor wee thing too.

Blinko Sun 22-Jul-18 15:22:40

It is unbelievably wicked to target a child like this. Presumably out of spite against one or other parent. Simply too vile to contemplate. What kind of people are these? angry

As for the six year old, I can only think that the teenager must be deranged. Terrible for the parents and also for the grandparents who were looking after her. Poor family sad

Oldwoman70 Sun 22-Jul-18 15:30:28

Words fail me. What have we become that such an attack on a 3 year old child is even contemplated never mind carried out. I hope all the perpetrators are caught and handed very very long sentences.

ninathenana Sun 22-Jul-18 15:51:41

Poor child, poor parents angrysad

String him up by the 'you know whats'

nigglynellie Sun 22-Jul-18 16:02:10

Poor parents of the 16 year old boy - think if that had been one of our sons/grandsons? It doesn't bear thinking about.

Anniebach Sun 22-Jul-18 16:22:27

The little one is from Wolverhampton,I think, and the 39 year old man is also from Wolverhampton. The police are referring to it as a deliberate suspected acid attack on the child who has serious burns to his arm and face.

nanaK54 Sun 22-Jul-18 16:39:46

Poor little love sad

Panache Sun 22-Jul-18 16:43:42

The mind boggles when someone can quite deliberately vent whatever anger or grudge they may holdon a completely innocent 3 year old.
For that child to suffer unmentionable excrutiating burns to both face and arm,needing very painful ongoing treatments beggars belief.

Where do these people get this acid from and what on earth in their very sick minds makes them use it as a weapon............choosing a tiny child..... speaks of such cowardice along with a vile barbaric act.

There are no punishments big enough for such acts,but certainly they should recieve a "like for like" plus be in a cell,alone,for the rest years..............but that of courde means we,the tax payer will be keeping him in great luxury.

Surely time for a return to capital punishment for these extra ordinary acts of this calibre?
This cannot be allowed to be repeated.

My heart goes out to the little lad and his family.
Such suffering when he should be just freely enjoying these early, innocent years of his life.

TerriBull Sun 22-Jul-18 16:45:17

Just read this, how awful too shocking for words, I do hope the poor little soul will recover from this truly awful experience, please God without any damage to his eyes. A very wicked act indeed my heart goes out to him and his parents.

jura2 Sun 22-Jul-18 17:32:44

How tragic- did he know the child? What was the motive? Or a stranger?

Whichever, it is so so dreadful- poor child.

Cherrytree59 Sun 22-Jul-18 17:39:49

Sick to my stomach
Beyond angry angryangry
Praying for the little child and family.

Anniebach Sun 22-Jul-18 17:55:26

The little one has been released from hospital, so no surgery, well no urgent surgery.

Doodle Sun 22-Jul-18 23:07:12

I think many of us will be including this poor family in our prayers tonight. Why anyone would do such a thing is beyond me.

Grandma70s Mon 23-Jul-18 07:13:28

I’ve been thinking that this is probably some kind of revenge attack aimed at a parent, some kind of family feud, carried out on a child rather than an adult through cowardice. I’ll be very surprised if the attackers are total strangers. I don’t know, of course, but that is my guess so far.

I’m shocked by those who want to perpetuate violence by advocating vicious attacks on the perpetrators. Don’t descend to their level.