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oldbatty Wed 12-Sep-18 13:43:48

I don't think it was fair to target his children but they don't really seem like ordinary folk do they?

kittylester Wed 12-Sep-18 13:45:15

What happened oldbatty, I've missed it?

gillybob Wed 12-Sep-18 13:58:04

Hope this helps kitty

"Your daddy is a totally horrible person – lots of people hate him’: Class 'activists' launch sickening tirade at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s CHILDREN – including his six-year-old son – over how much family’s nanny is paid

gillybob Wed 12-Sep-18 13:59:28

Agree not "ordinary folk" at all oldbatty but totally inappropriate behaviour in front of the children.

Anniebach Wed 12-Sep-18 14:13:30

This is vile, abusing children .

Class war? What is happening to this country

oldbatty Wed 12-Sep-18 14:17:06

horrible behaviour.

Anniebach Wed 12-Sep-18 14:47:06

Not ordinary people? Are they Martians ?

gillybob Wed 12-Sep-18 14:49:38

No of course not Annie Maybe "not ordinary folk" was a bad choice of words.

But JRM is rather "strange" (no excuse for verbally abusing his children though).

oldbatty Wed 12-Sep-18 14:51:09

I phrased that badly . I have never paid any attention to him but after seeing him on TV yesterday and reading about the incident today, I was reading up on him.

I was struck by how different the family appears to anybody I have ever known. I wish there was a delete button.

Anniebach Wed 12-Sep-18 14:59:40

What is so different about the man? This I don’t understand.

gillybob Wed 12-Sep-18 15:06:10

I often wish there was delete button oldbatty as it seems I can't say anything lately without putting my foot in it or upsetting someones sensitivities.

Annie I know what oldbatty meant. Not being unkind at all, but he is very unusual.

paddyann Wed 12-Sep-18 15:07:39

then Annie you are in a minority of one,the man lives in a different world or even universe,His opinions and attitudes are those from a different age ...and not a recent age!
He appears to have no empathy or compassion for anyone less well off than himself.Thinks Foodbanks are "a good thing" I could go on and on and on,if this man is in the running as PM then the country really is in a bad way and heading towards worse.
However I agree his children should have been left out of the arguement.They'll discover what he is for themselves when they grow up,or maybe not as they ahve the same background .

kittylester Wed 12-Sep-18 15:20:53

Make that a minority of at least 2!

grumppa Wed 12-Sep-18 15:27:56

Private Eye cover cover had him right some months ago when he was pictured saying Brexit would enable us to negotiate trade deals with Cathay and Mesopotamia.

(Incidentally, the decorated ceiling in Manchester Town Hall lists Cathay as one of the city's trading partners (along with Leeds).

Fennel Wed 12-Sep-18 15:29:53

He's already recently had an unpleasant attack on his home- something to do with having a bigger than average family.
Even though I don't like the man's views, it's horrible to take it out on his children

Anniebach Wed 12-Sep-18 15:46:58

The man is wealthy . He is not alone in the way he speaks.

He is against abortion , he believes life begins at conception, I believe life begins at conception.

He had a nanny when a child and as is quite usual she now has a home with him and his family.

He is ‘old money’ , good thing those who say he is different don’t live where I live, you would probably have high blood pressure , we have quite a few country estates, quite a few ‘old money’ families. As for accents, good grief , listen to retired army officers.

I do not agree with his politics, I like the fact he remains unruffled, I find him amusing and so respect his obvious care for a woman who partly brought him up. She will never have to worry about being placed in sheltered accommodation.

wildswan16 Wed 12-Sep-18 15:58:33

I can respect JRM for sticking to his own values and beliefs. They may not always agree with mine, but at least he is totally honest, and his constituents knew exactly what and who they were voting for.

BlueBelle Wed 12-Sep-18 16:03:58

He’s a pompous, arrogant twit but I totally agree that should not have happened at all especially in front of the children (poor little things with their pretentious upper class names) Verbal abuse is horrible and I hope that nasty flat capped man is warned off by the police
Rees Mogg always comes into my minds eye wearing a top hat and walking in front of a funeral corsage

OldMeg Wed 12-Sep-18 16:07:09

Yes he’s all of those things BlueBelle

Anniebach Wed 12-Sep-18 16:09:40

I am sure his daughters are relieved they are not named Courtney or Kylie

POGS Wed 12-Sep-18 16:17:34

Vile abusive people are simply that vile abusive people.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and other Conservative MP's have become as much of a target to suffer hate crime and abuse as some of the Labour MP's and Councillors.

This is just the latest incident that the Rees-Mogg family have been subjected to by ironically those who called him ' scum '.

This happened to the family not long ago.:-

" Vandals have spray painted the words "posh scum" on the home of Jacob Rees-Mogg and left a purple sex toy on his car.

The North East Somerset MP is thought to have been on holiday with his family when the vandals attacked his house in West Harptree, Somerset.

The words "posh scum" and "shut up and die" were sprayed across his windows and car during the attack on Wednesday night (August 1).

Condoms were also left near the grounds of the Tory MP’s house.

An anarchy symbol was left on his Range-Rover, together with a purple dildo."

Of course there will be fellow travellers with those who have done this and it cannot fail to be noticed the rhetoric that follows Rees-Mogg by those who go beyond holding a different opinion to him into the realm of hatred . They no doubt find this either amusing or what he deserves.

Whatever happened to the promise of ' a gentler kind of politics ' ?

What a load of twaddle that proves to be virtually on a daily basis. No MP or councillor, indeed nobody full stop should have to put up with such puerile , cowardly behaviour but sadly over the last couple of years it has been allowed to flourish. Anonymity is the cowards playground!

You may not like Rees - Mogg but if you defend such action I despair at where this will all end up. AGAIN.

Anniebach Wed 12-Sep-18 16:20:16

Pretentious upper class names ?

Alfred. Tom. Peter. Anselm. Sixtus. Mary.

I don’t like Sixtus , but the other five pretentious?

BlueBelle Wed 12-Sep-18 16:23:44

Well I think Courtney might be better than the mouthful these poor kids have been landed with What normal parents knowing kids can get the Micky taken over names christens their kids
Peter Theodore Alphege
Tom Wentworth Somerset Dunstable
Mary Anne Charlotte Emma
Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher
Anslem charles Fitzwilliam
I do agree the girl came off the best ?

Anniebach Wed 12-Sep-18 16:26:11

How often are children addressed by their full names ?

Beau Wed 12-Sep-18 16:37:38

I would like JRM to be PM - I find him a breath of fresh air after allowing these mealy mouthed centrist so called Conservatives. That Peter Bone or whatever his name is should have been arrested by the policeman standing there looking dumb - if that was not a 'hate crime' what is? Verbally abusing children though - disgraceful.