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Brexit induced poverty. Worth it?

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MaizieD Wed 28-Nov-18 08:49:05

Yet again we are told that Brexit will make us poorer (Chancellor R4 this morning.

I wonder how many of our Gnet Leavers wil be happy to take a hit on their incomes/spending power for 'the cause'.

And how they feel about condemning half their fellow citizens to unwanted diminished economic prospects? (The Remain half, I mean.)

maryeliza54 Fri 30-Nov-18 18:44:20

And they think that crystal because that’s what they would really like to happen so they say ‘told you so’

andycameron69 Fri 30-Nov-18 18:50:05

Hello, all will be fine once we totally leave. I am so proud of my UK, we will do well and prosper.. Best wishes, and it was leave that won by the majority....

oldbatty Fri 30-Nov-18 18:53:03

It's so easy to set up an account here isn't it?

Doesn't make for trust at all.

crystaltipps Fri 30-Nov-18 20:46:49

Yes maryeliza I’m sure some are just hoping that the EU implodes as that’s what they are predicting, but from outside looking in its the UK that’s imploding.

MaizieD Fri 30-Nov-18 22:36:15

but from outside looking in its the UK that’s imploding.

I have no doubt that Leavers would say that the UK's implosion is the fault of the EU grin

varian Tue 04-Dec-18 11:08:13

Bank of America completes Brexit switch with 100 staff moving to Dublin

gillybob Tue 04-Dec-18 11:19:21

The hardest thing about watching the results on referendum night was Sunderland voting Leave. If ever a region had a real reason to be grateful for the EU it was Sunderland. Nissan moved there because of access to the EU market. It's reckoned that some 37,000 jobs in the area are dependent on Nissan and they will go if we leave. The NE can't afford that

Exactly MazieD . There are so many SME’s here in the NE relying on tiered supply to Nissan . I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen to the region if Nissan pulled the plug . Very worrying .

Sunderland is a big city with some very “difficult” areas. I think that the leave vote was their way of blaming the EU ( and probably immigrant workers) for everything wrong in their struggling economy . They should of course looked a lot closer to home and successive governments on both sides who have let this region down big style .

varian Tue 04-Dec-18 11:31:05

The problem is getting folk in places like Sunderland who voted Leave as a protest against things which were nothing to do with the EU, to start to look at facts and evidence and understand before it is too late that they were misled.

Many leavers seem unable to do this, because their emotional attachment to that position is constantly reinforced by the brexit lies they are still bombarded with daily.

GillT57 Tue 04-Dec-18 12:00:52

Gillybob I sat up and watched the referendum results and as soon as the Sunderland vote came in I knew it was all over. Within my own family, one cousin voted leave. Her life is not how she hoped it would be, chiefly due to spending more than they earned ( holidays to US, new furniture on a very regular basis etc.), she is now retired and hard up and somehow is blaming the EU/the Romanians in the local car wash for this, not the Tory government inspired austerity, a Tory government which she always votes for by the way. I am sure she is not alone.

MaizieD Tue 04-Dec-18 12:08:50

as soon as the Sunderland vote came in I knew it was all over.

Me too, GillT.

After the vote people were telling me that Nissan would never leave because the UK workforce was the very best they had and the Sunderland plant their most profitable. But that's really not enough when it comes to frictionless trade with a very big market.

I think some Sunderlanders may have changed their minds since then, though.

Labaik Tue 04-Dec-18 14:38:43

The leave leaflet stated that Nissan wouldn't depart if leave won, although I would imagine that Nissan workers were advised to vote remain; Rolls Royce certainly did but Derby voted leave, too.

oldbatty Tue 04-Dec-18 14:42:59

the Romanians in the car wash....if it wasn't so awful it would be funny

varian Tue 04-Dec-18 15:03:50

Toyota has said a no-deal Brexit would put production of £10m worth of cars a day at risk as it urged MPs to ratify Theresa May’s deal next week. The deputy managing director of the Japanese car manufacturer said business could not understand why the UK should “go back to square one” in negotiations just because the deal was not perfect.

Giving evidence to a parliamentary select committee, Tony Walker said disruption to its supply chain as a result of the UK crashing out of the EU would put its Deeside and Burnaston plants on “stop-start” production for weeks or months, putting jobs and wages in jeopardy.

He told the business select committee the issue was not only that Toyota had truckloads of parts dispatched daily across the Dover-Calais route, but that they came over the Channel in a specific order tied to the production sequence. “We do not just have the 50 trucks, we have to have them in sequence, it is no good if we have 49 trucks and truck 17 is missing,” he said. “[Production] will then stop. So without the withdrawal agreement and withdrawing with a no deal, we would have stop-start production for weeks, possibly months. It would be very, very difficult for us to cope with. The value of the cars we make is £10m a day. If we lose that sort of value it’s very, very challenging for us.”

Toyota came to Britain 30 years ago at the invitation of Margaret Thatcher, he told MPs. He said Japanese businesses were “disappointed” with Brexit because the former prime minister had persuaded them to set up in the UK as their European hub. “[She said] come to the UK because this is the place you can build cars as part of the EU and you can export to the EU.”

Walker told the committee the company had to stop production several times during the disruptions on the Dover-Calais route in 2015. "We had considerable trouble. It took us about two months to get back where we should have been because of trucks out of sequence. We had a huge buildup in parts, they were on trailers – we have no warehouses,” He also revealed for the first time publicly that less than 20% of car parts the company used were British. This would present a problem under any future trade arrangements with Britain because most trade deals around the world require 50% of a product to originate from the country of import, he said.

GillT57 Tue 04-Dec-18 15:05:27

Indeed oldbatty. She is another one who mutters on about 'foreigners cluttering up" the A&E dept but cannot see that most of them are the staff! Sadly this kind of ill informed attitude is quite common.

oldbatty Tue 04-Dec-18 15:19:44

I sort of like the fact that EU immigration is down and non EU is up.

I have to try to find some amusement in the ghastly situation.

GillT57 Tue 04-Dec-18 16:56:13

Varian this detailed and coherent report will be dismissed as project fear. Medical staff leaving in droves major employers expressing disquiet, economists forecasting a drop in GDP but still people dismiss the very realistic fears. I think we are in for a very interesting few days.

Lazigirl Tue 04-Dec-18 17:10:19

The Government is to publish Brexit legal advice in full after MPs find it in contempt of UK Parliament. About time.

mcem Tue 04-Dec-18 17:20:17

In contempt of many voters too, whether supporting leave or remain! Treating us a children who don't need to know the details as the grownups will deal with it!
It's about time the Cabinet had their wrists slapped and told to get a grip!

varian Tue 04-Dec-18 18:41:33

I am glad to signs that at long last, MPs are beginning to stand up for their true beliefs. Well done especially to those Tories who stood up to the bullying of their party whips.

Labaik Tue 04-Dec-18 19:58:14

I really can't believe what is happening to British politics. It's really frightening.

varian Thu 06-Dec-18 11:04:07

Sainsbury's boss warns food 'can't be stockpiled' for no-deal Brexit