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"There will be NO renegotiation!" says Juncker for EU. Let us get out NOW!

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Day6 Wed 12-Dec-18 14:05:39

So, the EU will tie us to them forever and tell us when we can leave, and which trade deals we broker with other countries are acceptable.

I really, really hope there is a well-developed plan B, because our dealing with the WTO has to be the best deal for the UK.

NO DEAL has to be the way forward.

I think we are seeing just how tied and powerless we will be if we allow Brussels to continue to pull our strings.

suzied Thu 13-Dec-18 10:44:21

I think I will buy an EU flag and join them

trisher Thu 13-Dec-18 10:53:55

I'm waving my virtual flag with you

Welshwife Thu 13-Dec-18 11:52:13

One man is there every day waving his flag - I think you will find he is a British citizen and not in danger of needing to leave.

PamelaJ1 Thu 13-Dec-18 12:08:57

Is that the man who bought a longer pole when the TV company(ITV?) built a stand so the cameras could avoid him?

Opal Thu 13-Dec-18 12:39:27

varian speak for yourself, the EU flag has never been my flag and never will be.

Nicenanny3 Thu 13-Dec-18 12:45:04

How sad waving EU flags what sad little lives some must have obviously not working unless getting paid by Remainers pathetic. Also pathetic to support the EU and not your own country no pride. Frightened of change imagine if we hadn't had Churchill or Margaret Thatcher and just surrendered although some on here would have supported that stance.

lemongrove Thu 13-Dec-18 12:56:04

Can anyone imagine any other nation waving the EU flag and not their own?! grin Wouldn't happen.
Likewise other nations do not see themselves as ‘European’ rather than French/Italian/Spanish etc, but suddenly Remainers ( hardline) now feel European rather than British/English/Welsh/Scots/?......what nonsense.

maryeliza54 Thu 13-Dec-18 12:58:17

Well I won’t argue about Churchill but as for the rest ?

Jane10 Thu 13-Dec-18 12:58:30

Nicenanny that's the sort of comment that makes brexiteers look so foolish. Of course I'm Scottish and British too. Supporting the EU does not preclude this.

maryeliza54 Thu 13-Dec-18 13:01:14

Whenever I go to Europe, it’s very usual to see the EU flag flying on public buildings along with their national and regional flag - this year I saw it all the time in the Baltic States. Where do you get some of your ideas from lemon

trisher Thu 13-Dec-18 13:08:15

Actually Nicenanny3 your post makes me want to wave my EU flag all the more. I am British but I am also European. There are people from the EU living here and Brits living in other EU countries. As for Churchill and Maggie Thatcher now there are two people who could change their minds when necessary. Leavers would do well to follow their examples

lemongrove Thu 13-Dec-18 13:08:21

I could well ask you the same question MaryE !
As for public buildings, yes of course, but we weren’t talking of those were we.

paddyann Thu 13-Dec-18 13:12:39

I cant speak for anyone but me ,I'm Scottish and European I have never and will never say I'm British ...not under ANY circumstances .The way the Westminster clowns have treated Scotland over Brexit is nothing short of abysmal...Dont leave us ...lead us they said in 2014 ..the ONLY way you can remain in the EU is by voting NO they said.Liars one and all .We're their cash cow and they want to keep us under their thumb.By fair means (not likely) or foul !!

lemongrove Thu 13-Dec-18 13:23:59

But you are British, whether you like it or not paddy and it’s been clear for ages now that you don’t. wink

maryeliza54 Thu 13-Dec-18 13:30:45

Well on the Brexit Betrayal March last week, some nice little Nazis were waving the flag of Generation Identity - a pan European far right white group. Hummmm

But also the Union Flag so that’s all right then

Bridgeit Thu 13-Dec-18 13:32:40

I am a human, I live in a world of inequality, I am grateful that I am not starving, or homeless, I am also grateful that I live in this country, I don’t feel diminished by being part of the EU, but I do fear for the mindset & backwards thinking of hardline Brexiteers. We live in an uncertain changing world where cooperation & unity far out ways the battle mentality that many are adopting. It didn’t& doesn’t need to be this way. The world needs more unity not less.

suzied Thu 13-Dec-18 13:49:20

I am glad to be an EU citizen and enjoy seeing the flag , its everywhere in Milan. Doesn't make me less British , or Irish, or whatever passport I happen to hold. Lots of British people are sad that their EU citizenship is being taken from them, perhaps there should be an opt-in for people to remain EU citizens (those in NI can - why are they getting treated differently from the rest of the country?) Wouldn't be compulsory, so those Brexiteers wouldn't have to have it if they feel undermined by it.

Bridgeit Thu 13-Dec-18 13:56:50

Good idea suzied. ?

maryeliza54 Thu 13-Dec-18 14:05:06

I have Ode to Joy as my doorbell tune atm and the EU symbol on my car number plate. The EU flag means even more to me now than before as my EU citizenship is being taken away.

maryeliza54 Thu 13-Dec-18 14:13:24

One of the most wonderful moments of the B.B. march was when one of the little fascists tried to set fire to an EU flag with his cigarette lighter - he couldn’t because the material was flame retardant (EU regulations). Bless

PECS Thu 13-Dec-18 14:23:10

Why would the club you want to quit and that you have been rude about fall over themselves to make it easy and beneficial for you?

Bridgeit Thu 13-Dec-18 14:35:02

That’s so funny Maryeliza.
Exactly Pecs .

varian Thu 13-Dec-18 14:35:46

The best way forward would be for parliament to immediately rescind Article 50, allowing us to retain our EU membership.

Of course some brexiters might not like it but perhaps they could be allowed to give up their rights as EU citizens and their votes in EU elections, join the long queues at airports and pretend that they've got their own little brexit.

maryeliza54 Thu 13-Dec-18 14:35:55

Well you’ll get no answer to that PECS but I guess you knew that.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 13-Dec-18 14:45:03

The EU doesn't want the UK, it wants the millions we contribute to their budget, of which we get a very small portion back. The EU decides what projects they want to support in the UK, the EU has only 3 nett contributors the UK being one of them.