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This deserves its own thread - could the Government sink any lower

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maryeliza54 Thu 13-Dec-18 23:47:18

We are truly in the swamp . He sent 2000 texts btw - not just a one-off late night ‘mistake’. JP says she intends to read all of them out when the DV bill is next back in the house - I hope she does.

Eloethan Thu 13-Dec-18 23:58:12

Truly shocking and disgraceful, I agree.

Day6 Fri 14-Dec-18 00:35:29

Message deleted by Gransnet for breaking our forum guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

maryeliza54 Fri 14-Dec-18 01:00:38

FFS Day6 could there be a more ignorant post about JP than yours? Your post demonstrates no knowledge whatsoever about her commitment to abused women( and long beforeh she became an MP) and is breathtaking in its utter stupidity and frankly shitty - a contender for most fact free GN post - and goodness is there some competition

Day6 Fri 14-Dec-18 02:44:49

I am quite familiar with Jess Phillips MP thank you! I rather like her.

I do hope you feel better for you extremely rude, needless and OTT tirade maryeliza54

Your anger and outbursts regarding other posters knows no bounds. I suggest you get a sense of proportion. This is a message board. You'd certainly win the award for incivility.

crystaltipps Fri 14-Dec-18 07:49:17

I’m not sure why the unpleasant reference to Ken Livingstone has got to do with anything other than to try and score party political points totally irrelevantly. I thought the Priti Patel comment about starving the Irish was a new low as well.

Anja Fri 14-Dec-18 08:35:39

maryeliza54 I actually don’t think the Award for Incivility? would go to you!

Anniebach Fri 14-Dec-18 08:42:01

And what of Corbyn laying a wreath for terrorists who murdered innocent Olympic athletes. Oh yes , he said he was there but didn’t know if he was involved.

Corbyn who praised an anti semetic wall mural , oh yes, he said he didn’t look closely at it.

Corbyn who was in an anti semetic group on line, oh yes , he said he didn’t read the posts.

Anja Fri 14-Dec-18 08:43:04

If you were indeed ‘familiar with Jess Phillips’ GG then I suggest you would also have been ‘familiar’ with her work in this area.

Anja Fri 14-Dec-18 08:44:37

What has Corbyn to do with abuse of women? confused

Anniebach Fri 14-Dec-18 08:50:13

Jess Phillips received 600 threats of rape,

EllanVannin Fri 14-Dec-18 09:01:33

And our country is run by a bunch slobs like this ? Shame on the lot of them if that's all they've got to do with their time.

Nicenanny3 Fri 14-Dec-18 09:06:15

I am not condoning Andrew Griffiths behaviour its disgraceful but why didn't the 2 barmaids he was texting just block him instead of answering his texts or did they think they could profit from this and have 5 minutes of fame, makes you wonder.

Nicenanny3 Fri 14-Dec-18 09:07:35

Also what about Keith Vaz and the male escorts lol.

Anniebach Fri 14-Dec-18 09:07:35

Verbal abuse of abuse of women and racism ? neither man should be an MP

Anja Fri 14-Dec-18 10:55:56

Totally agree Annie

Sounds like NN thinks these woman were in the wrong somehow.

Anja Fri 14-Dec-18 10:56:31

Barmaids are still women in my book.

Anniebach Fri 14-Dec-18 11:00:40

Keith Vaz, not the same. So many men had to live a secret life if homosexual. Not coming out is not to be compared with verbal abuse and racism surely?

Nicenanny3 Fri 14-Dec-18 13:38:55

Anja of course they are still women but they didn't have to reply to him they could have blocked him but they didn't. Don't think I am sticking up for him because I am not.

Day6 Fri 14-Dec-18 13:45:45

I have absolutely no idea why my answer to the OK was deleted. Are we not allowed to call MPs would-be if they behave badly? Are we not allowed to speculate why an MP intends to go through hundreds of text messages?

Day6 Fri 14-Dec-18 13:49:09

My tablet does its own thing...grrr.

Day6 Fri 14-Dec-18 13:50:41

We can call sleazy MPs "would be s" It wasn't what I typed.

Buffybee Fri 14-Dec-18 14:37:31

I read your post Day6 and also can't see where it broke the Guidelines.
It seems to me that a certain person, who thinks that their opinions are not to be disagreed with, may have reported you.
Why start a thread if you don't want a discussion or different points of view?

Nicenanny3 Fri 14-Dec-18 14:40:38

I read your post Day6 couldn't see anything wrong with it. I suppose a certain poster reported it, how sad some people are.

Anniebach Fri 14-Dec-18 15:43:53

Read you post Day6 nothing offensive