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Lyndiloo Thu 13-Jun-19 02:14:31

Well, there's 10 left in the race to be our next Prime Minister and voting starts tomorrow.

Who would you LIKE to be the next leader of the Tory party?

And who would you BET on?

MaizieD Thu 13-Jun-19 06:57:42

Why are you shouting at us? This isn't the Games forum, you know.

I'd like to see the tories completely obliterated and I don't give a monkeys as to who their next leader is; they are all dire. Even Rory (who appears to be the thinking woman's tory).

BlueBelle Thu 13-Jun-19 07:07:18

Don’t shout lyndiloo
Totally agree with your political views maizie

GracesGranMK3 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:13:01

I'm afraid I have to agree with Maizie. I had hopes RS was human but he has written an article today which shows he has only got as far as Mrs T's household economics and yesterday he could not even back his own views.

If this was a TV script I would have reached the point where the only way forward would be a wheeze that wipes out the whole group. Life, sadly, will leave us with the overwhelming depression of them still being here and still, perversely, controlling our lives. I do not give them that right and I do not believe the majority of this county would have done. It is only the wretched five year parliament that lets them hang on.

Niobe Thu 13-Jun-19 08:24:28

I don't want to see any of them as PM but I do not want to see Corbyn in No10 either. I think Boris is going to get it and he will be dire but it will mean we leave the EU so that should finish off that one-trick-pony , Farage.
PS I did not vote Leave

Urmstongran Thu 13-Jun-19 08:30:05

I voted Leave.
I think Boris will romp it.
He knows Farage and his Brexit Party are watching and waiting ...
We will leave on 31 October in my opinion.

Davidhs Thu 13-Jun-19 08:31:38

Dire they may be but one is going to become PM Boris in particular, is promoting reducing taxes for the rich and other policies that may appeal to Tory party members.
He has also mentioned suspending parliament - can he do that?.

Pittcity Thu 13-Jun-19 08:32:09

I agree with Maisie.
Rory seems to be the best of a bad bunch.

kittylester Thu 13-Jun-19 08:37:25

I am Tory by inclination but Boris's tax cut plans are horrifying.

sodapop Thu 13-Jun-19 08:40:11

I agree with you Niobe looks like Boris is the front runner though. There is not one contender who I could support unreservedly.

Caledonai14 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:40:37

I can't speak for Lyndiloo, of course, but I read the caps as emphasis, not shouting. smile

I agree with Maisie and GGmk3 about RS who was on Radio Scotland this morning saying Mrs May's deal would be the one to get us out of the mess. sigh

The Tories were quite happy to dump the five-year rule for elections when it suited them. I have wondered why people who were very new MPs and who lost their seats in that last election haven't tried to sue for loss of earnings as many had put their other lives on hold and would have had unplanned housing and family disruption a lot sooner than they bargained for (only a little sorry and not at all for the rich ones).

None of the PM candidates have the slightest idea of the worries, lives and concerns we ordinary folk have. The bulk of them want to threaten the EU with a "no deal" scenario which isn't going to work at this stage.

I've concluded that we are all going over the cliff just so that these Tories can find out for themselves how bad it will be - and I'm willing to bet none of them will lose their jobs or find it difficult to afford basic necessities afterwards.

GabriellaG54 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:40:55

I would like to see Esther in the chair but I fear that she's not as 'high profile' as some of the others.
I have a large bet on Boris being the next PM and with his new other half keeping her eye on him, I think he'll do very well and much better than many people think.

Anniebach Thu 13-Jun-19 08:41:14

Rory if it was compulsory to choose one, but the opposition fills me with dread too.

GabriellaG54 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:42:35

Negativity is not good for one's health.

Anniebach Thu 13-Jun-19 08:45:03

Facing facts is not being negative.

dragonfly46 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:45:18

There is not an ounce of integrity in any of the present MP’s over all parties and it would seem that the most self-serving of all of them will be voted in. I am ashamed of what our country has become.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:46:15

I like to think that Boris saying we shall definitely be leaving on 31/10 will help to secure an eleventh hour deal with the EU.

Davidhs Thu 13-Jun-19 08:51:00

We’ve had several 11th hours already be sure the EU will stand firm, it’s Boris that will have to bend

Firecracker123 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:53:17

Boris for PM, in my opinion he is the only one who will get us out of the EU on the 31st October fingers crossed deal or no deal.

jura2 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:54:24

MaizieD for PM.

And yes, if we have to have someone else - Stewart is the best of an amazingly horrifyingly awful lot.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:55:16

Davidhs, of course we have had several eleventh hours under Theresa May.

With a new "leave PM", if/when we leave with no deal on the 31/10 I think the EU will realise that the UK is serious and a new deal will emerge pretty dam quick.

GabriellaG54 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:56:36

There are 10 up for grabs.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:57:42

Where on earth did it all go so wrong. I suppose some academic will come up with an answer eventually, but I don’t think we deserve what we are getting.

GabriellaG54 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:58:33

No-one knows the actuality of events post Brexit. It's supposition, not fact.

MaizieD Thu 13-Jun-19 08:58:36


On most online forums the convention is that capital letters = shouting.

bold for emphasis