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Is Harry less popular now?

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Ohmother Mon 12-Aug-19 15:25:44

Reading on the BBC News page that Harry is less popular since booking up with Megan. I thought I liked Megan and that she would be a calming influence but now I think she’s influencing him to a ridiculous degree and they are both behaving like Hollywood divas. What are your thoughts?

RosieLeah Mon 12-Aug-19 20:58:14

Indeed, Teetime...but back then, we had a stronger government, who didn't allow them to have their own way. Now we have weak sycophants who want to be seen as modern and progressive.

The way things are going, our Royal family will soon be royal in name only.

SirChenjin Mon 12-Aug-19 21:06:16

Society has changed so much that the Govt couldn’t stop them if they tried. They’re not actually doing anything wrong, they’re just intensely annoying imo - but they have a huge global following so someone obviously approves of their witterings

MissAdventure Mon 12-Aug-19 21:07:58

Having read threads on here, I wouldn't have thought he could ever get less popular than he was!

Anniebach Mon 12-Aug-19 21:08:55

Many love celebrities now and they are certainly in the celebrity class

stella1949 Mon 12-Aug-19 21:15:23

Zipping around in private jets and then telling us how to save the planet - really ? I find him pompous and self opinionated these days.

Anniebach Mon 12-Aug-19 21:24:24

M0nica Mon 12-Aug-19 21:31:37

Surely, it is just the way families go. With the Queen in her 90s (and Prince Phillip approaching 100, life for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is getting more serious and mainstream, while their three children have pushed Prince Harry down the succession line.

I think Prince Harry and his wife are just trying to find a course in life that is purposeful and useful as their place in the Royal family diminishes. They are making mistakes, but will probably soon find their niche.

Ohmother Mon 12-Aug-19 21:55:44

Namsnanny. totally agree with your post.

crystaltipps Tue 13-Aug-19 05:41:00

Farage is just dog whistling to the racist element that hate Meghan and espouse that hatred online in a vile manner.

Firecracker123 Tue 13-Aug-19 07:16:43

Rubbish you are as bad as David Lammy who brings race and colour into everything.

crystaltipps Tue 13-Aug-19 07:20:36

If you don’t believe that Meghan is a target for online racist hate - just have a look at Twitter.

SirChenjin Tue 13-Aug-19 08:11:28

Of course there's a racist undertone to Farage's bile - it's what he does and who he appeals to.

TwiceAsNice Tue 13-Aug-19 08:22:07

I find her hard to warm too. She is not as natural as Kate and has a rather entitled air. He appears to agree with everything she decides and I find that off putting.

Also don’t preach to the masses about what they should do when you lead such a privileged lifestyle.

Anniebach Tue 13-Aug-19 08:59:43

She doesn’t seem to have a sense of humour and he seems to have lost his.

Jabberwok Tue 13-Aug-19 10:12:43

I agree! Prince Harry always seemed a lovely lad, good with people and seemed to genuinely care about others less fortunate than himself (Invictus games!) Now he seems aloof, anxious, slightly belligerent and clearly completely in thrall to his wife! Whereas once he would have supported his brother in the run up to him being king, he now seems to actively pull against him, and although there could be more to it than meets the eye, it does seem a pity that these two now seem poles apart when once they were so close!

Anniebach Tue 13-Aug-19 10:28:14

Has he found a mother ?

henetha Tue 13-Aug-19 10:31:54

I don't want to start bitching about Meghan, but I do think, sadly, that Harry seems less popular since his marrriage.
We can't really know what goes on, can we, but even I, - a fervent monarchist, - am beginning to feel uncomfortable about H & M.

Poppyred Tue 13-Aug-19 10:40:12

Varian full of vitriol as usual....... ??

blondenana Tue 13-Aug-19 10:43:32

I think Meghan is trying to be like Princess Diana

Anniebach Tue 13-Aug-19 10:47:43

blondenana yes, this is why I said ‘has he found a mother’

Jabberwok Tue 13-Aug-19 12:01:06

I think you could well be right Annie . Part mother, part wife! Obviously his real mother wouldn't have created barriers between him and his brother, but perhaps that's the wife bit!!!? Mrs Simpson anyone?!!

wicklowwinnie Tue 13-Aug-19 12:17:42

The Queen, as always, comes out of everything very well.
She must have such misgivings about the future. I think William will make a fine King. His adulterous father should
have abdicated like the Duke of Windsor.

Anniebach Tue 13-Aug-19 12:31:05

Only a king or queen can abdicate

SirChenjin Tue 13-Aug-19 12:38:29

If every adulterous king or queen throughout history had abdicated the RF would look very difficult to today's

eazybee Tue 13-Aug-19 12:49:05

I remember my parents, ardent royalists, talking disparagingly about the Dukes of Kent, Gloucester and Windsor; having watched some of 'The Queen's lost family' (?) last night I can see why.