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Bercow being ousted

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Urmstongran Sun 08-Sep-19 07:40:59

Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom confirms for the first time that the Conservative Party will defy convention and put up a candidate against him in the next Election.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Sep-19 07:44:50

Every convention is being defied. It is a disaster to this mother of democracies.

suziewoozie Sun 08-Sep-19 07:52:41

Petty and childish. That should ensure his cooperation until then - he’ll be really frit.

Calendargirl Sun 08-Sep-19 07:52:47


Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Sep-19 07:55:27

More flouting of our laws. Let us hope Johnson can be made to understand that the rule of law includes him as well
Jo Maugham QC
Twitter, please help!

We will be issuing further proceedings on Tuesday to compel Boris Johnson to adhere to the law in the so-called Benn Act. We want to put before the Court all the evidence that he plans not to. 1/2
Please reply to these tweets with REFERENCED examples to Hansard, newspaper reports or media interviews of him (or Cummings) saying he won't adhere to the law; or statements by Cabinet colleagues which suggest he won't.

Urmstongran Sun 08-Sep-19 07:56:23

I thought this thread was about Bercow.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Sep-19 07:57:32

I think it is about defying all our historical conventions and rule of law.

Urmstongran Sun 08-Sep-19 08:52:48

Perhaps try reading the title of the thread again?

GagaJo Sun 08-Sep-19 08:52:53

Johnson is exactly as we knew he would be before he got in, given his past offences. A disgusting man who would do anything to get power.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 08-Sep-19 08:56:04

I do not like Bercow, he has in my opinion got “delusions of grandeur”.

Nico97 Sun 08-Sep-19 08:57:11

Back to the thread - can't happen soon enough for Bercow.

Nico97 Sun 08-Sep-19 08:58:08

Sorry GG13 crossed posts smile

Luckygirl Sun 08-Sep-19 09:01:38

Not mad about Bercow myself, but I am mad about democracy. He has done nothing wrong.

Boosgran Sun 08-Sep-19 09:02:39

Good. Fingers crossed they rid of him.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Sep-19 09:05:02

lucky exactly.

Anniebach Sun 08-Sep-19 09:05:32

There is no parliamentary law against standing against the speaker , it is a custom.

Is it democracy that voters in the constituency of the speaker
cannot vote ?

Davidhs Sun 08-Sep-19 09:10:13

I think Bercow did an excellent job of silencing the rowdy commons and allowing our PM to speak - and dig himself in even deeper.
Of course Bercow was manipulating the agenda but the majority of MPs wanted that, isn’t that what he is there for, to ensure the will of parliament.

Alima Sun 08-Sep-19 09:14:40

Wouldn’t say I am mad about democracy, seems a weird thing to say. I am pro democracy though. That’s out of the window now isn’t it? The Remain MPs won’t allow democracy to take its course. The gloves are off and both sides are digging in, to hell with the electorate.

Amagran Sun 08-Sep-19 09:22:37

This country has a Parliamentary Democracy*. Bercow has simply supported this fundamental principle. We elect MPs who make decisions on our behalf*. All Bercow has done is to enable the democratic process and to stop senior members of the government from subverting and running rough-shod over it. In other words, he was doing his job, whether or not we like it or him.

*Which is why the referendum could only ever by advisory.

GracesGranMK3 Sun 08-Sep-19 09:31:44

Yet another misleading title.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Sep-19 09:31:49

Bercow is our representative in parliament. The legislative body is our representative in parliament. Bercow supports the legislative and defends their interests when it is being attacked by government. Government has had its wings clipped by the people’s representative and they don’t like it.

We get rid of Bercow in this way at our peril.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Sep-19 09:32:18

True gg3

GracesGranMK3 Sun 08-Sep-19 09:32:43

Just two points:

1. They need an election
2. Buckingham voted 51% remain and this is likely to have increased.

jura2 Sun 08-Sep-19 09:57:11

if he is made to go - that would be yet another dagger in the heart of Parliamentary democracy - and I predict a massive movement of support for him- and the above even more so.

lemongrove Sun 08-Sep-19 10:02:22

He could say ‘Infamy, infamy......the’ve all got it in for me!’?